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Chapter 155: An Interspatial Ring Appeared!

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When Lu Chen was fighting the five monsters, the other monsters only needed to defend themselves or dodge the bear's attacks.

However, when Lu Chen was fighting the bear, he could feel the heat just by getting close to it.

When Lu Chen was attacked by the bear, not only would the bear's sharp claws hurt him, but there would also be burn marks that were left.

This silver boss had an additional AOE attack as well.

This weapon was definitely suitable for him.

[Raging Flame Blade: Silver equipment. When using Raging Flame Blade, the attack range will automatically increase by tenfold. At the same time, an unknown flame will be generated on the enemy who is attacked. The flame will burn the enemy for three seconds. The HP loss per second will be 5% to 100% of the attack power!]

Ever since Lu Chen obtained the title of Blade God, Sword God, Bow God, and so on, he had never obtained any supporting weapons.

Therefore, no matter what kind of attacks Lu Chen launched, he would always use the most common sword or use slightly better equipment. Even silver weapons did not drop.

However, the appearance of the Heaven-cleaving Sword and the Raging Flame Blade had just made up for Lu Chen's weakness. At this moment, he could finally improve his two most commonly used offensive skills by leaps and bounds.

To Lu Chen, these two pieces of equipment were like adding wings to a tiger.

Currently, he had obtained a piece of equipment from the leader of the Dark Union while he was in his Asura mode. Meanwhile, Lu Chen had also obtained the Heaven-cleaving Sword and the Raging Flame Blade while he was in Blade God and Sword God mode. As long as he had another bow and arrow to drop, it would definitely be perfect for Lu Chen.

While he was still calculating what equipment he still needed, Tang Xiaoqing, who was in the distance, suddenly shouted happily at everyone, "There's an Interspatial Ring here!"

Tang Xiaoqing excitedly searched through the three piles of large corpse fragments repeatedly.

A moment later, her eyes narrowed into crescents. She stood up and shouted to Lu Chen in the distance, "Look, there's an Interspatial Ring inside!"

As she spoke, she sent her consciousness into the Interspatial Ring. Her willow-like eyebrows furrowed slightly, and her mouth became a little flat. She complained, "This Interspatial Ring is so small. It's only one cubic meter."

Then, she rolled her eyes and said with a smile, "Next time, I'll give you my grandfather's ring. His ring is two hundred cubic meters wide!"

Hearing this, everyone's mind exploded. It was already very good that this kind of thing could be dropped. Now it was being despised by a brat!

As far as they knew, there had never been a single Interspatial Ring in the entire Dragon Country.

However, they did not utter a single word. They did not even glance at each other. They just looked at the sky and did not make a single sound, as if they had not heard anything.

They were well aware of the identity of this young miss. Of course, they could not afford to offend her.

This was the youngest daughter of the Tang family's patriarch, who was also the princess. If they were to offend such a person, they would really be in deep trouble.

However, they had also thought that they had seen a lot of fraudulent families. However, this was the first time they had seen a fraudulent second-generation martial artist like Tang Xiaoqing.

Seeing that Lu Chen was picking up equipment and sorting them out, the members of the Soul Slayer Team were a little envious. Suddenly, they looked at the equipment in their hands and felt a little uneasy.

After all, even if they only had one silver piece of equipment, they would treat it as a treasure. However, Lu Chen's side had so many that they could not even begin to count their two hands.

One had to know that Tang Xiaoqing had helped Lu Chen pick up the equipment. However, even in the entire Dragon Country, there was no such thing as an Interspatial Ring.

The use of an Interspatial Ring was amazing. A low-level Interspatial Ring could be used to store one's personal luggage, swords, and weapons.

Medium-level Interspatial Rings could even be used to carry all sorts of strange and large-scale equipment. Even in extremely harsh environments where humans could not survive, they could also be used to carry all sorts of dry rations and water.

At that time, it would be the most convenient thing ever. No matter how many people fought together, there would not be any problems with logistics.

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In ancient times, the most feared thing for humans in war was the lack of food supplies. If there were large-scale Interspatial Rings in ancient times, it would no longer be a problem.

Perhaps the territory of the Dragon Country could at least double.

There was another point that Tang Xiaoqing was very clear about. If it was a high-level Interspatial Ring, then even living things could be put in, or even people could be put in, and then they could be taken away regardless of life or death, this was equivalent to a large-scale teleportation array.

There was even a legend that said that a top-grade Interspatial Ring could not only include everything in the world, it could even deduce a small world based on the changes in its owner's strength.

At that time, the owner of the ring would be like a god. In that world, the owner of the Interspatial Ring would be the only true god in this world.

In that space, it would be an invincible existence.

This was similar to Lan Weiwei's Frost Domain. In the Frost Domain, Lan Weiwei would have a great boost to her body, which would reduce her enemies movements to a certain extent.

However, if it was in the space of the Interspatial Ring, then the owner would have been an absolutely invincible power. No matter how powerful their opponent was, it would be impossible for them to defeat the owner of the Interspatial Ring.

Unless one's strength was strong enough to shatter an entire world, otherwise, they would only be suppressed.

However, not to mention Tang Xiaoqing, even Tang Xiaoqing's father and even her family's ancestors had never heard of those things, much less seen them with their own eyes.

Perhaps that kind of Interspatial Ring only existed in legends.

However, at the moment, for all the other soldiers, including Lu Chen, to be able to possess this one cubic meter Interspatial Ring was already very satisfying.

This was especially so when they saw that this interspatial ring could automatically level up according to the treasures provided by its owner, or when it could be combined with other Interspatial Rings to level up. Everyone was even more envious.

This skill indeed surprised Tang Xiaoqing a little.

This was because although her family had an Interspatial Ring, it did not possess the devouring ability.

This Second World was actually so powerful to have such an ability.

The members of the Soul Slaying Team were already drooling from the sight. 

The five members of this team had spent two days and two nights fighting with great effort before finally killing so many monsters and two silver bosses.

The five of them still had to fight for four pieces of equipment.. Looking at Lu Chen's effort, he had already obtained three pieces of equipment.
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