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Chapter 160: Liu Changping Where Did Your Ego Go?!

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Chapter 160: Liu Changping Where Did Your Ego Go?

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The soldiers of the Dragon Country were now filled with pent-up energy.

Through this battle in the Second World, the first thing they felt was the low

level of their strength.

Of course, even though they were already existences whose combat strength

was off the charts in the main world, it was only when they arrived in the

Second World that they realized that the creatures that were much stronger

than them in terms of combat strength. If it was a one-on-one fight… It was

very likely that they would be instantly killed.

If they wanted to become a top-notch existence and expand the territory of the

Dragon Country as they did in the main world, then they would need to

improve their strength.

The second thing that they realized was that their bodies were still not good

enough, so they had to do a lot of training to make their bodies stronger.

It must be known that although these soldiers’ physical fitness was first-rate,

they all had many hidden injuries on their bodies. The stronger the warrior, the

more hidden injuries they would have. Thus, the more internal injuries their

soldiers had in the main world, the more the condition of their bodies in the

game pod would affect the battle situation in the Second World.

Perhaps their willpower was strong enough to be able to forcefully hold on in

the Second World and not appear for dozens of hours. However, this sort of

hard resistance required the consumption of spiritual energy. This also meant

that they would not be able to display their full strength in the Second World,

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every small movement or injury in the main world’s game pod could affect

their condition in the main world.

On the rapidly changing battlefield, any small distraction could cause them to

make a fatal mistake, leading to large-scale casualties for themselves and even

the entire team. This was absolutely unforgivable for a warrior.

When Lu Chen saw the scene in front of him, he was immediately filled with

respect. These warriors were already in the main world training themselves,

sacrificing everything for the country and the people, sacrificing their own

health, and even their own lives.

At this moment, they chose to protect their bodies, thinking of protecting their

families and their motherland. They were worthy of respect.

When everyone was in the conference room, a beam of light appeared on the

big screen on the television again. It gathered in the middle of the conference

room and formed a three-dimensional projection. In a short while, the third in

charge chief’s face appeared in the three-dimensional projection.

His gaze was very gentle. He slowly swept his gaze from left to right. Each and

every soldier made eye contact.

When the both of them looked at each other, they were even more excited. Lu

Chen was the top soldier in the country and their idol.

The third in charge chief was the top existence in politics. For such a big figure

to smile at them, it was also a great encouragement.

The third in charge chief’s gaze lasted for a full 30 seconds. He looked seriously

at everyone’s faces. It was not until everyone felt his encouragement that he

turned his gaze to Lu Chen again.

“Soldiers, you have worked hard!

“Lu Chen, you have also worked hard.

“Congratulations to all of you for triumphantly returning!”

The third in charge chief’s words made all the soldiers even more excited.

For them, life and death were not scary, and fame and fortune were not what

they wanted, but the recognition from the people they admired was what they

wanted to see the most.

With the third in charge chief’s encouragement, everyone felt their blood boil.

Except for Lu Chen, who only moved his lips.

The third in charge chief’s expression froze slightly because he saw Lu Chen

clearly ask again- where is the mask?

However, the third in charge chief only panicked for a moment, but he quickly

adjusted his expression, as if he did not hear anything.

After all, the mask was promised by the first elder, and this pit was dug by the

first elder, so it had nothing to do with him!

That’s right, although Lu Chen was working for the Dragon Country and he was

the top leader of the Dragon Country, he could only forcefully hypnotize

himself to say that this matter had nothing to do with hinm.

He decided to be shanmeless and continue on. The third in charge cłhief

hurriedly changed the topic.

“Lu Chen, as far as I know, people from the Western Castle have already

arrived. I’m afraid that they have already been hiding in the Mass Graves,

waiting to ambush you.”

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Hearing this, Lu Chen raised his eyebrows slightly but did not pay too much

attention to it.

The members of the Western Castle had long taken down the Giant Lizard City.

Although this city was much stronger than White Fog City, Xiao Bai was

already defeated by him. How could Lu Chen be afraid of him?

He raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “Is that so? You mean Xiao Bai is here


The third in charge chief shook his head slowly, “No, he isn’t here. But they’ve

invited an expert from an ancient martial arts aristocratic family. His name is

James. This person has long passed the aurous stage.

“Moreover, some players have seen this group of blonde-haired and blue-eyed

foreigners at the outskirts of the Mass Grave.

“There were even people who secretly took photos. It was indeed James.”

Lu Chen nodded slightly, but he was not afraid. The golden core stage was

nothing to0 scary to him.

Although he was only at the spiritual stage, if there were any ignorant golden

stage cultivators who dared to provoke him, then Lu Chen would willingly take

up that challenge.

However, Lu Chen would not underestimate him too much.

After all, there was a difference between domestic and foreign combat

methods. The Western Castle, especially those from foreign countries, used

crosses, holy water, and other magic attacks that he had never come into

contact with before.

This kind of thing was unknown to him. It was not something that ordinary

people could come into contact with.

If Lu Chen really dared to recklessly go up and fight with them, it was very

likely that he would fail in the gutter.

At the same time, Lu Chen suddenly thought of something. He opened his

mouth and asked the third in charge chief, “How did experts like them enter

the Dragon Country?

“As far as I know, the Second World of the Dragon Country and the Second

World of other countries are not connected.

“Could it be that they secretly came to the main world?

“Were they not stopped by the border when they wanted to enter?”

This time, it was the other party’s turn to be troubled. He frowned. “From the

looks of it, they don’t seem to have come from the border.

“Moreover, ever since I found out that they had come to the Dragon Country,

I’ve sent more people to continuously check if there were any foreign experts

entering the country these days.

“After searching for a full few days, I still haven’t found any clues. I’ve even

used the spies from overseas. According to them, these people from the west

didn’t leave at all,

‘James entered the Western Castle a few days in advance and didn’t come out


Lu Chen nodded slightly. “Looks like they’ve teleported here.”

Suddenly, one of the soldiers suddenly shouted loudly, “Lu Chen, if you need

my help, 1, Liu Changping, am duty-bound to offer assistance!”


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