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Chapter 168: The Person Behind James, the Cardinal!

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In this silver territory, silver bosses were everywhere!

Even gold existences were powerful!

James even suspected that it was impossible for there to be only one gold monster here.

‘What the h*ll was this place? Why was this place called the six great silver territories around White Fog City?!

How could there be a silver territory like this?!

However, James had no time to think about these questions at this moment, because when he took out the ultra-long-distance teleportation scroll… The Seven-colored Peacock noticed his strange behavior and immediately cried out loudly.

This cry made James feel a little dizzy, and his eyes began to glaze over. The movements of his hands stopped after the cry.

At this time, the pure white jade plate on James’s neck suddenly emitted an intense light, and there was even someone singing a holy song, instantly waking James up from his confusion.

James’s body suddenly trembled, and he instantly regained consciousness. At this time, the Seven-colored Peacock in the distance also noticed that James was awake, and directly rushed toward James. The distance between the two sides was less than 100 meters.

Within a second, the peacock would be able to kill him here.

James did not think that he could withstand the attack of the Seven-colored Peacock.

He quickly tore the scroll, hoping for a quick escape. However, the Seven-colored Peacock did not stop in its tracks. It kept pouncing towards him, and its claws almost managed to grab onto his sleeve.

Fortunately, at the same time, James’s body suddenly disappeared in the air. The scroll in his hand also turned into stars, carrying James’s body and floating into the distance.

Only the Seven-colored Peacock was left, its face full of frustration. It continuously wailed and flapped its wings on the spot, as if it was expressing its anger.

In the next moment, James’s body reappeared in the Western Castle. The sweat on his forehead fell like raindrops, instantly soaking the game pod under him.

His face was even paler. In his game pod, facing the enclosed and narrow space in all directions, James’s anxiety caused him to suddenly punch out, directly knocking the game pod cover off the machine, then he heavily panted as he to the side.

James panted heavily as if he had just experienced a nightmare. His body felt like jelly, and the game pod was broken. The wires were still emitting electrical sounds. Obviously, the game pod had been destroyed by his huge impact.

However, James was not in the mood to care about this. His heart was filled with the joy of surviving a disaster.

Unfortunately, James could still hear the echo of his people screaming and wailing for help. Not only that, the other people in the game pods were making whimpering sounds as if they were in a terrible nightmare. These people were the western elders. It was as if they had seen Hell on Earth. In his mind,

some of them had been smashed into a bloody mist and some of them had been mercilessly pierced through their bodies. Although they only died in the game, it felt so real to them.

At the same time, he could not firmly confirm that the Second World was slowly merging with the real world.

Ina few days, the main world and the Second World might really merge. At that time, there would be no talk of resurrection.

Out of the five game pods next to James, only one of them did not make a sound. It did not make a tragic scream, only a sigh.

The person in the game pod slowly pushed open the door and sat up. He frowned and looked at the other game pods that were filled with whimpers.

Then, he motioned to his followers. “Wake these people up. What the heck are you just standing there for?!”

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The servants did not dare to be negligent. They immediately went forward and opened the game pod doors of the other four people.

A few people instantly sat up as if they had springs on their bodies. Then, they panted heavily, their faces were red, and their hair was a mess.

It was as if they had just witnessed something indescribable in the game pod.

It took five minutes for these people to gradually calm down.

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The reason why they had such a reaction was that they were different from ordinary players. Ordinary players played video games all year round, so they were not fazed when they died and resurrected in games.

It was normal for them, but for these experts who had experienced life-and-death battles all year round, it felt completely different. This kind of state of being in a life-or-death situation made them feel suffocated.

The Lord of the Western Castle did not pay attention to them. Instead, he turned to look at James with a hint of doubt in his eyes. “James, what did you see before you left?”

James’s eyes turned several times before he finally decided to answer honestly. “I saw three people who looked exactly like me.”

Alex was not as angry as James imagined after hearing this. He only nodded slowly. “Then it seems that the situation we encountered was the same. I saw four of me.”

Two of the other four elders of the Western Castle did not understand what James and the other party were talking about. After all, when James killed the other three of them, they had already been pecked to death by the Seven-colored Peacock.

The other two elders who were killed by James with the cross were still in fear of the peacock.

However, it could be imagined that when they found out that the person who had killed them was James, they would be extremely bamboozled.

They could not blame James at all. After all, the three of them had attacked first.

Everyone in the Second World had encountered the same situation. They had all seen four of themselves appear in the Second World.

This scene made many people lose their rationality, which was why they had attacked first.

Under such circumstances, James had to make a move.

The entire room was silent for a moment. In the end, it was Alex who spoke first. “James, if it’s possible, please return to your father and have a good meal with him.

“The situation in the Mass Grave is far too complicated for us. It’s far from what you and I can handle.”

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James nodded slightly, indicating that he agreed with the other party. However, he did not immediately agree to his request. Instead, he asked, “If my father is here, I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible.”

Alex naturally understood this reason. This was because James’s strength was already very powerful, far above his own. Moreover, James’s father was an existence with extraordinary strength.

Even as the Holy Seer of the west, his position was very aloof. The Holy Seer of the west was somewhat similar to the ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Dragon Country.

The ancient martial arts aristocratic families did not care about worldly affairs and focused on cultivation.. However, the Holy Seer controlled everything in their country in an all-rounded way!

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