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Chapter 174: Tang Family's Divine Sense!

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At this moment, a man dressed in white by the side let out a long breath.

This person carried a sword on his back, and strands of white hair neatly combed into the rest of his hair in front of everyone.

His face was expressionless, and the middle-aged man with starry brows and sword-like eyes slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes flickered with determination. Although he was the youngest among them, his martial art skills were the highest. Even when compared to the family head, Tang Zhanguo, he was still a little stronger.

This person was Tang Xiaoging’s fifth uncle, Tang Feng.

He slowly said, “What you said made sense.

“Even Han Tianyi who died hundreds of years ago in the Mass Grave was still killed by the other ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the end.

“One must know that he was really the number one person in the last few hundred years. Didn’t he still end up getting defeated?

“If a genius dies young, then he can’t be considered an expert. He’s just a dead man.”

Then, he changed the topic. His eyes were filled with yearning and fighting spirit. “If only Han Tianyi didn’t die. I really wanted to fight with him to see who was the stronger one.”

That’s right. In the public of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, Tang Feng was the number one expert!

It was because of his rise that the Tang family was able to secure the position of number two.

If it was not for the fact that the number one ancient martial arts aristocratic family had a deep foundation, it would have been possible for the Tang family to become number one.

“Han Tianyi? Don’t even think about it. When he died, he was at least at the peak of the soul stage. If he could live until now, you won’t be able to reach him.

“You’re only at the peak of the aurous stage for a few years. There’s still a whole realm difference between you and him!”

Hearing Tang Zhanfeng’s sarcasm, the fifth brother, Tang Feng’s face instantly turned cold. He said coldly, “Dear brother, I heard that your martial arts have improved recently, and you’ve already reached the middle stages of the aurous stage?”

Hearing Tang Feng’s words, Tang Zhanfeng’s face was instantly filled with pride. He opened his gourd and suddenly gulped down a mouthful, “That’s right!”

Tang Feng said indifferently, “Oh? You’re really an expert. Should we have a match?”

Upon hearing these words, the second brother, Tang Zhanfeng, who was originally laughing foolishly at the side, suddenly stopped laughing.

‘The wine in his hand — which had not been closed — dropped and the wine spilled all over his body. He did not notice that his upper and lower lips were constantly opening and closing as his face flushed red.

Tang Zhanfeng finally said, “We’re too old to be picking fights anymore. There’s no need to talk about fighting and killing, I’ve already cultivated my character to its potential.”

Hearing Han Zhanfeng’s words, the others chocked.

It was especially more so for the third brother, who was drinking tea. He spat out a mouthful of water.

Tang Zhanfeng could cultivate his character?

Only a ghost would believe it. With his bad temper, he would not even need to be provoked to start a fight.

Seeing that Han Zhanfeng admitted defeat, the other snorted coldly and stopped teasing him.

Tang Feng was a martial arts fanatic. What he liked the most was to challenge people everywhere and anywhere. He really did not care about the matters of his family. To him, fighting and getting stronger was the most important to him.

He would never miss an opportunity to compete with an expert.

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The family head, Tang Zhantian, did not want to listen to Tang Zhanfeng’s nonsense anymore. Therefore, he quickly cut their conversation short and spoke.

“Alright, let’s see Lu Chen’s performance.

“A few hundred years ago, Han Tianyi stood at the entrance of our Tang family for half an hour. “However, at that time, Han Tiany/’s cultivation was much higher than Lu Chen’s.

“Treckon that Lu Chen would withdraw from the spiritual world in five minutes.”

Hearing Han Zhantian’s words, everyone fell silent and stopped arguing.

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The second brother, Han Zhanfeng, still had a red face. He glared at Tang Feng with some annoyance. He wanted to say more, but when he thought that his strength was not enough, he could only give up.

The third brother stroked his goatee and looked at Lu Chen carefully, trying to determine his future potential and whether he was worthy of his niece, Tang Xiaoging.

‘The fourth brother’s face was simple and honest. He looked at Lu Chen with admiration in his eyes.

It was obvious that he had already regarded Lu Chen as his niece’s son-in-law. At the same time, he even looked at Tang Xiaoging with a doting expression.

Tang Feng’s gaze was scrutinizing Tang Xiaoging and Lu Chen. The first was to see if Tang Xiaoqing’s cultivation had regressed. After going out for so long, was she only interested in having fun and had lost her cultivation? The other was to see how strong Lu Chen was and whether he was qualified to be

the son-in-law of the Tang family.

Of course, he would not admit that he had a third goal. That was, if he was really a genius, he would have to compete with him in the future.

However, with Tang Feng’s arrogance, he thought that Lu Chen would never have the chance to be on par with him in his lifetime.

This was because Han Tianyi was not the only one who could feel the fist intent for hundreds of years.

Tang Feng had never told anyone that he had once triggered the fist intent when he was young. However, it had not lasted as long as Han Tianyi, so he naturally kept his mouth shut.

Therefore, what he wanted the most now was to defeat Han Tianyi and prove his strength. Unfortunately, Han Tianyi had died over a hundred years before he was born. Tang Feng believed that he had cultivated over a hundred years ahead of Lu Chen, and his cultivation was much higher than his.

Even if Lu Chen was lucky enough to rise from an ordinary person to a spiritual realm expert, the difference between him and Tang Feng was like the difference would be too much.

So what if he could trigger the fist intent? In this life, Lu Chen will never be able to reach Tang Feng’s level.

Soon, five minutes had passed. Lu Chen’s clothes were still fluttering in the wind, but he did not move at all. He was still immersed in his spiritual world.

The scene of him confronting the fist intent made everyone in the palace look at each other in dismay.

The fourth brother was the first to nod in satisfaction, “It seems that this kid is quite talented.”

The second brother nodded and said, “Yes, this kid can do it. However, I feel that he is still not qualified to be a match for our Tang Xiaoging.”

The third brother also echoed in a rare manner, “That’s right. Our Tang Xiaoging is a dragon among men. She is the pride of the heavens. Not just anyone can enter her sight.

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“I’s not impossible for him, Lu Chen, to marry into our family. However, he must bring out sufficient aptitude. Otherwise, if he wants to join our Tang family and become a disciple, there will be problems.

“However, if he wants to marry Tang Xiaoging, he still lacks in many qualifications.”

Tang Feng sat straight on the side and did not say a word. He just stared at Lu Chen quietly.

This kid’s talent was beyond his expectations, but it was not to the extent that he would acknowledge this kid.

Especially since Tang Xiaoging was destined to become a top-notch expert in their family!
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