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Chapter 147: Chapter 147 - One Versus Five For Lu Chen!

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The man's words were indeed a little far-fetched.

Although he was currently somewhere far away, he still insisted on playing a big game of life chess. Everything was a game of chess for him, and he plans on coming out on top.

When the voice below heard his words, it was silent for a long time before it said, "We have already reached this stage, yet you are still being this calculative.

"It's no wonder the ancient martial arts aristocratic family decided to kill you.

"What right do you have to complain about the energy in the Mass Grave?"

As soon as he said this, the man who was emitting golden light all over his body suddenly lost his composure. The golden light on his body even flashed a little from it all.

He opened his mouth several times to refute, but in the end, he could not think of any words to retort such a statement.

The battle on Lu Chen's side continued.

Compared to the other three groups, Lu Chen was definitely under the greatest pressure.

The others were fighting one-on-one, or even five against two. Meanwhile, Lu Chen was fighting five silver monsters on his own. This was an unprecedented pressure that he gave himself.

The monsters he had to face on his side were a bear, two bats, a python, and even a panda.

Although Lu Chen had already reached level 35, he still found it difficult to face five silver bosses on his own.

Since these monsters were already dead, they did not feel any pain. They did not even feel fear.

Hence, they often attacked Lu Chen without caring about their own safety.

However, their attacks were not enough. The strength of these monsters was also their weakness. 

These monsters were already skeletons or spirit bodies, their movements were considered slow. Moreover, their intelligence was relatively low, which also hindered their ability to display their strength. In addition, they were only level 20 or so. The highest level was only level 30, which was lower than Lu Chen's level.

Therefore, Lu Chen did not suffer much damage after moving around.

With the help of the Swift Boots given to him by the first elder, Lu Chen's speed had already reached several times more than his usual speed.

With this kind of speed, even if those monsters kept waving their sharp claws and even thought of ways to form a dense and airtight attack, they still could not catch Lu Chen.

Finally, Lu Chen was able to hold his ground to take a breather. He felt that his movement technique had been honed.

This battle should be over soon enough!

He immediately jumped out of the battle circle. The title above Lu Chen's head suddenly lit up, and the word Blade God appeared.

[Blade God: Your understanding of the blade has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a blade-type weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow with your level!]

[Frenzied Blade: When you transform into the Blade God, your attack will definitely be a critical hit. You will have a critical hit immunity effect and receive a 400% critical hit damage bonus!]

[Bloodbath Blade God: When your enemies exceed 100 amount, your attack will become an area-of-effect damage of 100 meters. 50% of the damage will be converted into your HP.]]

With the buffs from Frenzied Blade, the original attack power of 78,860 instantly increased by four times, reaching over 300,000 attack power!

In addition to Bloodbath Blade God's AOE attack, all the monsters including the silver bosses suffered a blow at the same time!

One had to know that Lu Chen's attack speed had already reached 29 attacks per second.

This also meant that Lu Chen's attack could be enough to cause all the enemies within a 100-meter radius to lose close to 10,000,000 HP in one go!

Although Lu Chen's current body condition could not withstand such a powerful attack speed, he could at least unleash 20 attacks in a go!

This was a total of more than 6,000,000 attack power!

Even a gold boss like Little Golden Dragon only had around 3,000,000 HP. It would be impossible to withstand Lu Chen's attack now!

Lu Chen left the battle circle, and the other monsters rushed towards him one after another.

He slowly raised the long blade in his hand, and instantly, a soul-stirring aura attack emanated from his body!

All the monsters instantly felt the impending danger.

However, their intelligence was too low. They only hesitated for a moment before rushing forward again!

Only the level 30 Ancient Panda had a vague feeling that something was wrong. Therefore, it immediately let out a long howl!

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Following that, another bat that was flying towards Lu Chen suddenly stopped. It lowered its head to look at the Ancient Panda and let out an extremely unwilling sharp howl.

However, the Ancient Panda once again let out a long howl. This time, it howled even louder!

The bat monster finally did not continue charging towards Lu Chen. Instead, it circled in mid-air and even pulled some distance away.

The Ancient Panda also turned around and ran back, not daring to look back.

Lu Chen's aura gradually rose and finally reached a peak!

At the same time, the other three monsters had also reached his side.

He did not hold back anymore and directly unleashed his Blade God attack!

In an instant, a destructive aura enveloped a distance of 100 meters nearby. The three monsters had not even touched Lu Chen when they were turned into three pieces of debris.

The air was filled with bouts of aura slashes. There was even a faint explosion of whirlwinds that swept up the ashes of these monsters and flew into the sky.

The bat did not have enough time to escape, it was instantly crushed into a black mist from its undead state. It turned into ashes and joined the others as it dispersed into the thin air.

The area within 100 meters had turned gray. The Mass Grave was now filled with the aura of death. Under this critical attack, it was like a real purgatory on earth. Everything had turned into an eternal silence and haze.




Three seven-digit flurries of red instantly appeared in the air!

When everyone saw this, their hearts immediately went numb!

Originally, when Little Golden Dragon saw Lu Chen preparing to attack, he knew that Lu Chen was going to release a complicated attack.

Although Lu Chen had defeated him, he was sure that Lu Chen was more powerful than many others.

However, Little Golden Dragon did not pay too much attention to it. The reason why he was defeated by Lu Chen back then was because Lu Chen had the title of White Fog City Lord.

With the help of White Fog City, Lu Chen was practically immortal.

Little Golden Dragon had always believed that he was the most powerful existence among Lu Chen and his three spiritual pets.

Therefore, he thought that the reason why Lu Chen was not afraid of Wu Tian of the Wu family was because of Little Golden Dragon's own strength. However, at this moment, when Lu Chen's blade technique was unleashed, he realized that he was wrong. He was completely wrong.

Only with the attack of the Blade God just now from Lu Chen was enough to kill him more than once.

Little Golden Dragoon was even clearer that the power of the title of the Sword God that Lu Chen had once used was countless times more terrifying than that of the Blade God. The feeling of being slashed by a sword had long left a lingering fear in Little Golden Dragon's heart.

However, he had never thought that this was actually Lu Chen's own strength and not the blessing of White Fog City.

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