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Chapter 172: Fist God!

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Faced with the fist’s intent left behind by the ancestors of the Tang family, Lu Chen had no way to block it!

At this moment, Lu Chen had already used all his strength to block the first wave of attacks.

Lu Chen’s fist kept shrinking back, and his arm kept trembling.

The huge fist in the sky kept pushing down, almost touching his nose.

Lu Chen was unwilling, but in the end, he let out a long sigh. Was he really going to admit defeat just like that?

At this moment, something appeared in Lu Chen’s mind.

[Fist God: Your understanding of fist techniques has reached an unfathomable level. When you use your fists, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow along with your level!]

[Fist Intent: When you use your fist, your Fist Intent will burst forth. Your attack power will be increased to 300%!)

[Bull Fighter: Your attacks contain inner strength. You can attack enemies from a distance without hurting things nearby. Opponents damaged by the Fist God title will receive continuous internal damage.]

[Wind Fist: The speed of your punches has reached an unfathomable level. Your attack interval will be greatly shortened. Your attack speed will be increased by 600%. You can also use your maximum attack speed for an unlimited number of times. You will be immune to side effects. lasts for 10 seconds.

Side effect — the speed of your punches is too fast, the attack speed will be increased by 500% per second, ignoring the physical burden. After using it continuously for 10 seconds, you will fall into a three-hour period of weakness. During the period of weakness, the body’s condition will drop to 10%.]

[Six-armed Asura: When you use this skill, four arms will instantly grow out from your back, attacking the enemy. During the attack, the arms may not be able to withstand the force of the attack and break. When the last arm is broken, you can randomly strike out 10% to 1000% of the total attack of the

first ten seconds! The six arms are all illusory arms. After all the arms are broken, they will return to the state of two arms and have no effect on your body.]

This Fist God title was awesome!

Although this attack power was not as powerful as the Sword God’s 700% incrase, it was still more powerful than the Sword God’s attack power.

Most importantly, the 500% attack speed boost, coupled with ten seconds of continuous damage output, was really awesome!

One had to know that although the Sword God’s attack speed boost was already very exaggerated, Lu Chen’s current body attribute could not withstand such a powerful speed.

To be exact, although he could withstand a bit of the Sword God’s maximum attack speed, after that, he would no longer have the ability to fight.

However, the Fist God was different!

The Fist God could continuously attack within ten seconds!

According to Lu Chen’s current attack speed, his attack speed was 29 attacks per second. Under the Fist God’s state, a full 135 attacks could be launched in a second!

Lu Chen’s current attack was 78,860 points. With this, he could unleash 10 million critical hits per second!

If it was 10 seconds in a row, it would be 100 million critical hits in a go!

This kind of attack power was impressive!

‘The last Six-armed Asura skill could be used in conjunction with the Fist God title, making him unstoppable!

In other words, if he were to use his Fist God skill in the first ten seconds, together with the Six-armed Asura skill, he could unleash a maximum of 1,100,000,000 attacks!

An attack of this level, if it was used against the Guardian General back then, it would be able to take out more than half of the opponent’s HP!

Instantly, Lu Chen burst out with incomparable confidence!

At the same time, Lu Chen was very surprised. After all, this was in the main world, not the Second World.

He was shocked to uncover another title in the main world.

Did this mean that the fusion speed between the Second World and the main world had increased again?

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When the Fist God title appeared, Lu Chen immediately felt the increase in his body’s strength. He did not have time to think too much and immediately used his skill.

“Six-armed Asura!”

The clothes on his body instantly exploded, and four fists appeared on his back!

In an instant, six arms spread out at the same time, facing the huge fist in the sky!

He faced the huge fist in the sky, and suddenly exploded with the power of six fists. Six arms crazily stretched out toward the huge fist in the sky.

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With a speed that was almost invisible to the naked eye, the six fists smashed toward the huge fist in the sky.

In one second, more than 100 punches were thrown out!

One second!

Two seconds!

Three Seconds!

Lu Chen’s six fists were thrown towards the sky with all his might. However, the giant fist was really much too powerful. Even if he attacked like this, the fist was still getting closer and closer to his face!

However, in the end, the speed of the punches finally slowed down, but the large fist did not budge any further.


A voice seemed to appear out of nowhere.

The voice of an old man came from the fist intent.

He was the ancestor of the Tang family!

Lu Chen actually withstood the power left behind by the ancestor of the Tang family.

However, after the ancestor’s voice appeared, the originally stagnant fist intent increased by a few more layers of strength!

Lu Chen’s attack did not stop at all. However, under immense pressure, he looked like he was about to buckle.

Finally, one of Lu Chen’s six arms broke from the backlash. It completely exploded, turning into specks of starlight and disappearing.

‘The power of the ancestor was too powerful. Just the fist intent left on the plaque back then was enough to overwhelm Lu Chen.

In just a moment, the punches continued to slow down more, and the mountain-like pressure slowly pressed down on Lu Chen.

Although Lu Chen’s arms kept exploding, he did not have time to think too much. The other five arms were still crazily bombarding the sky!

At this time, even the huge fist in the sky was burning hot due to Lu Chen’s rapid impact, turning into scarlet red.

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The huge fist in the sky gradually pressed down on Lu Chen. Although it moved a little bit every second, it brought great pressure to Lu Chen, Even Lu Chen’s legs were slightly trembling, but he still refused to give up… the remaining five fists burst out with a higher speed and suddenly smashed into the


If other players saw Lu Chen’s performance, they would definitely be shocked, because no other person could achieve such a powerful punch speed and strength.

The strength of the Fist God was terrifying!

If it were not for the huge difference in strength between the two sides, Lu Chen might have been able to beat this huge fist into a pulp in a single move.

However, the Tang family’s patriarch was such a powerful figure when he was alive. Even after he died, the two words that he casually wrote were not something that Lu Chen could withstand.

The terrifying pressure continued on!
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