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Chapter 171: Ancestor of the Tang Family!

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If it had been someone else who owned White Fog City, the Tang family might have made their move long ago.

However, Lu Chen was known to have many tricks up his sleeves. Even if he really could not win, he still had a teleportation scroll in his hands. He could run to other places at any given time.

Lu Chen even knew that he might not even need a teleportation scroll. This was because the first elder had once said that even if he were to meet with big trouble, there was no need for him to be shy and ask for help. Since the first elder had offered this, it meant that he would definitely be able to solve it.

It was likely that the first elder’s ancient martial arts aristocratic family was of high status.

The third in charge chief and the first elder were both civil and military officers. Although they were both in the upper echelons of the country, their responsibilities were different.

Tang Xiaoging, Lu Chen, and their pets set off on the road to the Tang family. They drove their SUVs along the way.

After taking a full day’s time, they finally arrived at the Tang family’s residence.

The Tang family was located on a mountain. As soon as they reached the foot of the mountain, there saw a huge plaque. It spanned across the city walls on both sides.

There were two lofty words written on it — Tang family

These two words had an ancient and simple style of writing. These words were filled with a sense of power. It was as if they could break ten thousand laws with a single force.

Lu Chen even felt that the power they possessed had already passed through worldly beings.

That kind of attack did not mean that a fist was actually attacking Lu Chen. Instead, Lu Chen felt that his mind was enduring supreme pressure. That kind of attack that came from his mind made him feel extremely pressured.

This mental punch had caught him off guard.

In the face of such a powerful punch, Lu Chen did not choose to dodge. Instead, he controlled his mind power and formed a mental fist as well, clashing with the mental fist in front of him!

However, this scene did not happen in the eyes of the others. Even Little Golden Dragon did not feel anything strange, let alone Rollie.

Weiwei saw Lu Chen suddenly stop in his tracks as he closed his eyes and did not move at all. However, the robe on his body could not help but flutter backward. It was as if there was a strong gust of wind blowing in front of him. Lan Weiwei subconsciously wanted to protect him, at the same time, she

prepared to wake Lu Chen up.

However, this was stopped by Tang Xiaoging. “Don’t be nervous. It’s fine. He’s currently undergoing our Tang family’s test.”

“What test?”

Lan Weiwei was a little puzzled when she heard this because she did not see any elders appear to compete with Lu Chen.

Little golden Dragon hissed when he heard the Tang family being mentioned.

Lan Weiwei also looked at the words on the plaque, but she could not find anything wrong with it.

They just looked like majestic words.

“Does everyone who comes to the Tang family undergo this kind of test?”

‘Tang Xiaoqing’s eyes were complicated, and there was even a hint of envy in them. “It’s not like that. Most people who come to the Tang family won’t feel anything. The last person who went through this kind of test was a person from hundreds of years ago.”

Little Golden Dragon tilted his head and looked at Tang Xiaoqing, waiting for her to continue explaining.

“First of all, these two words are only targeted at people outside the Tang family.

“Moreover, anyone who can sense this test and be targeted will definitely have a future achievement that will be much stronger than our Tang family’s ancestors.”

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It had to be said that although Tang Xiaogqing was a member of the Tang family, there was indeed a hint of envy in her eyes, but it was more because she was happy that Lu Chen’s future would reach such a high level.

“The words on the plaque were written by the ancestors of our Tang family,” she explained to the others, her eyes shining with proudness.

“These words contain a great essence.

“If an enemy comes to the door, then the first thing the enemy must go through is the mental punch that comes from it.

“This will not cause a substantial blow to the person physically, but a spiritual suppression. It could even cut off their martial arts path when a person’s faith is destroyed.

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“Everything they ever fought hard for will end here should they fail.”

Lan Weiwei could not help but be a little shocked by Tang Xiaoqing’s statement.

This kind of blow was even more severe than physical damage. Physical damage could be recovered, but once a person’s path of martial arts was completely destroyed, then their lifetime achievements would go astray.

Hearing this, Lan Weiwei became a little nervous. “How will it turn out for Lu Chen now?!”

‘Tang Xiaoqing stared at Lu Chen and her heart fluttered. She smiled and said, “It’s okay. Chenchen didn’t come here to oppose the Tang family. He came here with good intentions.

“Therefore, the Tang family’s ancestors wouldn’t make things difficult for him.

“This mental fist would only help him improve.

“Not only would it help him improve his fist technique, but it would also be of great help to his comprehension of other laws.

“This fist intent will constantly test his limits and temper his will. Only then will it be able to better stimulate his potential.”

Hearing this, Lan Weiwei was completely relieved.

‘When Little Golden Dragon heard Tang Xiaoqing’s explanation, he was actually eager to give it a try, but he still could not feel the fist’s intent.

At this moment, in Lu Chen’s mind, a fist suddenly condensed from the Tang family’s plaque. Riding on the monstrous power, it whistled through the air and continued to expand. In the end, it filled Lu Chen’s entire consciousness.

At this moment, in his consciousness, Lu Chen was like an ant trying to use all his strength to resist that huge fist.

‘The power of that fist was simply too overbearing. Even though Lu Chen used all his strength to attack with the fist condensed from his consciousness, he was still unable to stop the momentum of retreating.

That huge being seemed to have an overwhelming momentum as it directly pushed the fist formed from his consciousness. It crushed his own fist and headed towards the tiny Lu Chen.

Seeing that the huge fist was getting closer and closer to him, Lu Chen shouted, “Since you’re here, I’ll let you have a taste of my own!”

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After Lu Chen’s fist disappeared, the huge fist lost its resistance and charged towards Lu Chen.

At this moment, Lu Chen suddenly withdrew his left fist from his waist. After taking half a step back, he exerted his full strength and charged towards the Tang family’s huge fist in the sky. Once again, they collided.

This time, in the spiritual world, Lu Chen did not condense a mental fist. Instead, his own fist collided with the Tang’s.

Although Lu Chen withstood the first wave of attack, the Tang’s strength was simply too powerful.

Under the immense strength, his arms began to tremble and he was pushed backward!

The strength of this fist was simply too great. One had to know that the owner of this fist was at least an existence that surpassed the original spiritual stage with ease. Even experts above the gold stage were far inferior to Lu Chen..
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