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Chapter 144: Chapter 144 - Defense Mechanism!

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The fourth member of the Soul Slayer Team was not to be underestimated.

He was a warrior who specialized in defense. His defense was completely different from the defensive warriors in the Dragon Slayer Team from before.

His profound ability was not only to stack his defense against himself, but he could also share his defense among his teammates. He could even switch the defense of his teammates back and forth to achieve the effect of group defense linkage.

To be precise, this ability was a bit like the ability of a control system. This move was very similar to the ability that the Ancient Fire Tiger's had. Once a Fire Tiger was injured, it would be evenly distributed to the others.

However, Gao Shen's ability was even stronger than the fire tiger. Back then, once the intensity of the attack exceeded the Fire Tiger's own health bar, it would immediately be cleared to zero or even die. However, this was not the case for Gao Shen.

If a certain person received a powerful attack, then with the help of the group defense linkage mechanism, the defense of that member would instantly increase to an extremely high level.

Simply put, it was to let all the members work together to reach a level where they would rise and fall together.

Let alone others, even Lu Chen was envious of this skill. This was definitely a godly weapon in team battles. There were only five people in the Soul Slayer Team, so naturally, the power of this skill would not be obvious to others.

However, if this profound could continuously increase his strength and control more people to defend, then this skill would be really awesome.

If Gao Shen could connect the defense of an army of a million people, then no matter how much damage he received, no one would die.

Especially in the Second World, what kind of existence would be able to break through everyone's defense in one go and directly destroy the health bar of a million people?

It was simply impossible to think of such a thing.

In this way, as long as all the warriors replenished their health, it would be equivalent to an army with unlimited health. They can be a true immortal army.

This ability was very similar to the HP binding between Lu Chen and his pets. However, there was a limit to Lu Chen's ability. Firstly, it had to be a pet, and secondly, there was a requirement for the number of pets.

Currently, it seemed that he could only bind three pets.

However, if Gao Shen's level continued to rise, and his group defense and control ability did not have a limit, he would definitely become a killing machine in the army.

Who did not want an army that would never be defeated and would never die?

When Lu Chen looked at the last person in the team, he was shocked by the opponent's smooth operation.

All the members of the Soul Slayer Team had their own unique strength.

Zhou Zhenyang became the team leader because he had the strongest combat strength.

Hei Yu was able to join the Soul Slayer Team because of his first-class assassination skills and the super high strength that the dragon country helped him to improve.

Lin Feng joined the Soul Slayer Team because of his unparalleled sense of marksmanship. This kind of effect of using the machine gun like a sniper rifle was definitely a talent. 

Gao Shen's specialty was to have a group defense joint skill that others could not have, this kind of godly weapon that even Lu Chen envied.

Then the last person who existed in the Soul Slayer Team, although he was not the captain, was definitely the soul and leader of the entire team.

The last person was called Liu Xin. He had a frail body and did not have the muscles of a typical warrior. At the same time, he did not even have any special weapons or guns. His only skill was signal transmission.

To be exact, he could use this skill to connect to anyone he wanted.

This skill was too useless.

Simply put, it was a human phone.

A walkie-talkie could replace it.

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However, what this really reflected was Liu Xin's brain's electromagnetic wave strength.

Not only could he control himself, but he was also powerful enough to affect others.

If signal transmission was just a normal skill, then the shock he gave others was his unparalleled analytical ability and brain.

Although the other four members of the Soul Slayer Team were constantly attacking and dodging, everyone was communicating with Liu Xin.

Liu Xin would accurately analyze the ever-changing situation on the field, find the monster's weakness at any time, analyze his state of implementation, and predict the monster's next move and make everyone move in advance.

After he had integrated all the data he had obtained through his brain, he accurately assigned each person's next task to the team members. If the other members of the team were like a person's hands and feet, then Liu Xin was the team's well-deserved brain.

Although he did not have strong attack power, it could even be said that he was relatively weak.

However, as the existence of a strategist on the battlefield, he was the top commander among thousands of soldiers and horses

What the soldiers needed to do was to charge into the battlefield and bravely fight the enemy.

What the commander needed to do was to guard the rear of the battlefield, strategize, constantly analyze the situation on the battlefield, and determine victory from thousands of miles away.

The position that Liu Xin occupied was also very special. He stood close to Gao Shen. Gao Shen was also being very vigilant. Every time a monster moved toward Liu Xin, he would instinctively move toward Liu Xin and block the monster with his shield. During critical moments, he would even use his body to block the monster's attacks.

Only Gao Shen would dare block a silver boss's attack head-on. If it were any other warrior, one-third of their HP would be gone. If the monsters dealt a critical hit as well, they would die.

Among the two bosses the Soul Slayer Team faced, one was a tiger, which was also known as a Bone Tiger. The other was a Goshawk that had long since turned into an undead.

Originally, these two pairs had both offense and defensive skills. Not only was one of them a ground attacker, but the other possessed control over the air. Such a combination was undoubtedly powerful.

Originally, these two monsters thought that although there were five players here, with their combination, they would definitely be able to instantly destroy the Soul Slayer Team.

However, when they truly started fighting, they instantly discovered that they did not gain the slightest advantage. In fact, they were already on the losing side.

Originally, the monsters thought that killing these players would be as easy as stepping on an ant. However, they did not think that these ants would actually be incredibly hard. They even felt as if their feet were being pricked when they stepped on the ants.

The frustration of stepping on a nail made them complain endlessly. However, they could not do anything about it. The other monsters were so entangled in the mess that they did not have any extra energy to help themselves.

From far away, Tang Xiaoqing and Xiao Jinlong were a little surprised when they saw the performance of the Soul Slayer Team!

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