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Chapter 169: The Deal!

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Alex thought for a long time and seemed to have made up his mind, finally, he opened his mouth and said, “If your father can come over, not only will I give White Fog City to you, but I will also give all of Lu Chen and Xiao Bai’s assets to you!

“Your father would only have to leave the Giant Lizard City to our Western Castle.

“As for the Mass Grave in the Second World, your father can harvest them at will. If there is anything we need later, we will do it ourselves.

“Naturally, we also hope that if some of them can be sold to us, we can also exchange them for something of equal value with you.”

James nodded slightly. Obviously, he approved of what the other party suggested.

Although the people in the Western Castle had always called James the Cardinal, his true identity was only that of a Deacon.

It was only because of his father’s existence that everyone respected James. Otherwise, although James was in the aurous stage, the Western Castle, which had a deep foundation of power… would probably brush him aside.

After all, fighting in a war did not necessarily require a one-on-one fight.

James’s father was the true Cardinal. Among the red-robed main characters in the current world, his father’s strength could at least be ranked in the top ten.

It was purely because of the existence of such a powerful father that everyone was sure that his son would also become a Cardinal in the future.

After all, the west’s trust in bloodlines was far greater than the east’s. The east believed that kings and generals chose power over bloodlines. As long as you had the ability, no matter what your background was, you could eventually become a king and general.

In the west, it was all about what family you were born into. If you had the bloodline of a knight, then you were born a noble. If you were the descendant of a slave, then you would be a slave for the rest of your life and would never be able to turn over a new leaf.

Hearing Alex’s promise to him, James nodded slightly. He knew that Alex had already given him a huge concession.

If it were not for the fact that Xiao Bai had the Giant Lizard City, he would have died a long time ago.

Moreover, James’s father accepting this mission would probably benefit everyone. Any random existence in the Mass Grave would be a gold boss and not just any ordinary gold boss…

If they really went into the Mass Grave, there would be far greater bosses inside that were full of bountiful items. James was sure that his father would be tempted in the loot.

Even if there were only a few existences that were similar to the Seven-colored Peacock, it would still be an extremely glorious thing for his father to take them in as his spiritual pets.

Although his father was far above the soul stage, he could not do everything himself. If he could even have one of those gold bosses as his spiritual pet… That would be astounding!

His father would not even need to pick fights anymore, just one look at his pet would make people cower in fear.

‘When that time came, his father’s influence as the Holy Seer would definitely be greater.

Thinking of this, James immediately agreed. “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely pass this matter on to my father. When the time comes, he should come and help.

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“However, how are you going to deal with Xiao Bai Now? I suggest that we let him do his own thing first. Don’t tell him anything that happened today.”

Alex took a deep breath. His deep eyes revealed a hint of viciousness, “Xiao Bai tricked me. I can’t just take this loss. Didn’t he want to summon the Giant Lizard City to fight with Lu Chen?

“We should let him go. Both of them will be badly hurt from the fight, and then we can reap the benefits.”

James heard Alex’s words and did not know what to say. He opened his mouth a few times to speak, but in the end, he swallowed his words, leaving only a gaze of a fool.

Alex tured around and noticed James’s expression and instantly understood what James meant. James’s eyes were clearly asking him if Xiao Bai could defeat Lu Chen.

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Alex was a little embarrassed by what he said… so he quickly defended his thoughts, “I know that Lu Chen’s strength is extraordinary, but the Giant Lizard City that Xiao Bai obtained is stronger than Lu Chen’s White Fog City. Moreover, Lu Chen is currently in a weakened state.

“Tm sure that Xiao Bai has a chance of winning.”

James slowly retracted his gaze. Although he still did not say anything out loud, he still muttered in his heart.

‘No matter how fast your HP recovers, Lu Chen can cut off your HP in one move. How are you going to recover from such an attack?

‘Xiao Bai might even be killed before he could take out his city.’

If it was just between Lu Chen and Xiao Bai, it would be fine.

To him, it did not matter who won. However, the problem was that if Lu Chen won and his country was strengthened again, who knew what other tricks Lu Chen would play against them.

This genius had gone from an ordinary high school student to the strongest existence in the Second World in just a few months.

If Lu Chen developed further at this time, his father’s men might not be able to defeat Lu Chen at all!

James understood that although Lu Chen’s resources were very powerful, it was far from enough to have his father to personally come and finish him off. After all, as a top-notch Cardinal, he was very busy.

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Moreover, many of his father’s men had already entered the ruins to explore. James was worried that his father might not be too interested in the White Fog City and the Giant Lizard City.

However, on second thought, James did not want to bother trying to persuade that old man. If Lu Chen really killed Xiao Bai, then he would directly find someone else to deal with Lu Chen, and all the benefits would be enjoyed by himself.

James had already made up his mind to ask his father to send a powerful expert over. If it was just an ordinary Deacon, they would probably have to put up a good fight Lu Chen. It would be very difficult for him to obtain an opponent that could suppress Lu Chen easily.

Moreover, this id*ot from the Western Castle was still trying to get Xiao Bai to go against Lu Chen. Once Lu Chen’s power became stronger, who knew what kind of ridiculous skills he would use.

Thinking of this, James immediately stood up and left as soon as possible.

Although he did not get the majority of the benefits this time, he had fought for so long in the Mass Grave and killed many monsters. His level had increased so it was not a loss for him just yet..

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