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Chapter 156: A New Skill!

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Chapter 156: A New Skill!

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Lu Chen not only had the three pieces of equipment in front of him, but the bat that had shot down from the sky also had top-tier equipment. It was just that no one knew where the equipment had gone.

As everyone was counting their loot, Liu Changping had run out of the jungle. When he appeared in front of Lu Chen again, he was holding two treasures high in his hands.

He looked at Lu Chen excitedly. “Lu Chen, look! I picked up the equipment that the bat dropped. There are two of them in total.”

He was smart enough to see that there were quite a number of people here, but he did not reveal the two skills. Liu Changping was not just anyone. He was very smart. Not only did he have a good understanding of battle, but he also had a deep understanding of the world, otherwise, how could he hold on to his position as the leader?

When it came to skills, the more hidden they were, the more intimidating they would be to others. The more powerful they were, the more they would be able to deal a fatal blow at a critical moment.

This was also why many people liked to pretend to be wolves in sheep clothing. Once they were seen through by others, it would be very easy for others to target them. They would become the target of public criticism. Countless people would try their best to catch their weaknesses, then, they would kill you.

Liu Changping deliberately did not mention these two skills of Lu Chen. It was precisely because there were too many people and too many eyes. As for what skills Lu Chen had, the fewer people knew, the better.

Liu Changping ran to Lu Chen’s side and looked around. After making sure that no one was watching him, he handed the two skill scrolls to Lu Chen.

The Soul Slayer Team was cursing at Liu Changping.

After all, other than Lu Chen’s trusted aides and spiritual pets, only Liu Changping, Liu Yuan, and the Soul Slayer Team were left on the battlefield.

Liu Yuan and everyone else could see that even if she was not Lu Chen’s woman, at least she had a lot of feelings for Lu Chen. It was obvious that she was not going to be Lu Chen’s enemy. So, who were they guarding against now?

The captain of the Soul Slayer Team had already cursed Liu Changping in his heart. This kid had clearly called them family back when he was in the Dragon Group. Why would he want to learn some skills from him to fight? In the end, he sold himself out in such a short time as a favor.

However, Lu Chen was naturally not worried because he knew that these people of the Soul Slayer Team would most likely work with him in the future.

Liu Changping leaned over to Lu Chen’s ear and said carefully, “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything even if it’s the higher ups! Lu Chen, you have to be careful. The elder is already so old, he has a lot of thoughts. As for Liu Yuan…”

After saying that, he glanced at Liu Yuan beside him.

The expression on Liu Yuan’s face tilted. At times, she was shy and at other times, she was angry. It was obvious that she wanted to say something, but in the end, she did not say it out loud. In the end, she stomped her foot angrily and reached out to pinch Liu Changping’s arm.

Liu Changping quickly dodged the pain and let out a cry. The two of them had a good relationship when they were in the Dragon Team.

Lu Chen saw the mischievous look on the two of them and smiled without saying anything. They had just experienced a two-day and two-night battle. Such a battle was a torment for everyone, and it was also a great test for their bodies and minds.

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Under such circumstances, the battle had just ended, and everyone was in an extremely good mood after receiving so much equipment.

At this moment, everyone looked like they were playing around, but in reality, Liu Changping’s actions were especially annoying. In reality, he was trying to calm everyone’s nerves and ease the tense atmosphere.

It was his presence that allowed everyone to gradually relax and calm down. This calm also made everyone feel tired, including Lu Chen.

Although he did not fight much this time, killing five silver bosses in such a short time had definitely taken a toll on him.

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The most tiring thing for him was having to take care of many people. He had always been guarding the nearby warriors, afraid that anything could happen to them.

Fortunately, Lu Chen did not fail his mission. He had completed this mission perfectly. Not a single warrior on the battlefield had died. Moreover, their levels had risen by more than five levels.

This was definitely a huge reward for everyone. Raising five levels in two days, if word got out… Many people would be envious.

After the battle, Lu Chen was a little tired, especially when he saw that so many warriors had gone back. Then, he looked at the others who had been fighting, and his eyes were filled with exhaustion.

He said, “This battle ends here. The Mass Grave’s territory is still very large. We have to maintain enough energy to continue gaining experience here. Everyone, return to the main world and rest for a while.”

Just now, the others had been maintaining their own state. Even though they had fought for so long and were already very tired, in order not to leave behind the impression that they were weak in battle… Their mental state was so poor that they had to persevere, making themselves appear a hundred times more energetic.

It was not until Lu Chen said that everyone could go back and rest that they finally removed their disguises. Their stimulant-like state gradually calmed down, and waves of sleepiness hit their heads.

They nodded slightly, and after thanking Lu Chen, they chose to return to the main world.

The others did the same.

The next second, everyone’s consciousness appeared in the game pod again. The entire conference hall was densely packed with hundreds of game pods, neatly arranged on the floor of the conference room. One of them was particularly eye-catching.

Because the other games were all black, only the other one was pink, and the person in this game cabin was precisely Tang Xiaoqing.

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This game pod was different from the others. Not only was the exterior painted with cherry blossom powder, but all the packaging in the game cabin was made of latex imported from abroad.

Lying inside, the body seemed to be in a zero-gravity state. It was generally very comfortable, and no matter how long one lay there, one would not feel tired or stiff.

In particular, there were some strange stones inside that could constantly nourish Tang Xiaoqing’s body. It could be said that this kind of cheat code was absolutely very useful for players. It could guarantee a player’s endurance in the second world.

It must be known that how long a player could fight in the Second World depended not only on their spiritual power, but also on the comfort level of the environment in the main world.

As for Tang Xiaoqing, her gaming pod was to ensure his own condition to the greatest extent.
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