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Chapter 151: The Bat's Counterattack!

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The bat flying in the air was completely dumbfounded.

Lu Chen was the first to be so powerful that even a silver boss would be terrified.

No, to be precise, it was the third time it happened.

That was because the two from a few hundred years ago were even more terrifying.

Back then, those two heaven-defying existences caused a stir in the Mass Grave as well. The aura of that master and servant was simply too shocking, causing the entire Mass Grave to freeze.

As soon as the Divine Dragon landed, the dragon breath alone made all the monsters not dare to move, and they lay on the Mass Grave to submit.

They did not even dare to breathe loudly, but of course, these monsters did not breathe at all as they were dead.

The master of the Divine Dragon was even more powerful. Although his life was on the verge of death, his aura had long been undetectable.

Even in this state, he still stepped on the Divine Dragon's head the moment he appeared. The Dragon did not complain at all, as if he was deeply proud of it.

From all these, it was clear that even if that person was someone of power. Stepping on a dragon and flying in the face of a dragon, even an immortal would not have such an ostentation.

However, it did not seem like the time to reminisce about those days. The bat in the sky flapped its wings a few times, and its wings flew up another hundred meters.

With this flapping, it felt slightly more at ease. At this moment, it was already several hundred meters above the ground. At such a distance, it was impossible for players to attack, right? However, the next scene made the bat's eyes turn completely green. The Blade God and Sword God above this kid's head instantly disappeared, replaced by a new golden title.

That's right, it was a new golden title that appeared above Lu Chen's head.

Bow God!

Once this title appeared, the bat's entire body went numb. What it thought about came true!

That was just sh*t luck!

Moreover, why did this fellow seem to have no weaknesses? His HP was so high, and he even had three top-tier pets.

The Ancient Panda that had just escaped seemed less miserable than this bat now. Not only did it not manage to kill Lu Chen with one of its ultimate skills, but it even had to give up its luck. Yet, the bat's fate seemed worse.

This Lu Chen was simply too god-like.

He could kill three silver bosses with one strike. He could also use Blade God's single target attack to unleash an extremely frightening combat power. When Lu Chen slashed out with his sword just now, the bat understood that even an ordinary gold boss would not be a match for him!

It was already amazing that he was invincible in close combat. If it were any other player, they would have bragged about it for the rest of their lives.

However, this Lu Chen seemed to have an endless number of tricks up his sleeve.

Who would have thought that Lu Chen would have a long-range Bow God title as well!

He was not an ordinary archer, he was a Bow God!

This was the highest level of proficiency in the game!

At this moment, the bat only felt despair and pain as it desperately flew higher into the sky.

Fortunately, the bat was in spirit form, so the body was very light and could float very fast. If this bat had things like muscle and meat on it, it would have died long ago.

However, this bat was so afraid that it used a lot of strength to flap its wings. Lu Chen watched as the wind generated by the flaps blew away the edge of its wings.

It did not know that all its efforts were in vain.

Lu Chen's title of Bow God meant that as long as he set a target, he would definitely hit it.

[Bow God: Your understanding of bows has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a bow-type weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow with your level!]

[Accurate Arrow: When you use a bow-type weapon, your attack is set to hit!]

[Armor Breaker: When you use a bow and arrow type weapon to attack, you will dispel 90% of the target's armor!]

[Seven Star Succession: You can shoot seven arrows at once, and your attack power will be increased by 500%!]

[Shattered Stars: You can shoot a powerful arrow that ignores all the defense of the target, and it will definitely land a critical hit, causing 10 times the penetrating damage!]

Lu Chen reached into his backpack and took out a bow and arrow.

Then, he pulled the bow and an arrow made of golden light immediately appeared on the bow. The golden light condensed into a solid golden arrow in an instant.

Lu Chen raised the bow and aimed at the bat. He exerted strength in both his arms and pulled the bow back to its full size. Then, he suddenly let go!

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The golden arrow broke through the air at lightning speed.

In almost an instant, it had reached a height that no one could see.

The bat was flying too high. No one could see if the arrow had hit or not, and no one knew where the bat was.

Even Lu Chen could not track the monster with his eyesight anymore when it rushed to a higher altitude. However, he believed in the power of the Bow God title.

This time, Lu Chen used his Seven Star Succession skill.

Each of the seven arrows would hit the monster with a 500% drop of HP!

At this level, it could be said that the bat would definitely die!

As long as Lu Chen kept thinking about the target monster, the Bow God's arrows would definitely hit the monster.

No matter how the bat tried, it would not be able to escape!

Indeed, in less than three seconds, a sharp whistle came from the sky!


The first arrow had hit the target!

In front of everyone, a critical hit immediately appeared!

However, immediately after, everyone's heads began to feel dizzy, as if someone had struck the back of their heads with a heavy hammer!

To be exact, they had received a sound wave attack.

When this sound wave attack entered everyone's ears, everyone's ears rang. Their minds seemed to be in a trance, and all their determination began to ripple.

Lu Chen was no exception. The bat that was originally running away was unable to hold on at that moment.

Lu Chen panicked as to what went wrong.

Logically speaking, when the seven arrows were shot out, close to three million critical hits would explode on the bat's body.

Not to mention the bat, even Little Golden Dragon would have to kneel to the power!

Now, Lu Chen's mind was affected, and there was no way to regain his senses to lock onto the bat.

If that were the case, the bat might actually be able to escape.



As expected, after two more red dots appeared in the sky, no more red dots appeared.

At the same time, there was no system notification that he had killed the enemy.

The bat managed to escape!
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