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Chapter 154: A Great Harvest!

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If the main world merged with the Second World one day, Liu Changping would definitely become an expert.

Logically speaking, a Dragon Team member like Liu Changping could be the pillar of support for the Dragon Country.

At this moment, Lu Chen was the one who had gained the most. After all, he had single-handedly killed five silver bosses.

Although he had given one of them to Liu Changping, the other three were enough for him. His level had risen four levels in a row, reaching level 39.

At this moment, even Little Golden Dragon was only level 40. He had almost caught up with his pet.

Lu Chen's rapid progress this time could be said to have given Little Golden Dragon a sense of crisis.

Originally, he had thought that he was the most powerful presence in the team. However, Lu Chen had killed three silver bosss in a row today, and he had launched several attacks that had frightened him.

At that time, he had realized that he was no match for Lu Chen. Fortunately, he was still able to suppress Lu Chen with his level, which gave him some psychological comfort. However, at this moment, the little bit of psychological comfort he had left was dwindling. He used to be so strong back then, and Lu Chen was only a little over level 30. Now, in a flash, he was almost as strong as him. He could not accept it.

The others did not have any reaction, because they were already used to Lu Chen's overpowering power. For him, leveling up and fighting monsters was as easy as eating and drinking.

If one day Lu Chen could not fight any monsters and would die in a second, everyone would find it incredible.

It must be known that Lu Chen had been the ceiling of combat power since the beginning.

At least in the Dragon Country, he was the absolute upper limit of combat power.

Now, not only was he the benchmark of utmost power, his level was about to be just the same. They even wondered if anyone would ever surpass him.

However, they knew that such a situation was unlikely to happen. An existence like Lu Chen was not someone that could be easily surpassed.

Although they had heard that some people from Beauty Country had obtained gold Exoskeleton Wingsuit equipment, they were extremely confident in Lu Chen. Everyone believed that Lu Chen would definitely not be surpassed.

Right now, the others were most concerned about how much good equipment Lu Chen and the other three silver bosses would drop. 

A white tiger's corpse. A bear's corpse. The equipment dropped by the bat that had died with them were all here.

Only the bat that had been shot to death by Lu Chen's arrow did not provide any equipment.

However, no one would go forward to take a look because these were Lu Chen's personal items.

Who would dare to touch Lu Chen's items? They were not crazy!

No one wanted to be misunderstood by Lu Chen.

For a moment, the members of the Soul Slayer Team and Liu Changping all took a few steps back consciously. At this time, Liu Changping suddenly realized that everyone seemed to be very far away from him. This made him somewhat puzzled, he did not know what had happened. However, taking advantage of the fact that everyone was not paying attention, he directly took a detour and entered the forest at the side. 

As everyone was tacitly keeping a distance from those treasures, a thin and small figure directly scuttled out, walked into those treasures, and directly began to pick and choose.

Everyone's hearts tightened at first, then they realized that this person was actually Tang Xiaoqing, and Lu Chen had no intention of stopping her at all.

This was because Tang Xiaoqing had a very good relationship with him. Even if Tang Xiaoqing asked him to give her a piece, Lu Chen would not have any objections.

Moreover, Tang Xiaoqing had the backing of the Tang family, an ancient martial arts aristocratic family.

As she searched for treasures in the bones, she frowned and complained.

"This silver Heaven-cleaving Sword doesn't seem like much. That silver Flame Blade looks very ordinary as well..."

Then, she tossed it aside as if it was trash.

Liu Yuan walked forward sensibly and picked up the weapons and equipment that were thrown out.

The members of the Soul Slayer Team sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at each other.

As expected of the little princess of the Tang family, she was rich and overbearing!

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How dare she treat this kind of silver equipment as trash?

Especially when they looked carefully at the two weapons being thrown out, they were even more envious.

[Heaven-cleaving Sword: Silver equipment, able to deal 10,000 damage to the enemy. At the same time, there is a certain chance to trigger a five-fold critical strike!]

[Remark: There is an extremely low probability of triggering a Spatial Ceave. By using Spatial Cleave, the enemy will be dismembered and maimed, weakening the enemy's attack power!]

Everyone was envious.

If it was not for Lu Chen being too powerful and a hero of the Dragon Country, anyone would have been tempted to snatch it away from him.

This was especially so for the Soul Slayer Team. Although they were heroes of the Dragon Country, the warriors who had been in the war zone all year round had seen too many life and death situations.

To them, the difference between right and wrong was not that big.

Only children were separated into right and wrong, while adults only talked about the pros and cons.

This was especially true for this person who possessed the spatial separation skill. If he were to come to the main world to fight, his combat strength would definitely be off the charts.

Now, everyone's defensive strength has been greatly increased after receiving the support of the second world. There were even quite a number of people who had obtained treasures.

For example, Xiao Bai had the Sky-piercing Mirror in his hands back then.

The existence of such a treasure could withstand a great degree of attack. Even Lu Chen's explosive attack back then could do nothing to him.

However, it would be different if Lu Chen had the Heaven-cleaving Sword.

No matter how strong the defense of the other party's treasure was, it could only weaken and offset the attack.

However, this sword actually had traces of the power of spatial laws. This kind of weapon could absolutely ignore the defense and cause real damage!

If not for the fact that the probability of triggering Spatial Cleave was really too low, this equipment would probably be at least a legendary equipment!

They were a little excited, and at the same time, their gazes were fixed on the second equipment.

When they looked at the second Flame Blade they suddenly felt as if their souls were being burned. The pain was unbearable!

This treasure actually had a magic attack attached to it!

This was discovered from the bear's body. When the bear was attacking Lu Chen back then, sometimes, it did not even touch Lu Chen's body but he would lose some HP. At that time, Lu Chen had already felt that something was wrong.

Moreover, the amount of HP lost was huge, and he would even continue to lose HP.

It could be said that 90% of the damage that Lu Chen received was because of that bear!
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