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Chapter 146: Chapter 146 - Liu Yuan's Complicated Background!

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This scorpion was simply too powerful.

It had high agility, high attack, high defense, and high poison!

It was simply an all-rounded bug-like existence!

However, in the face of such a dangerous monster, although Liu Yuan had difficulty dodging and was faltering, she did not suffer too serious of an injury.

This was especially so when Lu Chen discovered that this little girl had an incredible amount of high-level equipment on her.

Judging from the quality of the white-colored flexible sword in her hand and the strength of its attack, he could tell that the equipment was definitely silver grade.

Previously, the Scorpion King had stabbed her in the chest with a stinger, but Liu Yuan did not receive any damage. Her clothes were only slightly torn, and there was a silver light spot inside.

Liu Yuan's HP did not even drop. She was only sent flying. Lu Chen did not see any signs of her being poisoned.

This meant that either she had consumed a treasure that prevented the poisonous gas from entering her body, or she had a piece of silver grade equipment with extremely high defense.

Judging from the faint silver light spot, the possibility of the latter was extremely high.

One had to know that there were not many silver grade defensive treasures. Turns out, Liu Yuan actually had two of them.

This was especially true for the soft armor. It was a treasure that could ignore a silver monster's attack. Other than the one that Xiao Bai had dropped and Lu Chen had picked up. Only Liu Yuan had such a treasure.

Moreover, logically speaking, Liu Yuan's level should be much lower than his. After all, Liu Yuan was only an ordinary dragon warrior. Even as a female player, her body's basic attributes should be far inferior to a male's. Hence, her combat level should be around level 20.

However, at this moment, Liu Yuan's level had already reached level 29. Even the Dragon Slayer Team had yet to reach that level. Even in the Soul Slayer Team, she could not be considered a pushover.

If it was said that Liu Yuan did not have a deep background, it was impossible for her level to be raised so quickly. The person behind her must be a high-ranking official of the country.

Otherwise, what kind of person would have such a huge amount of money to pile her up into such a top-notch expert?

However, there was another possibility. That was that Liu Yuan was a genius herself. She had her own unique talent in martial arts.

However, these things were things that Lu Chen did not understand. Lu Chen's specialty was fighting in the Second World.

As for those in the main world, especially the cultivation system of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, he did not understand them at all.

If Liu Yuan was not a true genius, it would be impossible for her to advance by leaps and bounds. Otherwise, if she forcefully raised her strength, there would be side effects, and it would only discourage her.

No rich family would choose such a method.

Even the direct descendants of the ten great clans would find it difficult to reach Liu Yuan's level.

Moreover, when she used her soft sword to attack the Scorpion King, each and every move she made seemed very methodical. Unlike other players, she did not casually attack with agility and strength.

It was obvious that Liu Yuan's skills and sword techniques were inherited. Not only were each and every move extremely beautiful, but their attack power was also shocking.

In order to give this silver Scorpion King a more accurate and effective attack, Liu Yuan had specifically targeted the joints to attack.

With this, almost every move of the Scorpion King could reach critical hits.

However, this Scorpion King's only weakness was that, unlike other silver bosses, its health bar was relatively low.

After such a long battle, this Scorpion King actually only had two-thirds of its health remaining.

This progress could be said to be very impressive. After all, the five members of the Soul Slayer Team had only managed to attack half of the two silver boss's HP.

On the other hand, Liu Changping had only slowly lost one-twentieth of his HP.

In comparison, Liu Yuan was half a step ahead of them.

Of course, this was only under the circumstances that Liu Yuan had additional equipment. After all, the members of the Soul Slayer Team did not have top-tier equipment like hers.

Even so, Liu Yuan's performance was far beyond Lu Chen's expectations.

Initially, he was still wondering if Liu Yuan would not be able to hold on at all. Lu Chen was still thinking about when he could go and help him to prevent her from dying in the Second World. Now, it seemed that he was worrying too much.

At the top of a deep mountain in a Mass Grave far away.

A man whose entire body was emitting a golden light. It seemed that the light from his back directly illuminated the surrounding hundred meters around him.

There were only a few gold monsters lying around him the entire time. They did not walk around randomly, nor did they dare to approach him casually.

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It was obvious that these gold undead or gold mummies had a very high respect for this person.

However, this was clearly a silver territory. How could there be so many gold monsters?

It was precisely this man's handiwork.

He showed a calm expression and a slight smile, he seemed to be muttering to himself, "I didn't expect that the granddaughter of that old fellow to have grown so big. He had clearly gone to the depths of the ruins, yet he was still able to nurture his granddaughter."

As soon as he finished speaking, another voice came from the ground.

This voice was like thunder, shaking one's soul. "Yes, so many years have passed. How old do you think he is now? How did his strength decline to such an extent?"

The eyes of the man who was emitting a brilliant golden light flashed slightly, as if there were thousands of stars hidden within.

That kind of aura seemed to be the combination of all the good fortune in one's body. Anyone who looked at it could be deeply immersed in it.

The man said, "You're mistaken. How could an existence that has lived for a thousand years decline in cultivation?

"It seems that his strength is still above mine.

"His methods are not something I can predict.

"It's just that we haven't been updated on them. This little girl is clearly such a good person, but she has been taught to be like this.

"Forget it. On account of the fact that I once knew him, I will take this little girl as his disciple."

The thunderous voice from underground appeared once again, "Isn't that kid even more powerful?

"Why didn't he take her as his disciple?

"One must know that it's too difficult to face an ancient martial arts aristocratic family head on.

"I'm afraid that it's not something that that little girl can solve."

The man who was emitting golden light slowly shook his head and said softly, "That kid's fate is too complicated. I can't see through it.

"Moreover, if I want to take revenge, you'll have to rely on yourself.

"However, the energy in this place is too heavy. I don't know how long it will take for my cultivation to recover."

The voice that came from the ground was obviously very surprised. "What? Even with your strength you can't see through that kid's fate? What kind of existence is he?"

The man slowly said, "It's not important. If he can't see through the direction of his future life, then we won't be able to either.

"However, there are countless lines connecting the fate of this kid and that girl. It can be seen that the relationship between them is fated to be unbreakable.

"Therefore, as long as this girl enters the game, that kid probably won't leave either. Moreover, this girl is that person's granddaughter.. When that time comes, that person will have no choice but to act."

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