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Chapter 142: Chapter 142 - The Real Battle Begins!

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Even the Soul Slayer Team, who had fought for half their lives, was shocked by Rollie's inexplicable victory, not to mention Lu Chen.

To be precise, Rollie had indeed accomplished it. Lu Chen's goal for him was to kill a silver boss. However, this process was completely different from what Lu Chen wanted to achieve. Lu Chen's goal was to increase Rollie's combat experience and strength, not to let his luck play its role time and time again/

This time, not to mention increasing his combat experience, even Rollie's courage had been destroyed. Moreover, he had killed a silver boss with just a few casual strokes. If ordinary players were to hear about this, how low would their self-esteem drop?

Lu Chen looked at Rollie carefully, and an even more shocking scene happened!

The information on Rollie's interface had actually changed!

[Ancient Panda]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Rollie]

[Intimacy: 135]

[Level: 20]

[Attack: 4,350]

[HP: 192,000]

[Defense: 25,000]

[Magic Defense: 25,000]

[Skill: Luck Bonus, Invisible Golden Body]

[Luck Bonus: With Heaven's blessing, there is a high chance of avoiding disaster, turning a bad situation into a good one, and averting a disaster! Provides a Luck buff for 60 seconds. Has a certain chance to be immune to all negative effects and damage.]

[Invisible Golden Body: There will be a chance to cast this skill for each battle. When casting the skill, it will not be able to move for three seconds. However, it would be immune to all damage.]

Other people had only increased their levels by a few levels after fighting to the death, but Rollie had actually risen by 5 levels just like that?

Was the system being unfair?

Moreover, this time, whether it was HP or defense, the increase was very obvious.

His attack power had almost doubled!

What surprised Lu Chen the most was that Rollie's intimacy with him had actually decreased.

Although it was only a drop of less than 2 points, this was the first time Lu Chen had experienced a drop in intimacy!

After all, intimacy was a key factor that determined a pet's loyalty and combat power. A drop in intimacy was not a small matter!

In addition, under the hopeful faces of the three women, Lu Chen felt that he could not go back on his word. He could only wave his hand at Rollie and ask Rollie to move aside.

When Rollie left, Lu Chen thought for a moment, took out more bamboo shoots from his backpack and stuffed them directly into Rollie's arms.

This time, Rollie's originally frightened expression suddenly became joyful!

He then ran far away from the battle to munch on his new snacks.

Lu Chen had asked Rollie to leave not because he was afraid that he would be injured in the upcoming battle, but because he was afraid that the other players' training opportunities would be canceled along with Rollie's existence.

If Rollie accidentally knocked down a few more silver bosses, the others would not have to fight anymore.

At the same time, Lu Chen had also specifically asked Little Golden Dragon and Tang Xiaoqing to guard Rollie and prevent the silver bosses from approaching that little fellow.

Otherwise, these bosses would be played to death by Rollie in just a few moves.

Looking at the six silver bosses in the distance, they looked at Rollie with fear in their eyes. They clearly could not sense any terrifying aura from Rollie's body, but also could not explain why Rollie's combat power was ridiculously high.

They could faintly feel that Heaven was protecting Rollie, but they were still confused as to what exactly was going on. After all, as undead, they were no longer as highly intelligent as they were when they were alive. Hence, it was very difficult to understand how an existence like Rollie, who was greatly blessed, could be this powerful.

Little Golden Dragon, Tang Xiaoqing, and Lan Weiwei slowly made their way over.

These silver bosses immediately grew bolder. After all, they had been most afraid of these three existences.

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In particular, Tang Xiaoqing and Little Golden Dragon gave them the feeling that the other party could kill them with a casual blow.

Although Lan Weiwei was not as powerful as the other two, the suppression from their beast-type bloodlines made them feel incomparable.

Thus, after Tang Xiaoqing and the others left, the nine silver bosses let out a long howl and charged towards Lu Chen. Each of their roars caused the entire forest to shake violently.

As they ran, even the ground gave off an ear-splitting rumble.

Even if the countless bullet trains of the main world whizzed past, it would still be difficult for them to give off such a powerful pressure compared to these bosses.

Even Lu Chen had never felt such an earth-shaking feeling before.

One had to know that every silver boss was the size of a small mountain.

If one looked closely, their legs were like giant pillars that could support the sky. They were even thicker than a 100 year old tree.

At that moment, Lu Chen almost wanted to cower in fear. However, this thought was too absurd for someone of his characteristics. In just a few minutes, he tossed this feeling to the back of his head.

To a silver boss with such a body, a distance of 1,000 meters was fleeting. Even though there was an extremely powerful pressure, none of the warriors on Lu Chen's side retreated.

Lu Chen was the first to bear the brunt of the attack. The sword in his hand flashed, and he directly blocked the five monsters with his strongest combat power.

He split the nine silver bosses into three and blocked them from the middle. This way, the Soul Slayer Team would surround Lu Chen from the left flank and charge forward.

They blocked the two monsters that were about to attack Lu Chen. Meanwhile, Liu Yuan and Liu Changping were also fighting with a silver boss on the right flank.

This kind of battle, which had a huge difference in size, looked a little like a baby ant attacking an elephant.

However, the combat power of these ants could not be underestimated. Every ant had the same strength as an elephant.

This was especially true when Lu Chen, who was in the lead, faced the five silver bosses alone. He was not at a disadvantage.

Originally, the five silver bosses had wanted to spread out their combat power and wipe out the other four groups. However, Lu Chen had successfully held them back by himself. The bosses had no choice but to finish Lu Chen off first.

This operation relieved the pressure on the other teams. After all, Liu Yuan, Liu Changping, and the Soul Slayer team were all very nervous when faced with a silver boss.

This was because the number of silver bosses they were facing had already reached their limits.

If another silver boss attacked them head-on, even if they only split up a little of their strength to launch a sneak attack, it would be enough to deal a fatal blow to them.

On the Soul Slayer Team's side, they were indeed under a lot of pressure fighting against the two silver bosses. If they were confident in winning, they would not be trembling as hard as they should be right now.

However, after dozens of hours of fighting, their condition had already deteriorated considerably.

If not for the fact that they had been working together all year round and were extremely well-coordinated, it was likely that they would not be able to hold on for more than a few minutes before someone would be heavily injured or even die.

Fortunately, they did not come up empty-handed during their previous fights.

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