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Chapter 166: Endless Dust!

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The Seven-colored Peacock’s ability to create illusions was too powerful!

James looked around, trying to find a way to break out of this situation.

He looked around and found that the space within a few thousand kilometers was filled with dust that was faintly flashing with golden light.

If one did not look carefully, one would not have noticed this!

James immediately understood that this dust was what the Seven-colored Peacock had scattered earlier.

The reason why it didn’t attack him and the others was because it was setting up this dust so that he would not be able to escape and return to the main world.

This was probably what the other party needed to create an environment favored to them!

However, James was still very shocked. Although it was normal for a gold boss to have such high battle awareness, this gold dust actually had a certain amount of spatial power that could prevent others from returning to the main world… or could it be that the peacock’s illusion had reached the stage

where it could be mistaken for the real thing?

Regardless of the reason, the strength of this peacock had already exceeded everyone’s imagination!

The Seven-colored Peacock watched as everyone continuously tried to return to the main world, but there was no way to return.

When the Seven-colored Peacock saw this scene, the ridicule on its face was not concealed at all.

The people in the Western Castle gradually fell into despair and lost their composure.

Among these people, only James and Alex remained calm.

However, they had no choice but to force themselves to calm down. However, the others were in complete chaos.

‘There were even a few people who desperately attacked the Seven-colored Peacock. However, what shocked them, even more, was that the peacock just stood there and let the others attack. However, the peacock did not even look fazed at the sight of being attacked.

Could it be that this peacock was so powerful that it could ignore everyone’s attacks?!

One had to know that the players here were all above level 30. How could they not even be able to break through the Rainbow Peacock’s defense?

If that was the case, a place like the Mass Grave was really a place that players could not survive in. Could this be the Second World’s bug-like existence, the tomb of newbies?

Seeing this scene, the people of the Western Castle were even more devastated!

It could even be said that they were in despair!

It was such an unbelievable and illogical scene that appeared in front of everyone.

The peacock was even using its mouth to draw and comb its feathers. The tail behind it, which was several meters tall, kept shrinking and opening up.

Under the sunlight, its tall and beautiful tail was emitting a dazzling light. It was faintly discernible, and it seemed to be both real and illusory. It was a little mesmerizing.

However, it was just an illusion!

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Under the influence of the illusion, they were not even close to touching the Seven-colored Peacock. That was why the other party was not injured at all!

It was impossible for them to fight their opponent if they could not reach them!

James felt that something was wrong and immediately shouted at everyone, “Everyone, listen to my command and run out in all directions!

“I just want to see how big this barrier can be!

“As long as we escape from the Seven-colored Peacock’s illusion range, we will definitely be able to get out!

“When that time comes, I don’t think it’ll be invisible to our attacks!”

At this time, Alex also discovered this strange situation as well. In the air, there was a faint golden powder that was like fine dust that filled the domain.

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He immediately recalled the previous unreasonable behavior of the peacock that kept circling around them.

Thinking of this, Alex also hurriedly shouted at the others, “Listen to James. Everyone, choose a direction and quickly rush out. Don’t turn back. Once we escape this place, we will meet again!”

Hearing James and Alex’s words, everyone became slightly clear-headed. Without needing a second reminder, they directly chose the direction in front of them. Without turning back, they rushed out.

No one was sure if they would be the next to die if they continued to stay here.

Before he could leave, something happened. Another elder from the Western Castle was pecked to death by the Seven-colored Peacock.

The peacock even deliberately used its sharp claws to ruthlessly scratch his body a few times, directly killing him. One had to know that this elder did not have any defensive equipment on him, so he could not take a punch from it at all.

Out of everyone’s expectations, this battle seemed pretty tricky for James.

When they decided to run, James immediately chose a direction with his back facing the Seven-colored Peacock and ran. With his speed, he could definitely catch up to Lu Chen’s with his fast walking shoes.

James kept calculating in his heart. The range that the peacock had drawn should only be a kilometer long.

It would probably only take a dozen seconds, at most a few dozen seconds, to pass through. Even if the golden powder scattered by the peacock could spread in all directions, five minutes would be enough for it to clear.

At that time, perhaps he was hoping that the strange ability of the peacock would disappear. At the very least, it would not cause him and the others to be so passive, and he would be able to return to the main world.

‘When he retums to the main world, he would think of a way to deal with this Seven-colored Peacock in the future. Even if he invited his own elder to come over and take him as his pet, he believed that there would be many people who would be willing to take it in. After all, the peacock’s level was so

high… it was indeed rare to see a pet with such strong combat strength.

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Although this Seven-colored Peacock was in a post-death state, as a gold boss, the physical body had completely recovered. Although it was still different from when the peacock was alive… at the very least, it looked no different from a living peacock.

Thinking of this, James once again increased his speed and ran towards the edge. After running for a full four minutes, he began to sweat. The priest-like robe he was wearing was soaked, and there were droplets of water staining the ground.

However, he had no time to pay attention to his image. In front of such a terrifying monster, he had to run away as soon as possible to survive. Otherwise, once his strength was reduced to level one… He would have no such status in the clan anymore.

Ina large clan, strength was the king.

He knew that the Second World would one day fuse with the main world.

At that time, if his strength was weakened, he might completely lose the right to have a say within the clan. Finally, after running madly for a few dozen seconds, he could finally see something clearly in front of him.

The hazy and somewhat illusory world disappeared, and a figure was running toward him!

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