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Chapter 162: Western Castle's Fear!

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Everyone knew the purpose of Lu Chen bringing Hei Yu along was for. He wanted to help Hei Yu find the cause of his daughter’s death and avenge Hei Yu.

At the highest point of the Mass Grave, there was a person who was glowing with golden light. He looked at everything that had just happened with an indifferent gaze. It was only when Lu Chen made his move that he looked at the younger man with interest. After looking at him for a long time, he

finally muttered something out loud, “That’s right. This person is indeed a good seedling. I’m sure that his future achievements won’t be below mine.”

However, the rumbling voice below the ground once again spoke in a dull tone, “Master, you might be flattering him too much by saying that.

“He might be known as a favored child of Heavens. However, there are only two people who were able to survive and reach your level of cultivation.”

The person whose entire body was emitting golden light looked at the vast Mass Grave. Then, he stared at the place where Lu Chen and the others had just left and let out a long sigh.

“Since the ancient times, how many gorgeous and peerless favored child of Heavens have appeared in the Dragon Country?

“Although my strength is reasonable, I won’t dare to say that I’m the second person favored by the Heavens.

“Just like how the main world doesn’t know about the existence of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, perhaps there are many experts that even I don’t know about.

“However, what you said isn’t wrong. The so-called experts are only called experts when they grow up. If they don’t grow up, they will die prematurely. No matter how much of a genius they are, they will only be a nobody until they succeed.”

Thinking of this, his eyes glanced in another direction. He was looking at those people from the Western Castle.

He looked at the few gold stage people kneeling behind him and said indifferently, “San, go deal with those people.”

The person called Xiao San was at the gold stage and was kneeling at the side, this very person was actually a peacock!

This peacock had a pair of golden feet, and his feathers were colorful and gorgeous. The aura on his body was absolutely different from the aura of the ten silver bosses back then.

This was such a powerful existence. At this moment, in front of this expert, his tail was tightly closed, not daring to be ostentatious. He acted very humbly and dared not to speak up.

‘When the expert called his name, his body first shivered in fear. Then, he slowly raised his head, and the joy in his eyes could no longer be suppressed.

It was as if he who was emitting golden light gave him this mission as a great compliment.

The peacock was obviously very happy for this given mission.

He slowly took three steps back and bowed respectfully. Then, he suddenly spread his colorful wings and flew toward the people in the Western Castle.

The other gold stage martial artist who were still kneeling beside this expert were filled with envy.

They all secretly wondered why they were not the ones being asked to carry this mission out. They knew that they could handle those few street rats!

They stood next to this expert, enduring great pressure and not daring to move at all.

Logically speaking, for beasts, they could only feel the suppression of their bloodlines. That was why they were able to fight without fear, even when the other party’s combat power was very strong, it would not faze them.

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Of course, Lu Chen was an exception. That was why the silver boss bat was confused and fearful. When the bat was faced this man, the bat was completely pressured by the difference in strength.

There was only despair in the silver bosses hearts that they could not resist.

The pressure from absolute strength was something they could not fight back at all!

The others did not even dare to casually say anything. Only the rumbling and vicissitudes of life voice underground said, “Master, why are you helping that kid? He can beat these people with his own strength.”

The person emitting the golden light tured his gaze toward the people in the Western Castle in the distance. His eyes were indifferent, without a trace of emotion, as if he was looking at useless people, he said indifferently, “I’m not doing this for Lu Chen. That kid doesn’t need my help.

“can’t stand these thieves. Since they’ve come to our Dragon Country’s territory, we might as well make them stay here forever.”

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The old voice below the ground was silent for a long time, only then did he open his mouth to retort, “Master, there are only a few of us here. Don’t pretend anymore. I think you’re just thinking about those old guys who bullied your little disciple back then. So you want to take the opportunity to strike

back and take revenge.”

Although this expert, whose entire body was glowing with golden light, had been teased by that existence underground, none of the gold stage experts kneeling on the ground dared to laugh. In fact, their bodies were even faintly trembling.

The expert, who was glowing with golden light, let out a long sigh. “It’s fine that you think that way. Why do you have to expose me?”

Following this, he extended his finger and pointed in the air. The surface of the ground actually emitted a muffled rumbling sound, and a small, deep, invisible hole appeared on the ground.

That sound startled the fauna within a few hundred meters, and they fled frantically. The gold stage experts lowered their heads even more, not daring to look up.

Some of them even wanted to bury their heads edep underground.

In the vast expanse, there was actually a sound that sounded like a copper bell being struck by a finger.

As for the owner of the old voice underground, it was as if he had received a huge slap. He hurriedly coughed a few times and begged for mercy, “Master, please be gentle.”

The person who was emitting golden light glanced at a corner of the ground. “Next time, if you’re afraid, don’t you dare say such things ever again. Do you remember?”

The voice below the ground was obviously much softer. “Yes, master.”

Everyone in the Western Castle felt that they were in a difficult situation.

Back then, they were so excited that they came here alone without Xiao Bai’s knowledge to seize Lu Chen’s White Fog City and take the title of White Fog City’s city lord.

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They had even thought of how to distribute the spoils of war and how to weaken Xiao Bai’s strength later on, forcing him to abdicate.

However, when they make it there, they will realize sooner or later that Lu Chen is really too powerful. His strength was far beyond their imagination.

Even though they had long been prepared to invite James over, even James felt a little numb at this moment. This kid could not be measured by the combat strength of an ordinary person.

At this moment, they felt that they were a joke.

The Lord of the Wester Castle, Alex, first coughed and then said, “Mr. James, if you have the confidence, take down Lu Chen next.”

Although James did not say a word on the surface, he had already cursed in his heart.
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