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Chapter 167: What Kind of Place Is This?!

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Seeing that there was actually someone running towards him would be a lie to say that he was not panicking.

It was this kind of chaotic beast that made the Dragon Country’s warriors turn around and return to the main world. Besides the members in the Western Castle, who else would get themselves in such a situation?

Moreover, he was in the middle of everything, so who else could it be that was running towards him?

This was the Second World of the Dragon Country. If anyone else came toward him, they would most likely be his enemies. For a moment, James regretted agreeing to come here with those people from the Westem Castle.

At that time, he had agreed to come here just so that he could get White Fog City. If possible, he would even take over the Giant Lizard City.

At that time, he had fantasized that he would be the first person in human history to become the City Lord of two cities.

Now, his whole perception has changed. Not only was Lu Chen terrifying, but the Mass Grave was also a place where he could not escape unscathed.

He was prepared. The cross and holy water in his hands were already prepared. No matter who the person in front of him was, he had to teach them a lesson.

It would be best if he could reduce the opponent’s HP by more than half with a single strike. That way, he would not be easily killed.

However, five seconds later, he realized that not only was the opponent charging at him, there were also people running towards him from other directions. They seemed to be closing in on him as if they planned to ruthlessly end his life here.

However, when he really the opponent’s appearance, he was instantly stunned. This was because the opponent looked exactly the same as him. Not only did they look the same, but the equipment in their hands was just the same, even their clothes and all the stains on their clothes were a mirrored

version of him.

Not only did the other party look no different from him, but even the people in all directions also looked the same. In total, there seemed to be four of them, including himself.

This time, James’s heart turned cold.

He felt a little creeped out. What kind of place was this?

Right now, James was hesitating about what he should do, the person next to him, who looked exactly like him, suddenly attacked!

He took out a knife and directly slashed at the other three people. He swept with great force, obviously including everyone in his line of attack!

At the same time, the fake James on his right attacked as well. He took out a sword from under his clothes and directly stabbed him!

Without a break, the person in front of him took out a silver dagger and slashed at his neck too!

At this time, James could no longer sit still and wait for death.

James instantly jumped and moved back by 10 meters. He took out the small cross in his hand and directly smashed it at the three people in front of him.

The skill he used was similar to the one he used on the Seven-colored Peacock. The cross suddenly became bigger and was 10 meters tall. It directly covered the three people under it.

With a boom, two lumps of flesh exploded, turning into a bloody mist.

Immediately after, there was a shattering sound. A doll appeared on the ground, and the third person who had been hit instantly disappeared.

James recognized this thing!

It was a Substitute Doll!

This was also an item in the Second World game, and this item was of a gold tier.

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This golden Substitute Doll’s skill was that when its master was hit by a fatal attack, the Substitute Doll could block one attack and let the master live.

At the same time, the Substitute Doll was a one-time use item that ignored the enemy’s attack power.

This Substitute Doll’s ability was too powerful. No matter how powerful the opponent was, the wielder would have a chance to save their own lives.

If not for the fact that it could only be used once, it would definitely not only be a gold piece of equipment.

James was a little stunned. He knew that this was a trap!

That was because the only gold Substitute Doll in the world was in the hands of Alex in the Western Castle, the identity of the person who was killed by him was self-evident!

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It was the Castle Lord of the Western Castle.

Everything is turning freakier and freakier!

‘At the same time, the other two bodies that were smashed into a bloody mess started to change. Their messed and mushed-up bodies slowly merged together to become a human-shaped body again.

On that bloody face, one could vaguely recognize that it was the other two elders of the Western Castle!

What was going on?

‘There were three people who looked exactly like him on the opposite side just now, but after they died, they became the higher-ups of the Western Castle.

Doubt, fear, and confusion all etched into James’s heart. All kinds of complicated emotions flashed across James’s face. At this moment, he felt like he was turning slightly crazy.

The Seven-colored Peacock had not even revealed its true form… Yet let had already used two elders and let the Lord of the Western Castle as a Substitute Doll.

Moreover, all of them had clearly fled in different directions. Why would they come back and gather here in the end?

No matter the reason, he did not have the luxury to overlook this matter.

In the distance, he could faintly see an extremely huge war-chariot-like bird. It was the Seven-colored Peacock!

As for the Seven-colored Peacock, other than the first two attacks, it did not attack any further. It had decided to leave James alone.

At this moment, James was extremely terrified. He could not imagine what kind of fear he would experience if he continued to face the Seven-colored Peacock.

This gold boss was very likely to become a recurring nightmare that he would never be able to face.

At the thought of this, he did not dare to hesitate any longer. He knew very well that he did not possess the three-second luxury to return to the city. That would be impossible considering what the peacock has done when he tried that!

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He directly took out a scroll from his pocket. It was the ultra-long-distance teleportation scroll. If the other people in the Western Castle were still here, they would definitely be shocked by this item. Back then, they were able to come to the Second World of the Dragon Country because of this thing, but

all the teleportation scrolls had been used up.

Right now, James, who had taken out another one at the critical moment, was wary of his surroundings. After all, he had come to the territory of the Dragon Country, a foreign country. He did not know what he would face should he use it. What he was most afraid of was that the Dragon Country would

not be able to kill him in advance and end up luring him into a trap. At that time, he would have no choice but to concede.

He had thought that the worst situation he would encounter when he came to the Second World of the Dragon Country was that the great elder of the Dragon Country would take out a top-notch killing intent and kill him here.

In order to prevent such a situation from ever happening, he had secretly prepared an extra ultra-long-distance teleportation scroll. However, he never expected himself to be forced into a situation where this item was desperately required..

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