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Chapter 164: The Peacock is Showing Off!

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Hearing James’s scolding, everyone could no longer care about the other party’s identity in the face of danger. They turned their hands and started scolding, “Are you an id*ot? The other party has already attacked us. If none of us leave, everyone will end up dead!

“Who still has the time to care about whether you return to the city or not?!”

James had never been bullied on the way here. Seeing that this person actually dared to talk back to him, he was instantly furious.

Alex quickly came over to mediate the situation and explained, “James, please calm down. Now is not the time for internal strife.

“Quickly finish off this peacock. We can discuss about the rewards later!”

However, James’s face was full of confusion. He shook his head left and right and looked around, but he did not see the peacock at all.

He was furious. He pointed to the distance and cursed, “Did you guys drink too much fake wine and lose your minds?

“The peacock is still too far away? About four to five hundred meters away from us. What are you guys losing your minds for?!”

‘The people from the Western Castle hurriedly looked in the direction James pointed to.

Sure enough, the peacock was still some distance away from them and continued to run toward them.

Everyone was a little dumbfounded.

If the peacock was still far away, then where did the enormous peacock that was just beside them and prepared to kill them come from?

However, they did not have time to think about this and immediately prepared to return to the main world.

However, the same scene played out once again.

They had just begun the operation to return to the main world when another enormous peacock appeared in front of them. That peacock was dozens of meters tall and had already reached the height of the Ancient Ash Wolf King.

James may have not realized the first peacock, but this time, it appeared right in front of him.

The sharp beak of the bird was more than ten meters long. It was like the deathly scythe that hung high above everyone’s heads. It swung down abruptly, ready to take everyone’s lives!

Seeing the huge beak aimed at him, James felt that his head was about to explode!

He quickly took out the cross and aimed it at the peacock that was dozens of meters tall.

Inan instant, the cross emitted an extremely dazzling light. It shot towards the peacock in the sky from the cross necklace that was less than 10 centimeters tall.

During the launching process, the cross continued to grow. In less than a breath’s time, it turned into a cross that was dozens of meters tall, directly blowing the peacock that was hundreds of meters tall into pieces. The peacock turned into a sky full of starlight and disappeared into the air.

Seeing the scene in front of him, James stayed true to his words and took care of the peacock, but he did not feel at ease at all.

He felt that something was wrong, and that sense of danger was becoming more and more obvious. It was impossible for a gold boss to be defeated so easily, especially when he had just launched an ordinary attack… how could he have destroyed his opponent this easily?

There was not even a tinge of red in the sky. What was going on?

This was the Second World. Even if the monster was injured, there would still be a tinge of red.

In the next moment, a crazy sense of danger flashed like a red warning light, constantly reminding him that life and death danger was coming!

Relying on his many years of combat experience, he subconsciously jumped dozens of meters away and rolled around on the ground in a sorry state.

‘What happened next stunned everyone. On the spot, the leader of the Western Castle had a two-meter-long beak pierced through his body, from his chest to his back.

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The owner of the beak was the peacock that was standing behind James.


James felt a chill run down his spine. If he had not dodged the attack quickly, he would have been the one to receive the attack!

Just the sight of the beak piercing through his body was enough to make one’s scalp tingle!

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At the same time, everyone heard a cracking sound.

Everyone in the Western Castle felt their hearts ache because they knew that it was the sound of a miniature shield shattering.

They had spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy that shield. It was a piece of real silver equipment. Although the Western Castle was not short of money, no matter how big their business was, they could not help but ache for this loss!

This piece of equipment was not a one-time use item!

It was somewhat similar to Lu Chen’s Shield God. Each time, it could resist 90% of the opponent’s attack power.

This also meant that the peacock’s combat power was off the charts. It was close to level 600,000 points.

Who could withstand such combat power?!

Even Little Golden Dragon back then only had an attack power of less than 300,000. This peacock’s attack power was already twice that of Little Golden Dragon’s.

One had to know that a player’s HP was only in the tens of thousands. For people like the people in the Western Castle, their HP was at most 70,000 to 80,000 points. The elder who had just been pecked had only around 70,000 HP, the remaining HP was probably not enough for this peacock to kill him.

Even a golden stage expert like James only had around 100,000 HP, let alone spiritual stage experts like them. How could he possibly defeat the peacock knowing this?

Humans were originally beings with high damage, high agility, and low HP.

Originally, that would be enough to kill a simple boss. Who would have thought that they would directly come into contact with the hidden ultimate boss!

Were they going to die here?

Just because Lu Chen was able to kill a gold boss and was uninjured did not mean that it was easy to kill a gold boss.

However, that was not the case. After all, there was only one monster like Lu Chen among the billions of people in this world.

Seeing that the Western Castle’s elder, who had his heart pierced through, was now only left with a bloody skin, although the others did not understand what was going on, they instinctively tried to save him.


‘The reaction speed of the peacock was much faster than everyone here. The peacock suddenly pulled back its bird beak, which was nearly one meter long, and poked the elder again. Then, the peacock poked the belly of the elder of the Western Castle, making the beak protrude out of his waist.

‘The others were so scared that they stopped in their tracks. They put their hands on the back of their waist and felt a pain in their kidneys.

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They understood that they would not be able to defeat this peacock at all!

‘They now dared not to act rashly. After all, if they rushed forward, not only would they not be able to save the other party, but their waists might even be pecked away by this peacock as well.

Everyone stopped in their tracks. They had come to the Second World to kill the White Fog City’s City Lord. They were not here to get their waist pecked!


Not to mention the people in the Western Castle, even the elder who had been pecked to death by the peacock was stunned for a moment. Before he could even cry out, two streaks of red numbers appeared!
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