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Chapter 152: Golden Wingsuit Targeted!

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Lu Chen could only blame himself for being careless. After all, bats in the main world also had sonar abilities.

That was why they were able to fly freely in the dark cave without injuring themselves.

It was not strange that the bat that had just flown away had such an ability, but how did Lu Chen get this careless?

With his feet on the ground, he suddenly leaped up to a height of 100 meters. Then, the Exoskeleton Wings on his back suddenly spread out to a length of more than four meters.

Everyone on the ground saw a figure that looked like a god rising from the ground as that figure soared into the sky. Then, he spread out his wings. He looked like an angel in western mythology, giving people a sense of inferiority.

Then, the wings on Lu Chen's back suddenly rose up, and with a fierce flap, his entire body rose up nearly a hundred meters into the air again!

His speed was so fast that even some birds in the main world could not catch up to him!

However, all Lu Chen could do was glide in this equipment. In the end, it was still a replica of wings that did not have full functions. Utilizing the air around him and getting a height advantage was the best he could do.

At this moment, he could already see the bat. In the vast sky, it was as if there was only a small black dot left.

There was no way for him to catch up to the bat that was escaping higher into the sky.

The bat that was thousands of meters high in the sky was panicking. It heard the sound of something breaking through the air and hurriedly turned its head back.

Seeing that Lu Chen had not caught up to it, it let out a long sigh.

It had finally survived…

At this thought, it turned its head and continued flying. It wanted to tell the two existences that there was some abnormal news here!

However, a thousand meters behind it, a person with two wings on his body slowly drew his bow again…

Shattered Star!

This arrow, which had nearly 800,000 combat power, directly broke through the clouds and shot into the sky!

Along the way, it faintly carried a violent tornado that swept everything in its way.

Even the clouds in the sky were forcefully stirred into a big hole by the spinning arrow!

The bat suddenly felt the sharpness and wanted to let out another long howl!

It was about to make a turn. In front of this long howl, Lu Chen was indeed slightly absent-minded and almost lost his balance.

His arrows had also lost the ability to track it. However, it was no longer important!

Although the bat could interfere with Lu Chen's mind, it had no time to make a turn!

The body was blasted into pieces by the arrow that was charging straight ahead!


With that one hit, the bat died!

In front of everyone's eyes, the bat in the sky disappeared in an instant. Its spirit body fell to the ground and dropped several items.

The members of the Dragon Team on the ground were all stunned.

Even Little Golden Dragon swallowed hard.

However, Lu Chen only sighed in his heart. If it was not for the Bow God title, he would have almost let this fellow escape!

It seemed that he would have to obtain that gold Exoskeleton Wingsuit if he had the chance in the future.

Another thought arose in Lu Chen's mind. He only hoped that the foreign expert would one day seek him, so that he would not feel guilty for snatching the other party's gold equipment.

At this moment, a golden-haired, blue-eyed top-tier expert far away from Beautiful Country was fighting a gold boss. For some reason, his entire body suddenly shivered, and the gold equipment on his back trembled slightly. This expert had almost faltered in his step.

He rubbed his nose, his face filled with confusion. He did not understand what had happened…

Following which, he continued to focus on facing the gold boss before him.

Lu Chen spread his wings and maintained his gliding posture. He drew a beautiful arc in the air and rapidly dived to the ground. Following which, he began to slow down once more, landing steadily.

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This series of maneuvers could be said to be extremely smooth.

Not only was Lu Chen satisfied, even Tang Xiaoqing's eyes were shining with awe.

It was obvious that she was also very curious about this suit.

By the time Lu Chen landed, all the monsters had already been killed. It was not because the others had moved faster, but because Lu Chen's actions had indeed frightened the monsters away.

Some of them did not even have time to react before the warriors saw an opportunity to kill them with a single slash.

Several tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of damage suddenly appeared in the sky.

After all, those who were able to remain in the Mass Grave at this moment were all experts. They all had some trump cards to win.

The first reaction of some of the clever monsters was not to fight, but to turn around and run. The warriors saw it as a chance to strike.

Taking advantage of the monsters escaping, the warriors sped up their attack instead. In this way, the progress of these monsters' death was even faster.

Although Lu Chen did not directly participate in their battle, it was precisely because of Lu Chen's appearance that the entire battle process sped up and reached a quick conclusion.

The others were all very happy, except for Liu Changping.

Liu Changping had been sulking all this time because he had only managed to grind down 10% of its HP with great difficulty. In the end, Lu Chen had only used one move to kill it.

This move had not originally been an attack on the Ancient Ash Wolf King. It had only accidentally injured it because it had intentionally missed the target.

Liu Changping felt a little depressed. To be exact, he felt a little guilty. Back then, he was the team leader of the Dragon Team, and Lu Chen was still in high school. He did not expect that in just a few months time, Lu Chen's combat power was already so much higher than his.

Most importantly, Lu Chen's unintentional action also took away the experience points that originally belonged to him.

Lu Chen seemed to see the dejected look on Liu Changping's face, so he hurriedly came over and explained with a smile, "Sorry, I didn't mean to do that on purpose."

As soon as Lu Chen said this, Liu Changping's face darkened even further. He felt as if he had been humiliated. Even the faces of the members of the Soul Slaying team beside him twitched slightly.

Even the resourceful and calm Liu Xin, who was about to push her glasses up, stopped in her tracks.

Lu Chen actually said that he did not do it on purpose!

He had so many people fighting seriously for more than an hour, nearly two hours, before he managed to reduce these monsters to only half of their health within a few minutes.

Especially Liu Changping, who had worked so hard but to no avail.

He had killed them with a casual move, yet he still said that it was not on purpose.

Where was the logic in this?

Was he trying to insult them?

"Take the equipment dropped by this Ancient Ash Wolf King for yourself."

The last sentence that Lu Chen said immediately made Liu Changping's eyes light up. Liu Changping's dissatisfaction had completely disappeared!
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