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Chapter 173: Han Tianyi's Rumors!

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Even though Lu Chen had used all his strength, the huge fist was still approaching.

Lu Chen could only continue to use all his strength under the blessing of the Fist God to attack the huge fist in the sky.

Lu Chen did not believe that his proficiency in using fists had already reached the maximum level. Especially since his Six-armed Asura skill was the last hidden ultimate move!

Lu Chen’s five fists were under tremendous pressure during the intense confrontation. Two of them instantly turned into dust and shattered beside Lu Chen.

At this moment, the pressure on Lu Chen felt even greater. There were only three fists left. The speed of the sky’s fist descent did not slow down at all. It still pressed Lu Chen down with an unstoppable force.

Under this kind of attack speed, Lu Chen was able to unleash an attack power of ten million points every second. However, at the top of the mountain, in a magnificent palace, a group of people were gathered in the hall. They were watching Lu Chen with eager eyes.

‘When everyone saw that Lu Chen was actually able to activate the fist intent, their eyelids immediately twitched slightly. Although their attention on Lu Chen had already reached a very high level… They still did not expect that he would be able to affect the Tang family’s plaque.

One had to know that there were very few people who were able to trigger the Tang family’s plaque.

Especially in the past 1,000 years, there were only two people who were able to trigger the fist’s intent.

The last time was also several 100 years ago.

Moreover, none of these people were from the Tang family. Hence, everyone from the Tang family thought that their own were unable to trigger the appearance of the fist intent. This also became something that everyone tacitly agreed on.

However, only the current ruler of the Tang family understood that the reason why they were unable to trigger fist intent was because their comprehension of the laws was not high enough.

The power of the laws, the lower-level was blade intent, sword intent, and fist intent, which were inclined towards physical attacks. These were all branches of the metal-type laws.

The middle-level was light, darkness, water, fire, earth, metal, and wood.

The higher-level ones were the space and time laws.

These were things that had never been seen before.

The most common ones were the elementary level. Once one could comprehend the middle-level laws, they would be able to establish a sector for themselves.

In this world, they would become existences that would not be easily provoked.

The five people sitting here, although they were not that powerful, had their own comprehension of the elementary-level laws.

They could feel the fist intent in front of the Tang family’s plaque, but they could not activate it.

They had to sit quietly in front of the plaque for a long time before they could feel even the slightest bit of it. In just a few breaths of time, they would always withdraw from that state of comprehension.

This was not much use to their own improvement. Therefore, naturally, no one would do such a laborious and unrewarding thing.

Originally, these people were in the Tang family’s palace to observe Lu Chen’s condition from a distance just to check on his strength. However, they never expected that Lu Chen would be able to sense the fist intent before he even entered the door.

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Ordinary members of the Tang family did not understand the secret of the fist intent. However, those elders who were able to sit here understood how terrifying the fist intent was. Moreover, they were people who could be chosen by the fist intent, they were definitely martial arts geniuses that were one

in ten thousand.

The family head, Tang Zhantian, did not say anything. The elder on his right was called Tang Zhanfeng. He was Tang Xiaoging’s second uncle.

He held a bottle of wine in his hand. His face was unkempt and his beard was disheveled. When he saw that Lu Chen could actually feel the fist intent, his eyes were wide open. However, his mouth was slightly agape as he said, “I did not expect this kid to possess such skills. If we want to take White Fog

City, it would be best to directly kill him here! Otherwise, if his cultivation level rises in the future, I’m sure that it will be disadvantageous to our Tang family.”

He understood in his heart that if he robbed such a genius of a treasure and allowed him to grow up later, he would definitely be an overpowering existence. At that time, the Tang family would probably be in a lot of trouble.

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In the future, even if they were able to eliminate this person, the Tang family would definitely not be able to maintain their position as the second most powerful ancient martial arts aristocratic family. It was very likely that if they were careless, they would not even be able to compare to the Wu family.

This result was something that the Tang family simply could not accept.

However, on the other side of Tang Zhantian, the family head, there was an elder who wore a gray long robe. His face was yellowish and his face was sallow. His peach blossom eyes were filled with wisdom. He used his hand to stroke his goatee, he cut straight to the chase.

“Why don’t you use your brain and think about what’s happening? Look at how Tang Xiaoqing is looking at Lu Chen. Are you sure you want to do this?

“Aren’t you afraid that your first niece will pull every strand of your beard off again?”

Hearing this, Tang Zhanfeng’s body suddenly quivered. As if he had recalled some bad memories, he hurriedly protected his beard.

He chuckled and continued, “Although White Fog City is good, it’s not like our Tang family doesn’t have a castle in the Second World. A mere White Fog City is nothing compared to that, no?

“Compared to having that city, I feel that this kid has a lot of talent. Isn’t it more interesting to have him join our Tang family than to have this city?”

He expressed his opinion casually. Obviously, he did not take White Fog City seriously. Lu Chen is a kid with decent strength, why not take him in and cultivate his skills?

After all, he was only in the spiritual stage. He could be pushed further.

Even the youngest member of the younger generation, Tang Xiaoging, was in the golden stage.

There were five people in this room. They were the five Tang brothers.

The moment the third brother opened his mouth, he immediately received the support of a person who was dressed in a brown long robe. He had a muscular body, a simple, honest, and kind face.

This person was the fourth brother.

“He’s right. This guy is talented. I think if he is accepted into our Tang family, our Tang family will earn a lot of money!

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“In this way, he belongs to our Tang family, and White Fog City will indirectly belong to us as well.

“Not only would we gain a city, but we will also gain a terrifying potential. It’s definitely worth it.”

The second brother’s face was flushed red from being opposed by the third brother. In addition, the fourth brother obviously supported the third brother’s idea. Tang Zhanfeng’s face was obviously embarrassed

Tang Zhanfeng was a straightforward person. Although he liked to meddle in other people’s affairs, he was not good with words. However, he still stuck his neck out and stubbornly said, “I guess it’s pretty amazing that this kid can sense the fist intent, but what can he do?

“Thinking back to how powerful that person was a few hundred years ago, didn’t he still fall into the Mass Grave and die there?”
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