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Chapter 145: Chapter 145 - Ancient Ash Wolf King’s Remains!

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One had to know that although Zhou Zhenyang's level was higher than Lu Chen's, Lu Chen would be considered more powerful.

Lu Chen was a complete freak. He was someone that could solo a silver boss, no one else could. After all, Lu Chen's combat power could no longer be measured by ordinary levels.

The titles he obtained after maxing out his level gave him a huge boost. It was no longer something a few levels above could make up for.

To Lu Chen, fighting above his level was as easy as breathing.

Similarly, although Zhou Zhenyang's level was higher than the monster before him, the monster's HP and defense were incomparable to that of a human. Its attack power was also stronger than a human's. Not to mention Zhou Zhenyang alone, even if there were 10 of them altogether, their combat power would still be inferior to these two silver bosses.

However, with the team's precise coordination, they were actually able to gain such an advantage. They were even able to defeat the two silver bosses unscathed.

Even if the monsters launched a powerful attack, they would easily dodge it. Especially Liu Xin, who had been commanding the team from afar. He wore a pair of glasses and had a gentle expression on his face, he was commanding the entire team to attack in an orderly manner.

The scene changed and came to Liu Changping's side again. In the previous two days of battle, Liu Changping's operation was completely different from the Soul Slayer Team.

The Soul Slayer Team seized every opportunity to fight to the death and used all of their strength to fight. They did not hesitate at all. They had this confidence precisely because they were strong enough.

Liu Changping was very familiar with his own strength. He was originally only a heaven-tier master. After cultivating in the main world, he finally became a spiritual master and faintly touched the barrier of the acquired stage.

He knew that if he fought like the Soul Slayer Team in the past two days, his condition would rapidly decline and directly collapse. Hence, he had adopted a strategy of fighting steadily and not advancing rashly. He would rather retreat in advance than attack the monsters forcefully.

Even before his condition had completely deteriorated, he had taken the initiative to return to the main world to rest. Moreover, he had rested longer than the other warriors.

This kind of operation looked very sneaky. Many of the warriors around him could not understand what Liu Changping was trying to achieve.

However, at this moment, his ability was finally revealed.

His condition was very well-preserved because he had set his goal to challenge a silver boss from the very beginning!

At this moment, the monster he was facing was an Ancient Ash Wolf King!

Judging from its body and the remaining fur on its body, this Ancient Ash Wolf King was also Lan Weiwei's ancestor.

Lan Weiwei could not bear to see the fight go down, so she turned her head away. This boss was close to a gold boss when it was alive. Although this Ancient Ash Wolf King had taken care of her when it was alive, she could not do anything about it now. However, when it was reduced to a corpse, its strength had already fallen to an ordinary silver-rank strength.

Even the memories it had when it was alive had long been forgotten.

He was just a beast that only knew how to kill. No matter how close they had been in the past, at this moment, they were now eternal enemies.

The only thing this Ancient Ash Wolf King needed to do was to kill these players before him.

Although this Ancient Ash Wolf King's strength had dropped drastically, it had managed to preserve most of its skills when it was alive.

It was currently dark in the sky, and a bright moon hung high in the sky. The moonlight sprinkled down, greatly increasing the power of this Ancient Ash Wolf King, increasing its strength.

Even the broken limbs on its body could be faintly seen, slowly recovering. The remaining fur on its body also gradually recovered some luster.

In particular, its originally slow and stiff movements gradually became flexible at this moment.

Sharp and powerful claws swung left and right, constantly blocking Liu Changping's path of retreat and carrying out powerful attacks on him.

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Fortunately, Liu Changping was in good condition. He repeatedly jumped horizontally under the attacks, continuously dodging everything. Meanwhile, the large weapon in his hand accurately slashed at the Ancient Ash Wolf King's legs.

One had to know that the Ancient Ash Wolf King was dozens of meters tall. Its legs were like a giant pillar that supported the sky.

The hardness of its legs was so strong that even if Liu Changping's long weapon chopped at it, it would only leave a mark on it, not causing any serious injuries. Each time the knife hit the Ancient Ash Wolf King, it would only drop a few thousand points of HP.

This little injury was gradually recovering with the help of the moonlight. Therefore, the battle between Liu Changping and the Ancient Ash Wolf King was different from that of the Soul Slayer Team. The two sides were in a stalemate, and it had been a long time since an overwhelming situation appeared.

Fortunately, Liu Changping was an excellent warrior. He was not like the others who would become anxious after a long time of failure. Instead, he continued to attack steadily, trying to wear down the Ancient Ash Wolf King's enormous health bar bit by bit with his own strength.

Fortunately, his attacks were effective. Although the Ancient Ash Wolf King had a strong recovery ability, Liu Changping's persistent attacks were also very effective.

After an hour, the monsters on the Soul Slayer Team's side had almost half of their health left, while the Ancient Ash Wolf King on Liu Changping's side had only lost one-twentieth of its health.

However, this was a huge victory for Liu Changping. He was even a little proud of himself.

This was because the Soul Slayer Team was in a 5-on-2 state, while his side was at the limit of one-on-one. Thinking of this, Liu Changping even secretly gave himself a thumbs up.

Liu Yuan's situation was much more serious than Liu Changping's.

She was also facing an undead, but this monster was an undead scorpion.

The Scorpion King's combat power and threat was obviously stronger than the Ancient Ash Wolf King.

As the Scorpion King was a creature with an exoskeleton, from the outside, other than its eyes turning into two black holes, it looked no different from when it was alive.

Although it was only a few meters tall, it was not as large as the other silver boss. However, the sense of danger it gave off was not any lesser than the rest.

Its shiny black outer shell looked extremely sturdy. Its two huge pincers kept swinging, and its movements were extremely agile. In particular, the stinger behind its body was a jade-green needle, constantly swaying left and right, launching rapid attacks.

From time to time, some venom would drip down. When the venom fell to the ground, the ground would quickly be corroded into a bottomless hole.

On the ground, white smoke would rise up, and even the trees that had been smoked by the white smoke would quickly wither.

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