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Chapter 143: Chapter 143 - The Soul Slayer Team!

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Not only did they gain battle experience, but more importantly, their levels had all risen by a lot.

Each of them was even stronger than the two silver bosses they had surrounded.

This made them slightly more relaxed in this battle against the two silver bosses.

Zhou Zhenyang, the team leader of the Soul Slayer team, immediately charged forward. As the main attacker, his combat power was the strongest among all the Soul Slayer team members.

Even when compared to Lu Chen, he was three levels higher, reaching level 38.

An existence of this level could be said to be comparable to a level 40 gold boss like Little Golden Dragon.

If it was an ordinary silver boss, he could easily kill a silver boss by itself.

After fighting for dozens of hours, coupled with the unique physical characteristics of the monsters here, Zhou Zhenyang was able to kill a silver boss with ease. As a result, when the attacks landed on these monsters, they were weakened to a certain extent.

However, with his powerful combat power, Zhou Zhenyang managed to attract most of the firepower of the two silver bosses.

Meanwhile, in the distance, there was a high-level marksman, Lin Feng, who had extremely high attack power and had been continuously firing shots throughout the entire battle.

Lin Feng held a machine gun by his waist with both hands and continuously adjusted the direction of the muzzle. The barrel of the machine gun continuously rotated and shot out countless bullets.

The bullets directly charged at the two silver bosses, and the speed of the bullets reached several thousand rounds per minute.

This was common when Lin Feng was in the main world. He was a machine gunner, and his heavy firepower suppression techniques were extremely skilled.

In this Second World game, he became even more proficient.

The muzzle of his gun was pressed extremely firmly. All the bullets in his gun poured down like a torrential rain. They directly charged towards the eyes of the two silver bosses.

These monsters were already somewhat difficult to deal with against the powerful Zhou Zhenyang.

Coupled with Lin Feng's heavy firepower, the two silver bosses had no choice but to divert their attention and use their claws or backs to block more bullets to prevent them from receiving serious damage.

Whenever they were about to aim their attacks at the distant linfeng, Zhou Zhenyang would find an opportunity to launch a heavy blow.

The enemy had no choice but to focus their attention on Zhou Zhenyang once more to block his killing move. However, despite Zhou Zhenyang's powerful attack power, there was a natural gap between the combat power of players and monsters.

In terms of defense and HP, human players were far inferior to monsters.

In particular, silver bosses with hundreds of thousands of HP were far superior to ordinary players. Even if a silver boss stood still and allowed Zhou Zhenyang to slash it, the team would take a long time to kill it.

Moreover, these silver bosses had been very powerful when they were alive. Although they were not as fierce as they were when they were alive, they still had their own unique fighting strength that added to their combat power.

In addition to defending, they launched all kinds of powerful attacks that Zhou Zhenyang had no choice but to dodge.

One had to know that even for Zhou Zhenyang, a few hits from a silver boss like this would kill him. Fortunately, the warriors of the Dragon Team had powerful supplies, especially after the other warriors left. They handed over their supplies to the Soul Slayer Team and the others.

As long as they did not die immediately, they could replenish themselves with potions and pills.

Apart from the main attacker, Zhou Zhenyang, and Lin Feng, who was in charge of covering the area with heavy firepower, a black shadow often shuttled through the air and disappeared without a trace.

However, every time it struck, it would hit the boss's vital point.

If the others were like ants, then this black and swift shadow was an extremely fast fruit fly that zoomed in the air.

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Perhaps each move was not fatal, but it was painful and unbearable. Every sting was real and could take away a considerable amount of HP.

This person was the original president of the Night Union, Hei Yu.

At this time, his level had already reached 32 levels. Even compared to Lu Chen, he was only three levels lower.

One had to know that he was only a heaven rank expert in the mainworld.

However, ever since he had handed in the ultra-long distance teleportation scroll, in exchange, he had spared no expense and used all his resources to pile it up into a spiritual realm expert.

Everyone knew that the thing Hei Yu wanted to do the most was to go to the Western Castle to avenge his daughter.

However, he knew that he could not go against a force just because of one person. Such a method did not meet the needs of the entire country. Once the Dragon Country used the force of the country to intervene in private grudges, it would quickly lead to the retaliation of the hostile forces. At that time, not only would the power of the Dragon Country be damaged, even the ordinary people of the Dragon Country would be in deep trouble.

Such an outcome was unacceptable even for Hei Yu, not to mention the high-level officials of the Dragon Country. However, to put it in perspective, the reason why Hei Yu left the Dragon Team in the first place was because he wanted to avenge his daughter.

After so many years, the Dragon Country not only did not avenge Hei Yu, he did not receive any compensation for help.

Now that he had taken the initiative to hand over priceless equipment, the Dragon Country could not let him down, much less let the other warriors of the Dragon Team feel disappointed.

It was precisely because he had offered the high-level teleportation scroll, which was priceless and could not even be bought with money, to the Dragon Country that the Dragon Country had spared no expense to raise his strength to the spiritual stage.

Coincidentally, a member of the Soul Slayer Team had died while carrying out a mission some time ago. Therefore, Hei Yu had been added to the Soul Slayer Team.

At this time, Lu Chen was watching the battle from the side. Hei Yu looked excited and did not dare to make the slightest mistake.

One had to know that he was a person favored by Lu Chen. If he made any mistakes at this time, it would simply be a disgrace to Lu Chen.

Even when the warriors were facing the horde of monsters, Lu Chen was constantly giving Hei Yu tips on how to attack and dodge, which greatly increased Hei Yu's combat experience.

However, Lu Chen's operation also surprised everyone. This Lu Chen was clearly only an 18-year-old teenager, and his resume did not have any past experience in anything. He was just an ordinary student. Why was his combat experience so much better than the warriors who had been on the edge of life and death for many years?

However, no one knew that the reason why Lu Chen could have today's achievements was precisely because he had lived in the Novice Village's outside cave for nearly a thousand years. The mountain-like hare corpses that he had captured were proof of that.

The three members of the Soul Slayer Team were not the only ones with outstanding abilities.. There was also a member named Gao Shen, who also made everyone's eyes light up.

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