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Chapter 159: Awesome Warriors from the Dragon Country!

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Looking at these once-mighty figures who were at the peak of their power turning into beggars, even they themselves found the contrast unbelievable.

If they had known that the Mass Grave was so dangerous, they would not have come at all.

At the very least, they had to find a good place to ambush Lu Chen!

However, they still felt that it would be worth it. After all, they had never seen such a scene before their eyes. They saw many silver bosses standing guard at the rear while tens of thousands of monsters in front were fighting one after another.

At this time, they realized that the opponents these monsters were facing were actually the warriors of the Dragon Country.

The experts of the Western Castle were standing too far away. They could not see who the specific warriors were at all.

They could only see the warriors arranging their troops and changing their

battle positions, forming battle formations with powerful attacks and strong

defenses, constantly depleting the monsters’ HP and numbers, in the end, only

the silver bosses were left.

However, the outcome of the few silver bosses shocked them even more,

especially the first silver boss. Not only was it tragic, but it was also a little

shameful for it to die that way.

Such a powerful silver boss had actually been smashed in half by a panda that

had descended from the sky. The remaining half of its body had been stomped

into pieces by the said panda.

Was that panda Lu Chen’s pet? Was that why he dared to throw the panda into


Thinking of this, the people from the Westem Castle felt their heartache. They

did not dare to believe it. To be exact, they did not want to believe it.

Such a powerful battle formation was enough to wipe out tens of thousands of

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monsters. This was something that even the people from the Western Castle

could not achieve.

These warriors were very brave.

This kind of spirit could only be achieved by the ancient knights from the west.

At the same time, they were a little afraid. What would happen if they waited

for the others to face these warriors?

If these Western Castle members found out that the warriors were charging at

them, they would probably die here today.

They could exit the game at any time because they covered each other and had

enough time to exit the Second World Game. However, if they were the ones

facing the warriors, the other party would not allow them to leave.

Looking at their situation, even if they had to sacrifice hundreds of their lives,

they would be dragged down by them!

However, when there were only these silver bosses left, they were slightly

relieved. Other than the silver boss that had mysteriously died, there were nine

other silver bosses.

Although Lu Chen had many experts on his side, it would not be easy to kill

these nine silver bosses. They thought that once these silver bosses crippled

these warriors.. at the very least, they would weaken their status to a terrifying


When that time came, the few people from the Westem Castle would move

together and descend from the sky like angels, dealing a fatal blow to these

people. With that, they would be able to obtain any equipment from them.

These people were truly counting their chickens before they hatched.

Unfortunately, their dreams were dreams, and reality hit them like a truck.

What they saw next had shattered their dreams into pieces. Not to mention

how fast those warriors were fighting the silver boss, the most arrogant man

in the middle was actually fighting against five silver bosses by himself. How

crazy would such a battle be?!

Even James who was in the aurous stage would not dare to be so arrogant!

Although those monsters were only silver, they were much stronger than the

players in the spiritual stage.

Even James, who was in the aurous stage, could be killed by so many bosses if

he was not careful enough. After all, the HP bars of the human players were too


However, that arrogant player kept moving among the five monsters. Not only

was he not injured, but he was also able to hold back these monsters to prevent

the five monsters from causing trouble for his teammates

This set of flashy moves was really awesome. It was not something that an

ordinary person could do.

On the surface, it seemed like this person was at a disadvantage by hiding

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everywhere. However, the laymen were just watching the show. The experts

could tell at a glance that Lu Chen was definitely skilled. However, at this

moment, they were not sure if the person below was Lu Chen. It was not until

Lu Chen used his ultimate skill th

golden title appeared above his head and

instantly killed three silver bosses.

Following this, he used another title and casually killed another silver boss.

Only when the third title appeared and instantly killed bat –who was

thousands of meters away-were they certain that this person was definitely

Lu Chen!

Although they could not see what the three titles on Lu Chen’s head were, there

was never a person in this world who could have three gold-tier titles except

Lu Chen!

of course, this was only in the Second World. If it was in the main world, there

would still be monsters that could size him up.

In addition, if they looked carefully, there was a little golden thing in the

distance. Although it was too far away, and it was not as big as a toothpick

they definitely had reason to believe that it was the Little Golden Dragon fromn

back then.

When Lu Chen used his SworD God title, even James felt his scalp go numb.

How the fck was he supposed to fight Lu Chen?

If they dared to go forward at this time, would that be considered suicide

If the people from the Western Castle had been able to accept the two days and

two nights of battle, then the sudden change in less than two hours and the

death of these nine silver bosses had completely stunned them.

They had thought that Lu Chen’s strength would definitely not be able to defeat

James. However, when James saw this scene, he became uncertain. He was

completely shocked by Lu Chen’s abilities

He had absolute confidence in himself that he definitely would not be able to

defeat Lu Chen.

At the same time, he was also glad that he was able to watch this battle when

the tides of beast arrived. Otherwise, if he really did find Lu Chen in the Mass

Grave, what difference would it be from dying?

At the same time, everyone in the Western Castle felt a lingering fear in their

hearts. Fortunately, the time they had wasted fighting the monsters was also

fortunate for Lu Chen and the others. He did not discover them, or else they

would have been dead for sure.

At this moment, it was already late at night in the main world. When Lu Chen

and the others woke up, it was already early in the morning of the second day.

Although countless warriors were physically and mentally exhausted, they still

woke up early to train.


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