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Chapter 153: All Rounded Warrior Liu Changping!

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When Liu Changping heard that the Ancient Ash Wolf King's equipment belonged to him, he was overjoyed. After all, a silver boss would drop silver equipment or a decent skill at the very least.

Plus, it was very likely that this equipment would be like Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei, who would receive moonlight's support. Moreover, it would also have a certain HP recovery effect.

Liu Changping had been envious of Lu Chen's buff for a long time. Even if he could not obtain moonlight's support skills, it would still be quite good if he could obtain other offensive equipment or skills.

His efforts had paid out in the end.

Thinking of this, Liu Changping's previously unhappy expression changed. The corners of his mouth almost reached the back of his head, he hurriedly said to Lu Chen, "It's alright, it's alright. You were helping me. You did see that I almost killed the boss right?"

Liu Changping's forceful attempt to save his dignity left everyone speechless.

No one denied his strength, nor his own battle speed. Even Liu Yuan would not use such a conservative method like him to prove something.

However, it was not Liu Changping's fault, because he was different from the members of the Soul Slayer Team, he did not want to lose out.

However, Liu Changping and Liu Yuan's strength were much lower. Their battle experience could not be compared to the Soul Slayer Team.

In addition, Liu Yuan was not an ordinary person. Whether it was her talent or her background, they were far superior to Liu Changping.

It could be said that in comparison, Liu Changping was on the short end of the stick in every situation. However, through his own hard work, step by step, he reached the peak and reached his current position.

His steadiness was precisely the reason why he could survive through countless storms, even mountains of knives and seas of fire.

It was precisely because of this characteristic of Liu Changping that he became the leader of the Dragon Team and was able to command so many members of the Dragon Team.

It was precisely because of his existence that the casualty rate of the Dragon Team had reached an extremely low level.

Even Lu Chen had thought that if he could have more experts under him in the future, then handing him over to Liu Changping as the commander would definitely be a pretty good choice.

Next, it was time to harvest their loot.

Everyone happily searched for equipment or skills among the corpses in the Mass Grave.

Among them, the Soul Slayer Team was not easy to deal with because the two silver bosses had only dropped four pieces of equipment, but there were five people in the entire party.

However, they already had high-level equipment. They had been fighting together for many years, so they would not let such a small matter ruin their relationship.

Equipment was the most important thing for them. Whoever needed it would just take it. After all, there would be battles in the future, so it would be easy to make up for it.

Liu Yuan was also counting her gains.

The skill that Liu Yuan had obtained was Giant Scorpion's Poison.

This skill came from the scorpion's tail sting.

With this skill, Liu Yuan could bring the poison to any position on her body. Even if she just met an enemy, she could deal a fatal attack on them. When facing a low-level opponent, she could directly poison them to death. Even if she met a high-level opponent or an opponent with strong defense, she would at least get the chance to lower their HP bit by bit.

At the same time, this skill also had a range attack. It could poison enemies within a 500 kilometer radius!

This range was much larger than Lu Chen's attack. One had to know that Lu Chen's attack range was only 100 meters. It could be used in small-scale battles.

Liu Yuan's skill was definitely a war-type weapon. It was also effective in the face of hundreds of thousands of national level battles.

With the numbing effect of the poison and the help of losing HP, the more enemies came, the greater the burden.

Once this skill is used on the battlefield, it would definitely be a national treasure that would determine the direction of the war.

The last person who had just received a silver reward, Liu Changping, was smiling even more abnormally. It was as if he had turned from a leader of the Dragon Team into a wretched man.

Even Lu Chen and the Soul Slayer Team felt wretched, let alone Liu Yuan. Even Rollie and Little Golden Dragon could not help but shrink back, afraid that Liu Changping would do something to them.

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For a moment, everyone retreated 10 meters.

However, Liu Changping did not know what had happened. He was ecstatic because he had obtained the thing he wanted the most — Mutated Moonlight. It was a continuous HP regeneration skill!

Simply put, Liu Changping had obtained a simple basic HP regeneration skill, which allowed his HP bar to continuously grow.

The basic level refers to a monster's basic level. After all, a monster's HP bar was extremely high. Therefore, this basic HP regeneration skill was like a heaven-defying item to a human player.

If Liu Changping continued to farm monsters below silver rank, Liu Changping would not even need to defend himself. His HP would automatically recover at all times.

If he were to fight a silver boss, he would also continuously recover his HP, increasing his combat endurance by several times.

If he really encountered a gold boss again.. Then it was time to die, there was no chance of survival for that one. After all, a casual attack from a gold boss would not give him time to recover at all. It would directly kill him, sending him back to the starting point all over again.

However, this was already a pleasant surprise for Liu Changping. After all, Liu Changping's combat style was steady. 

In any case, his combat style was to grind his HP. This was, one could imagine how hard it would be now to defeat him. 

Perhaps this skill was not as powerful as Blade God or Sword God, but it was definitely the most suitable skill for Liu Changping. Moreover, it was already incredible that a mere silver boss could obtain such a powerful skill.

Back then, Lu Chen had been trapped in the cave for a thousand years to obtain so many top-tier titles!

Moreover, there was no such thing as the most powerful weapon in the world, only the most suitable weapon.

It could be said that Liu Changping had chosen a stable path. This meant that he was a warrior that developed in all aspects. Whether it was attack power, sub-speed, or defense, he had no weaknesses, in other words, he was a well-rounded warrior. A weaker version of Lu Chen.

Such a person could be a lean mean killing machine on the battlefield.

If you asked him to lead, he could fight.

If you asked him to protect everyone, he could protect everyone.

If you asked him to move like an assassin, he could handle it.

There was no such thing as having weaknesses.

Such a warrior was destined to be suitable for both group battles and solo missions.

He was definitely an expert among experts.

It could be said that based on Liu Changping's current speed, he would definitely be immeasurable in the Second World!
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