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Chapter 150: Plunder!

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The undead Ancient Panda nose kept twitching, trying to smell Rollie's scent. On the other hand, Rollie looked at the undead and moved to the side with a look of disgust.

Following that, the undead Ancient Panda looked shocked with an unbelievable pious look. Finally, it muttered something to itself. Then, Rollie repeated what the undead Ancient Panda had said, "He said it was because my bloodline purity is higher than his.

"Therefore, under the suppression of the bloodline, the purity of the bloodline increases Heaven's blessing."

In other words, under the blessing, Rollie's purity was much higher than the undead Ancient Panda.

The most obvious manifestation of this logic was that after the undead Ancient Panda was attacked, its backlash would affect Lu Chen and then transfer to Rollie. Not only did Rollie reflect the damage that it received, it was also immune to the damage that the owner received.

In other words, Rollie's level of luck was even higher than that of the undead Ancient Panda.

Only Lu Chen knew why Rollie's bloodline had become so strong. It was because he had found a large number of dead monsters' bones and treasures in Little Golden Dragon's lair. He had continuously refined and condensed them, condensing the bloodline of the Ancient Iron Beast.

After transforming it into the bloodline of the Ancient Iron Beast, Rollie had successfully absorbed it to become stronger.

In comparison to what Lu Chen did, the remains of the Ancient Panda did not seem to have much use. Because the things that Lu Chen casually extracted were purer than the undead Ancient Panda.

When he thought of this, Lu Chen looked at the Ancient Panda with a kind gaze. He decided to do it anyway, for the sake of the undead Ancient Panda.

When the undead Ancient Panda saw that Lu Chen had agreed to let it go, it immediately bowed to Lu Chen many times. Then, it stood up and pointed at the other Ancient Panda, Rollie.

At the same time, Rollie also extended its finger. When their fingers were connected, there was actually a faint golden substance flowing within the undead Ancient Panda's body.

That golden substance filled every corner of the undead Ancient Panda's body. Following that, it gradually purified and formed many material-like silk threads that rolled and flowed towards Rollie's finger; it was then gradually transmitted to Rollie's body.

One could see that Rollie's body had clearly grown in size. Rays of golden light that were like silk threads slowly appeared on his body as well.

The golden light on Rollie's body was absorbing the nutrients from the remains of the undead Ancient Panda. After that, it gradually became stronger and thicker.

Only Lu Chen could see this scene. In the eyes of others, Rollie's body had only grown a little bigger. He seemed to have become rounder and his fur had become brighter. However, his fangs and claws seemed to have become shorter.

In general, the characteristics of a beast were gradually decreasing. The more he looked at it, the more adorable he became. The more he looked at it, the more he looked like a mascot.

Clearly, this was a change of fortune bestowed by the heavens. Having the favor of the Heaven's did not require one's own combat strength to be strong. Instead, it required the favor of others. To a certain extent, the friendliness of others was also a kind of luck enhancement.

This was just like how humans were good-looking. People who were cute were usually more popular. It was easier for them to succeed in doing things. It was easier for them to get help from others. It was also very rare for them to incur the hostility of others.

In contrast to Rollie, the undead Ancient Panda was becoming more and more ferocious and terrifying due to the circulation and teleportation of the golden substance in its body.

Its original temperament was not like other monsters. The skeleton was as sinister as a main boss. However, at this moment, after the exchange of the golden substance was completed, it had become no different from other monsters.

What could be seen with the naked eye was that the ghost fire that had always been bright in the hollow eye sockets of the Ancient Panda had also started to flicker. It was as if his consciousness had been reduced by half.

His expression began to change. At times, he begged for mercy. At other times, his eyes were filled with ferocity. Fortunately, even though he had sent his Heaven's blessing to Rollie, there was still a trace of reason that forcefully suppressed his savage side.

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He had been mumbling all along, but at this moment, he did not dare to say a single word. He was afraid that he would not be able to suppress the killing intent and primitive bestiality in his body and attack Lu Chen.

He then sent all of his luck to Rollie. The next second, he immediately ran into the depths of the Mass Grave without looking back.

It had to be said that the undead Ancient Panda was indeed a creature favored by the Heavens and Earth. Even at this stage of the game, even though he had completely abandoned his providence skill, he was still able to retain some of his remaining rationality, just this alone was already considered stronger than the other silver bosses.

Seeing the undead Ancient Panda frantically running toward the depths of the Mass Grave, Lu Chen could take advantage of the moment when the other party was escaping to kill it and use it to extract more bloodline power.

One had to know that Lu Chen's Bow God title was extremely powerful.

[Shattered Stars: You can shoot a powerful arrow that ignores all the defense of the target, and it will definitely land a critical hit, causing 10 times the penetrating damage!]

This critical hit was not something that the undead Ancient Panda could withstand. However, Lu Chen did not do it. After all, he had promised to let it go.

However, Lu Chen did not expect that even if the monster died, its survival instinct would still exist. For example... the bat that was hovering above his head.

In this way, there was only one of the five monsters left on Lu Chen's side.

The only remaining silver bat was hovering high above. This time, the Ancient Panda ran too fast. He did not have the time to react at all, nor did he have the time to tell the bat to run quickly. Therefore, this bat monster was obediently hovering in the sky.

The bat was already deep in self-doubt and confusion. In addition, when he saw the Ancient Panda actually kneel on the ground without saying a word and then directly escape, he was even more confused.

It looked very ridiculous. He did not understand what had happened.

The undead Ancient Panda, an existence of a higher level than himself, had run away with its tail between its legs.

The other monsters on the ground were desperately fighting, and he was the only one left on this side.

This was very ridiculous!

How was the bat going to defeat Lu Chen off ground!
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