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Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: Return to the Main World!

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Therefore, in addition to Tang Xiaoqing not participating in any battles at all. She looked to be in the best condition. Lu Chen stood up and saw that the entire conference room was densely packed with Dragon Country warriors. Some of them were full of vitality and energy, while others were tired and even had bloodshot eyes.
Clearly, no matter what their condition was, they had always been guarding the conference room and had not retreated.
They had always been here. What they had to do was to ensure the absolute safety of Lu Chen and the others. As long as Lu Chen was still in the game, no matter how powerful the enemy came to attack, they would have to go through the countless forces of warriors first.
In the Second World, Lu Chen had once protected them. In the main world, it was their turn to protect Lu Chen.
The warriors had indeed preserved. The scene in front of him made Lu Chen very moved. At this moment, Lu Chen felt the warmth of a home he had never enjoyed before. One had to know that when Lu Chen was very young, his parents had already passed away.
From then on, Lu Chen had always been working and studying alone. When he was tired, no one would comfort him. When he was injured, no one would accompany him to see a doctor.
He had no money, so he could only starve and freeze alone. No one would accompany him to cry when he was sad. However, in this huge meeting room, facing many soldiers whom he had only met for the first time, he felt the warmth of home and the concern of these people for him. Lu Chen was a little touched. His eyes were even slightly moist. He patted the one closest to him, whose hair was messy and his face was dirty, the soldier who did not seem to have rested said softly, “I’m back. Go and rest.”

When the soldier heard Lu Chen’s voice, his body trembled slightly. Then, he turned around. At this moment, his eyes were also somewhat moist.
In the Second World, this warrior was almost killed by monsters more than once. It was Lu Chen who flew over to save his life.
He understood that if it were not for Lu Chen’s repeated help, he might have not made it out alive.
At that time, no matter how strong he was in the main world, he would never have the chance to fight side by side with his comrades.
As a soldier, his teammates were everything. His dignity would not allow him to fall behind.
At this moment, seeing his idol standing in front of him and patting his shoulder, his body trembled slightly, as if he wanted to say something. Lu Chen just smiled and shook his head, indicating that he did not need to say anything, he understood everything. Then, Lu Chen turned around to face more warriors of the Dragon Country and said loudly, “You’ve all worked hard. Go and rest. This kind of battle will happen more than once.
“This is the most dangerous place. I know that some of you may have come to the Second World for the first time, so you might have been overwhelmed. You may have encountered the most challenging situation in your life.
“All of you deserve good rest after a long day.” Hearing Lu Chen’s heavy words, all the soldiers once again perked up. They stood upright like javelins.

Their eyes were full of firm conviction and unyielding will. No matter how dangerous the Mass Grave was, they would fight to the end. At the last moment, even if there was only one soldier left, they would not be deserters.
They only had two choices – to become stronger or to die.
Lu Chen met all the soldiers’ unflinching eyes once again. He was very satisfied with their reaction.
Although the eyes of these people were firm, there was a hint of confusion and novelty that came with it. At this moment, all of their emotions became stronger, and they had the courage to not back down.
This was exactly what Lu Chen wanted to see. With a change in style, he smiled and said a few words of encouragement to everyone.
“Perhaps this is the worst of times, but this is also the best of times.
“Although danger lurks everywhere in the Mass Grave, you can see that this place is filled with treasures. Nothing can be compared to this place.
“Therefore, your levels would be greatly increased here, and your battle awareness would also be greatly honed.

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“I believe that as long as we clear the Mass Grave together, not to mention the billions of players in the country, even in front of the billions of players around the world, you will be the best batch of warriors. And this is the reason why I brought you here!”
Lu Chen’s words made all the warriors’ blood boil. It was as if the time had come for them to become stronger.
Especially on the battlefield, when they saw Lu Chen being so valiant, shuttling through tens of thousands of monsters as if no one was there. Later, when he killed five silver bosss by himself and made an Ancient Panda kneel before him.
All of this made everyone admire him more.
The only thing that tickled them was that all the remaining warriors in the Second World had tacitly turned off their cameras when they counted the rewards.
As a result, apart from the Soul Slayer Team in the second world, no one knew what Lu Chen had obtained.
However, everyone was only curious. No one was unwilling to seek out for more. They knew that although Lu Chen was at the top of the world, he still faced problems and dilemmas that urgently needed his attention. For Lu Chen, at this time, he could not be too reckless.
Moreover, Lu Chen had already done enough. If it were not for Lu Chen, they would either all withdraw from the Second World halfway through the battle and become the laughingstock of the entire world… Or they would all die in the Second World and return to the Novice Village.

These two choices were impossible for them to accept, but these two were the only ones they were allowed to have.
After that, Lu Chen said a few simple words and let everyone go to rest. Even these spirit beasts were no exception.
Only Lu Chen and Tang Xiaoqing were left in the huge conference room.
The camera in the conference room flashed again. In an instant, as a few lights in the sky continuously shone on the air in the conference room, a three-dimensional image of the first elder appeared. Other than the fact that his body was a little illusory, there was no sense of unreality.
Even every minute expression and movement of the old man was revealed. It was as if he had really come personally. The first elder had a kind expression on his face. He looked at Lu Chen and revealed a satisfied smile. “I didn’t expect you to actually complete this mission and achieve zero death.
“I expected a 10% death rate, but I didn’t expect you to be able to do this.
“It seems that you’ve made great progress..”


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