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Chapter 149: Heaven's Blessing, Power Of Fate!

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Lu Chen's attack power was too powerful. Even with 50% of the backlash, he still had a total of 5,000,000 attack power.

Even though the attack was weakened by 90% by the Shield God, it still had a damage of 500,000 points.

In an instant, Lu Chen's HP bar was reduced to zero!

Following that, Lan Weiwei's HP bar was reduced to zero as well!

Furthermore, Little Golden Dragon's HP was also reduced by nearly half!

This time, Little Golden Dragon's face turned pale with fright!

If it was not for Lu Chen's Shield God's effect, he might have also lost his cool this time!

This time, everyone's hearts turned cold.

How were they supposed to fight such a person?

This skill was awesome!

At this moment, Rollie, who was at the side, suddenly stopped, and his chubby body jumped.

[Ding! Rollie has activated the Luck Bonus skill, and will be immune to all damage received by the owner and pets!]

This time, not to mention the others, even Lu Chen was in a bad state.

Was Rollie's luck really that amazing? So much so that even in duels this little fellow would not be affected?

However, this duel had given Lu Chen some confidence. Since he would not be at a disadvantage in front of the opponent's skills, then he did not need to worry about these menial things!

It was an undead Ancient Panda against another Ancient Panda!

Immediately after, Lu Chen looked at the undead Ancient Panda that had just run not far away and rushed over again. The title of Sword God instantly soared again!

Lu Chen did not believe that this fellow could achieve an attack immunity effect consecutively. If it was a matter of luck, Lu Chen would consider his luck to be fair. After all, he had the help of Rollie, another Ancient Panda, and also the help of the Undead title.

Even if it was just the amount of HP he would lose, Little Golden Dragon was still there. His HP bar had been emptied, and the Little Golden Dragon's HP bar could tank a few more damage!

After all, as long as he activated the Shield God title at any time, the damage received by his attacks would be reduced by 90%.

If Little Golden Dragon knew that Lu Chen was thinking this way, he did not know how much the area of psychological trauma would be.

Thinking of this, Lu Chen suddenly exploded a dash from his spot. In less than three seconds, he was once again next to the Ancient Panda.

Under the title of Sword God, Lu Chen's Sword Intent strike was once again unleashed.

With the addition of 20 attacks per second, his attack speed instantly increased to over ten million!

However, the next scene that left Lu Chen dumbfounded appeared. The Ancient Panda, seeing that it could not escape, actually stopped in its tracks, turned its head and knelt down towards Lu Chen with a plop!

Seeing this scene, Lu Chen was stunned. He never thought that this fellow would do such a thing. If it was any other monster, it would rather die than beg for mercy, after all, this was the equivalent of a human online game world. No monster would take the initiative to beg for mercy.

Even if their intelligence was slightly higher, they would still try their best to dodge attacks. At most, they would just admit defeat. It was the first time Lu Chen had seen a creature kneel down and beg for mercy.

Lu Chen hurriedly tilted the sword in his hand to one side and unleashed a stored-up attack, shooting directly at another angle!

In an instant, a sword aura that was a thousand meters long, flew through the air. Along the way, everything that stood in front of the sword aura was destroyed!

Trees, leaves, flowers, and everything else were instantly cut into two halves. Even the cross section was as smooth as a baby's bottom!

Liu Changping, who was originally dodging many things, kept slashing on, constantly grinding the Ancient Ash Wolf King's HP down to one-tenth!





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When Liu Changping saw the monster's HP bar drop by hundreds of thousands, he jumped up!

That was amazing! However, in the next moment, a few strands of hair floated down from the top of his head!

At the same time, a thick shadow appeared beside him. It was over a thousand meters long and its depth was unknown! Following that, the bones that were originally connected together suddenly collapsed and scattered all over the ground!

Today, he had seen many strange things.

This Ancient Panda continued to kneel toward Lu Chen. At the same time, it made some very unclear sounds. It was clearly not a human language.

How could Lu Chen understand it? He waved at Rollie who was in the distance to come over.

Rollie, who was originally enjoying his meal, suddenly ran over unwillingly. As expected, they were of the same species. The moment Rollie came over, he started chatting enthusiastically with this monster.

After chatting for a long while, Rollie turned his head towards Lu Chen again and started to share the conversation. As Lu Chen's pet, Rollie had a telepathic connection with Lu Chen. Naturally, Lu Chen could understand what he meant. The general meaning was that this Ancient Panda was willing to give its luck in exchange for its life.

Lu Chen was a little puzzled. This was the first time he heard that luck could be transferred. 

He said to Rollie, "If we kill him, not only will we be able to seize his luck, we will also be able to obtain his bloodline power. Wouldn't that be better?"

After hearing Lu Chen's explanation, Rollie's body slightly paused. Initially, he was still a little excited because he could obtain the luck of the Ancient Panda. He did not expect that in the time it took to turn his head… Lu Chen had already thought of getting everything he wanted.

As expected, there were no multiple choice questions in the adult world.

Lu Chen was a greedy human being. Rollie liked it very much.

At the thought of this, Rollie immediately turned his head and placed his hands on his hips. He spoke to the Ancient Panda in a concise manner.

The Ancient Panda-like body trembled. The originally loose bones seemed as though it was about to be shaken open. He hurriedly said a bunch of words to Lu Chen and translated them again.

There was a hint of disappointment in Rollie's eyes. He said, "The Ancient Panda said that if you kill him, you won't be able to obtain the fate. The fate can only be transferred by the other party. Otherwise, there's no other way to get it."

Lu Chen's eyes turned slightly as he understood. He immediately asked again, "Based on what you said, why is it that Rollie's level is not as high as yours, but he can completely cancel out your backlash attack?

"After we were attacked by you just now, my combat strength was not affected at all because of Rollie's immunity."

The Ancient Panda's eyes paused for a moment, and its gaze landed directly on Lu Chen.

As expected, he discovered that Lu Chen was almost at full health!

After the backlash of the attack, Lu Chen would have definitely died. How could this be?

His empty eyes seemed to be filled with disbelief. Then, he sniffed his nose a few times at Rollie before the hollowed out skeleton eyes showed signs of disbelief!
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