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Chapter 17

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Everyone’s eyes were burning! If not for the fact that they were all big shots, they would have expressed themselves differently.

Everyone was trying to hold themselves back in order not to start a fight.

Even Gu Yiming and Xu Ziyuan did not expect him to do that!

How could the teleportation scroll be given away that easily?

At this moment, everyone regretted that they did not prepare a gift that could move Lu Chen.

Lu Chen looked at Hei Yu, and he could feel this guy’s sincerity. In fact, the teleportation scroll did not mean that much to him.

The first to enter White Fog City?

Getting the resources of the higher-ups?

A 100 million reward?

Did this mean anything to him?

That would only place him in the limelight of the storm!

Today’s even had made Lu Chen realize something. Sometimes, it was not a good thing to be too dazzling. He did not believe that there would be no price for the higher-ups to provide benefits to the first player that enters the White Fog City.

There would definitely be many restrictions, and the more he thought about that possibility, the more he did not like it.

Therefore, he might as well give the first scroll to someone else.

In exchange, he would get this dagger that was equally as rare!

Lu Chen waved his hand and said to Hei Yu, “You don’t have to say anything else anymore. If I give it to you, it means that you can keep it.

“How you want to deal with it is up to you.

“I’m only exchanging it for this dagger that you’ve given me.”

Deep in the forest, Liu Yuan was so angry that she cried out.

“This b*stard, does he know what he’s giving away!

“Liu, let go of me!

“I must go out and smash his tiny head!”

Behind Liu Yuan, an older woman hugged her tightly and said with a helpless and bitter smile, “Calm down. Hei Yu has a clean record. He can more or less guess the value of this thing.”

She did not expect Lu Chen to be so reckless. How could such a thing be given away casually?

This could change the game structure of the early stages of Dragon Country!

She looked at Hei Yu with worry in her eyes. This guy was a top-notch assassin trained by the organization. Due to some internal conflicts, he fell out with the higher-ups.

Now, Lu Chen had given him an extremely good opportunity. If he were to seize it, he might really get into big trouble!

Meanwhile, Hei Yu’s breathing had quickened. This teleportation scroll had an extraordinary significance. With it, he would have the opportunity to do something big!

This was the opportunity he had been waiting for for decades!

Initially, he only befriended Lu Chen so that when the time came, he would seek Lu Chen’s help. However, now there was a brand new choice!

The question standing would be if he was going to seize the opportunity that has befallen him.

Lu Chen looked at the silent crowd with some displeasure. He then threw the scroll directly into Hei Yu’s hand.

“You people are just dawdling. I’ll give you the scroll.

“You and I are even. I don’t owe you any favors.


After saying that, he walked straight into the depths of Wolf Valley.

Only the petrified people were left behind.


Such a valuable thing was given away just like that?

Also, this guy was still walking into the depths of the Wolf Valley?

Could it be that he was going to challenge the silver-level Wolf King Boss?

Was this guy crazy?

Bronze bosses and silver bosses were completely different levels!

Was this guy seeking for a death bed?

Lu Chen ignored the gazes of others and resolutely stepped into the depths of the Wolf Valley.

In the Wolf Valley, all the people left exchanged a look of suspicion towards each other.

Then, they began to quickly disperse.

Hei Yu held the scroll in his hand, not knowing what to do. After a long time, almost all the people around him left.

Only a few people came out from the depths of the forest.

“Hei Yu, long time no see.”

There was a thin and weak man, but his eyes were sharp and his eyes were even twinkling.

Hei Yu raised his head and looked at the man. “Hey, why are you here?”

Then, Liu Yuan and Liu Yu also walked out.

“I didn’t expect this scroll to be in your hands.”

Liu Yu looked at Hei Yu and shook her head.

Hei Yu was silent. He used to be the top soldier king in the organization. However, because of a certain mission, his daughter died in the west.

What he wanted to do was to take revenge.

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His personal grudges were suppressed under the consideration of the overall situation of the Dragon Country. From then on, he had left the organization. 

This scroll was very likely an opportunity for him to achieve his goal.

It was a bargaining chip, a bargaining chip that could give him a chance to kill his enemy!

Hei Yu’s voice was a little hoarse. He looked at his former teammates and said, “What are you guys doing here? You want me to give you this thing?”

Liu Yu shook her head and said, “There’s no need for that. It’s a gift for you. You can use it however you want. The higher-ups didn’t say that this thing must be used by Morning Mist.”

Liu Yuan was shocked and said, “Sister, this…”

Liu Yu raised her hand to interrupt her and said to Hei Yu, “But, old friend, think carefully about what you wish to do with it.

“You can be the first to enter White Fog City. The higher-ups might even agree to give you this opportunity to attack.

“But, can you really kill everything that stands in your path?

“I hope you will think about it carefully and not do anything stupid.”

After saying that, she turned around and left. Liu Yuan also left with Liu Yu. Only the old man, who was originally not in a proper shape, was left.

He walked over and patted Hei Yu’s shoulder with a solemn expression. 

“Don’t worry, Liu Yu has a sharp tongue but a soft heart. She just doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you.

“If the higher-ups really agree to give you a chance to make a move, I, Long Er, will be the first to go with you.”

Hei Yu was silent for a moment, then nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Long Er stood up and sighed. “Take care of yourself. It’s good to get closer to that kid, Morning Mist. The higher-ups are paying attention to this kid after all.”

Long Er quickly left after he finished speaking.

Hei Yu looked at the scroll in his hand and fell into deep thought. A moment later, countless players from the Dark Night Guild gathered in Wolf Valley.

“Hei Yu, is it true that the teleportation scroll is really in your hands?”

“Does that mean we have a chance?”

“Yes, as long as the higher-ups agree, we will be the first to follow you!”

“That’s right, kill those sons of b*tches!”

“That b*tard’s luck was off the roof in the past. He won’t be so lucky this time!”

Hei Yu was silent. Suddenly, he said sternly, “Enough!”

Everyone fell silent.

“I’ve decided. I won’t be the first to use this thing.”

Everyone was stunned. “Why?”

“Hei Yu, this is your only chance!”

“Didn’t you dream of taking revenge every since it happened?”

Hei Yu sighed and said, “I want to take revenge, but have any of you thought about it thoroughly?

“Even if the higher-ups give me this chance, how confident are we if we go to the west?

“If I take this chance, the higher-ups will get into trouble, and so will all of you.

“When the time comes, if the higher-ups really force me to go back… Will I have a choice?

“I’m from the Dragon Country. Should my country need me, I won’t sit idly by!”

The players of the Dark Night Guild all lowered their heads and remained silent.

Hei Yu held the scroll and slowly said, “Apart from that, I have another thing to consider, Morning Mist has already been noticed by the higher-ups.

“I think no one else should be the first to arrive at White Fog City.

“Give him this opportunity to be the first. I’ll go only after he arrives.

“This is a favor. Although he won’t say it out loud, he will remember it in his heart.

“I believe in my own judgment. He is a person who values friendship.

“I also believe in this kid’s potential..”
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