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Chapter 175: Tang Xiaoqing’s Birth!

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Everyone remembered how Tang Xiaoging looked the day she was born. She was a heaven-sent phenomenon brimming with energy!

The energy that was originally stored in her body could not be controlled, causing a catastrophe.

The previous family head even sealed this energy, but it also damaged his own vitality.

Tang Xiaoging was very likely to be the reincarnation of some mighty figure.

For those who were reincarnated, their future achievements would be immensely high!

Although all of them understood that very few men were worthy of his niece, since Lu Chen was able to hold on for so long, he became more serious towards Lu Chen.

15 minutes later, Lu Chen was still standing at the entrance of the mountain. He did not move, not even a little. It was impossible to tell if he could hold on any longer.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes revealed a look of disbelief.

Tang Zhanfeng was in disbelief as he muttered, “Do you think that the fist intent left behind by our ancestor will be reduced every time he uses it? Otherwise, this kid is only at the spiritual stage, how can he withstand this for fifteen minutes?”

Tang Zhantian frowned slightly, he wondered if what his brother said made sense.

However, he thought for a moment again and shook his head, “It shouldn’t be. Every few years, I can feel the fist intent left behind by the ancestors of the Tang family. It’s no different from a few hundred years ago. This kid is really not ordinary.”

The second brother, Tang Zhanfeng, was still in a daze as he asked, “Uh… but this… does this mean that we can’t have his White Fog City?”

Tang Zhantian saw the second brother’s unruly expression and his gaze darkened. He directly ignored his opinion.

However, the third brother instantly reminded the others, “What are you thinking about? If it wasn’t for this kid taking care of our little girl back then, who knows how many bullies would have destroyed her.

“As for if this kid is powerful, we should just let him protect White Fog City by himself. We’ll just take it as us helping him. If his strength is too weak, then let him join the Tang family. The city does not matter to us.”

‘When the second brother heard this, he felt that his entire worldview had been slightly impacted. It was not that he felt that what the other party said was wrong, It was that he had been thinking about the same thing from the beginning to the end — taking down White Fog City.

Now, being told that the city did not matter left him dumbfounded. He found it hard to believe. He repeatedly stared at everyone’s faces to see if they were joking. However, no one seemed to show any signs of discomfort or surprise.

Tang Zhanfeng’s voice trembled as he blurted out, “Why wasn’t | informed on this matter? Why didn’t anyone tell me? When did you guys agree on this?!”

At this time, Tang Wu, who had been silent all this while, finally could not help but sneer coldly, “Do you think that everyone has to adhere to only what you have to say?”

Tang Zhanfeng did not say a word after being ridiculed by Tang Wu.

Everyone continued to look at Lu Chen’s performance. It had already been 15 minutes. Even Tang Feng, who had seen Lu Chen’s performance, could not help but nod slightly.

One had to know that he had only lasted 26 minutes back then. At that time, his strength was at the peak of the aurous stage.

Although it was not as long as Han Tianyi’s half-hour, Tang Feng did not care at all. This was because when Han Tianyi received the fist intent, he was already at the soul stage.

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There was no point in comparing back then. Therefore, according to the analogy of strength, this Lu Chen should not last longer than him.

In his opinion, if he could last for 20 minutes, it meant that Lu Chen’s talent was already top-notch.

‘The faces of the Tang family members also became solemn. This kid actually lasted for 15 minutes. This kind of ability to resist pressure was definitely extraordinary.

If this kid could stand someone like Tang Xiaoging, then it was not impossible for them to take him in as a disciple, or even a personal disciple.

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Perhaps this kid would be the next Tang Feng?

No one would want to let go of such a top-notch seedling.

At this moment, the Tang family’s upper echelons were all in a great mood. They had not thought that they would be able to bring back such a good seedling after sending Tang Xiaoging to the main world to study.

This time, even if he was not worthy of Tang Xiaoging, he was definitely worthy of being nurtured here. This was truly a joyous occasion for the Tang family.

As time passed, everyone’s expressions became more and more solemn. This was because Lu Chen had already persisted for 20 minutes.

Even Tang Feng’s heart could not help but thump. Could it be that this kid could reach a similar state and persist for the same amount of time as him?


That was absolutely impossible!

Lu Chen was clearly so much weaker than Tang Feng!

Tang Feng found it hard to accept such a thought. He was even a little worried. If Lu Chen persisted for a longer time than him, would that mean that his talent was not higher than that kid, or even much higher?

One had to know that Lu Chen had just entered the cultivation stages not long ago. He had only been in cultivation for a few months, yet he was able to reach such a level. Moreover, Lu Chen’s current condition seemed at ease. He looked like he was having a light jog.

suddenly, Lu Chen’s condition changed!

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Upon closer inspection, his legs and back were slightly bent. It was obvious that he was under a lot of pressure. Although Lu Chen’s ability to resist pressure was very strong, everyone also discovered that ever since Lu Chen had persisted for more than 20 minutes. His condition seemed to be rapidly


Now, his two legs were already bent by nearly a third. Meanwhile, the sweat on Lu Chen’s face kept rolling down.

‘There was even a faint trace of pain on his face, which was completely absent in Lu Chen’s previous condition.

The family head, Tang Zhantian, said in a deep voice, “It seems that this kid is enduring great pain, he’s enduring pressure that ordinary people can not handle.”

‘The third brother nodded slowly. His hand that was stroking his goatee also stopped. “That’s right. This kid’s ability is powerful. However, I don’t think that he will be able to endure it any longer.”

The fourth brother looked at Lu Chen with even more satisfaction in his eyes. “Yeah, I think this kid is overstraining himself. Looking at the pain that he is currently enduring, my heart aches a little. Why don’t we just leave it as it is? I’m worried that this young man might suffer a backlash from this

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