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Chapter 163: Gold Boss, Seven-colored Peacock!

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At this moment, no one was willing to admit that they were weak. It was impossible for them to admit that they could not beat Lu Chen as well. If they said that, it would mean that they would be destroying their own prestige.

Although everyone understood in their hearts that Lu Chen’s combat strength was much stronger than theirs, one Lu Chen was able to sweep away all of them.

Originally, they had already thought that they overvalued Lu Chen. However, at this moment, they finally understood that they had underestimated him.

However, they have already gone too far to come back. If anyone took the initiative to say that they could not defeat Lu Chen, then they would really become a laughing stock when they went back.

Did they really come all the way here just to get laughed at when they went back?

The reason why the Lord of the Western Castle asked James was to force James to admit that he could not defeat Lu Chen. Then, everyone would feel embarrassed to return to the Western Castle. After all, even the aurous stage James had admitted defeat, that meant that they should return, right?

However, James’s next words were not as expected by the Western Castle, he slowly opened his mouth and said, “When we came here, we already agreed that I would be in charge of fighting Little Golden Dragon, and you guys would be in charge of taking down Lu Chen. After observing the fiasco, I feel

that I should have no problem dealing with Little Golden Dragon.”

Hearing this, the people of the Western Castle were all stupefied. This was indeed what they and James had arranged back then.

They thought that Lu Chen had relied on the title of White Fog City’s City Lord to get rid of Little Golden Dragon. They thought that Little Golden Dragon was the weakest link. Who would have thought that Lu Chen would be a serious menace to them before they got through his pets?

If Castle Lord Alex was to make the decision now, he would rather deal with Little Golden Dragon by himself than face Lu Chen!

James snickered in his heart. He knew that they did not have a high cultivation point, yet they dared to play tricks on him. There was no way he was going to admit defeat!

This time, it was the Western Castle’s member’s turn to be stunned. They never expected James to respond in such a way! The scene turned cold and the atmosphere became a little awkward.

Aloud and clear cry appeared from afar. Then, in everyone’s eyes, a colorful peacock the size of an armored vehicle flew towards them at an extremely fast speed.

Although the d peacock was only running, it would occasionally flap its wings and glide over a hundred meters forward.

Along the way, countless gold dust-like things fell from the peacock’s body. The dust was so small that it could not be seen with the naked eye. Moreover, it quickly spread in all directions in the air.

When this happened, they were all a little stunned. This peacock was not coming for them. Instead, it was thousands of meters away from them and began to draw circles around them.

For a moment, they did not understand what this peacock was doing. However, they were still shocked to find out that this peacock was actually a gold boss.

They were not st*pid enough to think that this peacock was here to perform for them!

Now, all of them were a little dumbfounded. It was as simple as watching Lu Chen fight a silver boss. However, five silver bosses and one gold boss had completely different combat powers.

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If this gold peacock ran toward them and really wanted to pick a fight, then the people in the Western Castle would only be able to cower in fear. They definitely would not be able to face it head-on. The only thing that would be effective… was James.

Although this peacock had been drawing circles around them and had not attacked them, James still sensed a hint of danger.

“We’re not going to fight him head-on. Our goal is to get rid of Lu Chen. We don’t want any complications.”

After James finished speaking, the Lord of the Western Castle, Alex, hurriedly nodded and replied, “That’s right. Well retreat right away. If we fight him, it’ll lower our combat power. It’s not in our interests to do so.”

James had already started this process and told everyone to retreat. Everyone had to go down this step. Everyone hurriedly agreed. After all, they could not defeat Lu Chen in the first place. If they were to fight with a gold boss now, they would just be asking to be defeated.

It was a good time to admit defeat and quickly leave.

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As for whether they would still fight with Lu Chen in the future, that would be a matter for the future.

They could ask the higher-level experts from the Holy Seer to help them. When that time came, they would not have to worry about not being able to kill Lu Chen.

No matter how powerful Lu Chen was, he was only equivalent to a golden stage expert. In reality, he was only a spiritual stage expert who could kill enemies of a higher level. How could he possibly be a match for a soul stage expert?

At that time, the people of the Western Castle might have to pay a higher price. The Western Castle would probably have to pay a huge price, in fact. Thinking of this, Alex could not help but feel a pang of pain in his heart.

They did not dare to waste any more time. With a quick thought, they prepared to log off from the Second World and return to the main world.

However, the peacock did not let them off easily.

The peacock, who had been drawing circles a thousand meters away, suddenly accelerated and dived forward. It aimed straight at the people from the Western Castle in the center and dived several hundred meters in an instant. However, the people of the Western Castle were a little relieved. After all, the

distance was still quite far. By the time it reached here, they would have already left the Second World.

However, the next thing that shocked them happened.

‘The peacock, which was seven or eight hundred meters away from them, suddenly disappeared. In the next moment, it appeared in front of everyone. At the same time, it opened its sharp beak and did not make any extra movements!

At this moment, the peacock’s body had also increased by more than ten times!

It was as if a mountain was pressing down on the sky, making everyone unable to breathe.

In an instant, it began its reign of attacks!

No one saw how peacock appeared. However, when they saw that the peacock’s beak was like a sharp sword falling from the sky, they could feel an incomparable danger from its beak.

Even if they were lightly bitten by it, their entire body would definitely be pierced through.

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The people from the Western Castle hurriedly dodged the attacks, ignoring everyone else and scurrying in all directions.

James, who was originally very far away from the others, was not targeted by this magnified peacock, so he managed to run unscathed.

However, just as he was about to return to the main world, he was knocked away by two or three other people.

James was preparing to return to the city, but he was interrupted by this collision, and he was left in the Second World.

His eyes widened, anger coursed through his veins as he cursed, “What the f*ck are you doing? Why are you interrupting my departure? If we don’t leave now, we’ll be killed by that beast!”
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