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Chapter 148: Undead Ancient Panda!

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Everyone on site was stunned. It was especially more so for Little Golden Dragon, he was extremely shocked, and at the same time, he felt a little guilty. Fortunately, he had admitted defeat quickly. Otherwise, he would have been reduced to a pile of ashes by now.

It had to be said that Lu Chen's move had shocked everyone, especially the five members of the Soul Slayer team.

Initially, they had thought that their combat power as a team was considered to be very strong. However, when they saw Lu Chen's move, their entire bodies went numb, and even their hands began to tremble.

Even Liu Xin, the brain of the entire party, was momentarily absent-minded, almost causing problems for the entire party.

Fortunately, the monsters they were facing were just as stunned as them. In fact, the spiritual impact they received was far more intense than those players!

The monsters originally thought that Lu Chen would be the first to die. After all, no matter how they looked at it, five against one was a sure-win situation. At that time, they were even a little angry with their opponents. Why did they choose to fight more people instead of just fighting one person?

If they did not have to face the Soul Slayer team and the others, they would not have fought so hard. Now, they thought that the monsters that Lu Chen was fighting were having the short end of the stick. They were actually killed in one move!

At this moment, the bat that was lucky enough to be saved by the Ancient Panda also went numb.

Originally, it had only retreated more than 100 meters. Seeing that Lu Chen had launched such a huge attack, and that three of its teammates had been turned into ashes, it suddenly flapped its wings and flew up into the sky. It was afraid that it would be caught in Lu Chen's critical hit.

The Ancient Panda had already been originally running with its life on the line. When it heard the explosion from the huge Blade God attack behind it, it was so scared that it immediately fell to the ground.

In the end, it was the Luck Bonus that gave the Ancient Panda the ability to predict danger. If not for that, the five of them would have been wiped out in this wave.

At the thought of this, the Ancient Panda trembled all over as well with the bat. He looked at Rollie, who was leisurely eating bamboo shoots behind Lu Chen, and actually felt envious.

After becoming an undead, the senses and emotions in the Ancient Panda's body had long since weakened. Now, such emotions have appeared. It was definitely incredible considering it was so overwhelming it began to feel emotions again. Even if it was dead, it would still be blessed by the heavens. Therefore, the Ancient Panda's intelligence did not diminish much.

However, upon experiencing this destructive power, even an experienced creature like the Ancient Panda was scared to death.

That was because other than the two existences that had fallen a few hundred years ago, no one else had shown such power.

However, how could this Lu Chen compare to such a heaven-defying existence?

Those two had already far surpassed the realm of mortals. Lu Chen was clearly only at the same level as him, so how could he have such great combat power?

In an instant, anxiety, fear, confusion, and countless other emotions interweaved in the Ancient Panda's mind.

There were only two emotions in the bat's mind that were hovering high in the sky.

The first one was to immediately fight Lu Chen. The second one was to run away knowing how strong Lu Chen is.

The bat's mind seemed to have two little bats fighting non-stop. Neither could convince the other, neither could win the other. For a moment, the bat actually circled many times in the air, not knowing what to do.

Just as the bat was hesitating, the panda had already made up its mind.

At this moment, fear had already overcome its mind to complete the mission. Without saying anything, the panda ran forward with no plan!

What was the point of all this?

Ancient Panda's had never been known for their speed.

Lu Chen stomped on the ground with all his might, and a faint hole appeared on the hard ground!

In the next second, Lu Chen disappeared from where he was and suddenly appeared dozens of meters away!

At this moment, the Ancient Panda running at full speed could be said to be like a turtle in Lu Chen's eyes.

In just a few seconds, the remains of the Ancient Panda were leveled!

When Lu Chen ran in front of the Ancient Panda, the title above his head changed again.

[Sword God: Your comprehension of the sword has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a sword-type weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow along with your level!]

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[Sword Intent: When you use a sword-type weapon, it will burst forth with sword intent, and your attack power will increase to 700%!]

[Sword God's State: Your attack swiftness will cause irreversible damage. Items damaged by the god of swords state can not be recovered. ]

[Godly Speed: The speed of your sword attack is on a godly level. The attack interval will be greatly shortened. Attack speed has now increased by 800%. Limited to one attack once it reaches the speed limit. Immune to side effects. Lasts for one second.]

One had to know that the power of the Sword God was much greater than the power of the Blade God. With just the attack power alone had increased by seven times. Moreover, the Sword God title would also bring a relatively high attack speed multiplier!

Although Lu Chen's current physical strength could not withstand the attack speed multiplier of the Sword God, just the sevenfold power alone was enough to kill the Ancient Panda in one go!

The Ancient Panda did not notice Lu Chen's arrival and continued to run forward. At this moment, Lu Chen's sword had already slashed down!

At this moment, the wind and clouds in the sky dispersed. Everything in the surroundings seemed to have turned silent. Like a whirlwind, all the fallen leaves in the vicinity were cut into two halves!

Before the sword reached, the sword aura had moved first!

A sword light with a majestic aura descended from the sky and suddenly chopped down on the Ancient Panda's head!

Lu Chen seemed to have seen millions of red numbers appearing on the Ancient Panda's head!

[Ding! The Ancient Panda has received Heaven's great fortune. It is immune to this attack and has returned 50% of the backlash!]

What surprised him was that his sword was actually bounced back!

It seemed that the Ancient Panda's body was completely unharmed!

One had to know that Lu Chen's attack was give by the millions

Even if it was a 50% rebound attack, it was still enough to instantly kill Lu Chen.

Although Lu Chen's defense was moderate, compared to his attack power, it did not sum to much!

F*ck! This time, Lu Chen was screwed!

Lu Chen also never thought that the Luck Bonus could be so awesome to such an extent.

Even though the monster was dead, the God of Fortune was still protecting the Ancient Panda.

However, Lu Chen had no time to overthink this!

Without any hesitation, he directly raised his Shield God title. The next moment, the tens of millions of attack power that he had just given was directly used on himself!
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