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Chapter 170: The Owner of the Mass Grave!

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‘The Western Castle members and the others fled in a sorry state. It was not easy for them to return to the main world.

It had to be said that they had been greatly scammed this time.

At this time, in the Second World of the Mass Grave, a Seven-colored Peacock with an incomparably terrifying aura was kneeling in front of a human, trembling. It did not even dare to raise its head, as if it was waiting for the other party’s punishment.

The person in front of it was a man who was emitting golden light. He looked at the Seven-colored Peacock and said, “Forget it, it’s not your fault that you let them go.

“It’s not easy to kill people like them who hold high positions. You can only blame me for being too merciful.

“Otherwise, those guys from the Western Castle would not have been this impudent.”

Hearing the man’s words, the Seven-colored Peacock slowly stood up, and its body barely stopped trembling.

Who would have thought that a gold prowess that was off the charts, a monster that almost killed six spirituals, and even a gold stage expert, would be so afraid of a human?

The man looked at the Seven-colored Peacock in front of him and comforted it again, “You did very well just now. Your skills have been practiced to perfection. It was not in vain for me to have taught you well.”

Hearing the man’s praise, the Seven-colored Peacock immediately chirped in response. One could feel the gratitude in its voice.

Back then, it was not even an ordinary silver boss. After hundreds of years of practice, it had finally become a gold existence.

It was a miracle that it could improve by this much, especially when it was already dead.

No one had ever seen the man in front of them fight with his full strength, and no monster dared to disrespect him or ever find out.

They only knew that when this man fell from the sky a few hundred years ago, his aura was already monstrous, and no one dared to provoke him.

Moreover, the few who were defeated by this monstrous aura knew how powerful he could be.

If it were not for the strong aura of death surrounding this place, the few of them might have come down and exterminated all the monsters here.

The man stroked the Seven-colored Peacock’s head lovingly.

“After those people from the Western Castle left, I’m afraid you still have things to do.

“Tm sure that the hundreds of people at the foot of the mountain will come again. When the time comes, you might still have to go.”

Thinking of this, the Seven-colored Peacock revealed a puzzled look, then realized that the man was talking about Lu Chen and the others.

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Thinking of the performance of those people, the Seven-colored Peacock’s expression became a little serious, but there was no fear at all.

If there were no accidents, these people were no match at all. Moreover, Lu Chen had released a powerful attack, causing all of them here to be wary of it. It was already very impressive that he could release such a powerful attack at once.

As for Little Golden Dragon, the Seven-colored Peacock did not even take him seriously. The little snake was much weaker than the peacock. The peacock was confident that it could fight at least ten of those in a go.

The only thing that made them a little worried was that although Tang Xiaoging — who had stood beside Little Green Dragon — looked to be in the aurous stage as well, they did not know why she kept exuding a sense of danger.

However, although this gold boss had already sensed Tang Xiaoging’s danger, this man’s order was unquestionable.

Since he wanted to attack those people himself, no matter how powerful they were, every single one of them had to charge forward.

Obviously, after becoming a gold boss, the peacock’s intelligence and attack power far surpassed that of a silver boss. However, the only difference was that its body size was far inferior to those silver bosses.

One had to know that those silver bosses had bodies that could cover the Sun. Their burly bodies were either as tall as a building or as tall as a mountain. The pressure they gave off was something that ordinary monsters could not compare to.

However, as a gold boss, this peacock’s body was only as tall as an armored vehicle. It was only five to six meters tall. Although it looked much larger than a human player, it could not compare to a silver boss in terms of size.

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‘When monsters reached a certain level of training, their combat power would no longer be measured by their body size.

Large meant that one was clumsy, slow, and an easy target.

Therefore, when they reached gold rank, they could no longer use their body size to judge the strength of the monsters.

The hotel where Lu Chen was in the main world emitted metallic sounds every day. That was because the warriors were training their bodies and mental state.

In order to be able to better display their strength in the Second World, they had to make themselves stronger and their physical condition better.

The training they were doing now was not a lethal method that focused on explosive force fighting, but a way to recuperate and regain their strength.

At the same time, the Dragon Country had also provided them with a large number of weapons and invited many famous doctors from various countries to help them recuperate.

With such assistance, the warrior’s bodies were improving at an extremely fast speed. The various internal injuries on their bodies did not have the time to recuperate in the past, nor did they have the opportunity to receive such treatment, however, in these few days, their bodies had greatly improved.

However, they still needed a few more days before being ready. Only after the vast majority of their internal injuries were completely dealt with would they be able to enter the Mass Grave again. This break was crucial for them to grow better as a fighter.

At this moment, Lu Chen was also prepared to take this opportunity to make a trip to the Tang family of the ancient aristocratic family.

After all, the Tang family seemed to have always been concerned about his White Fog City. Moreover, he was also the creditor of the Tang family. That Disguise Mask was still hidden by them.

Therefore, Lu Chen only rested for a day before he set off with Tang Xiaoging and the others on the road to the Tang family of the ancient aristocratic family. However, this time, he did not bring Liu Changping and Liu Yuan along, after all, he did not want the entire Dragon Team to be involved in the

enmity between him and the Tang family.

Tang Xiaoging lowered her head timidly along the way, occasionally raising her eyes to glance at Lu Chen a few times. She felt a little uneasy. In the end, she could not help but ask Lu Chen, “Will you blame our Tang family for trying to snatch your White Fog City away?”

Lu Chen smiled slightly and raised his hand to pat Tang Xiaoging’s head. “Silly, you’re overthinking things. There are a lot of people who want White Fog City, not just your family.

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“At least your Tang family sent you here to speak, unlike the Wu family who directly seized it.

“Twon’t be easily bullied, trust me on this.”

Lu Chen knew clearly in his heart that although his strength was not strong enough to face such a colossus like the Tang family head-on, his strength was probably inferior to the Wu family’s.

Did the Tang family really want to snatch White Fog City that badly?

It was probably true.
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