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Chapter 176: Tang Zhanfeng's Stupidity!

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The head of the family, Tang Zhantian, shook his head slightly.

“This is a good opportunity for Lu Chen. The fist intent will only bring him benefits and no harm. The longer he immerses himself in the fist intent, the more benefits he will receive.

“Han Tianyi once told me this.

“The fist intent will not really kill those who take the test here.

“The stronger Lu Chen’s resistance is, the stronger the fist intent would be.”

At this time, the second brother, Tang Zhanfeng, once again filled his drink. After he took a big gulp of wine, he mumbled, “Why does this kid look so uncomfortable? Could it be that…”

At this point, Tang Zhanfeng’s eyes suddenly widened, as if he had thought of something.

Seeing Tang Zhanfeng’s sudden change in behavior, the others quickly directed their attention to Lu Chen.

Could it be that the second brother knew something they did not?

After all, Tang Zhanfeng often stayed in the library, and his main job was to guard the library.

There was a vast sea of martial arts books there, as well as the secrets of the Tang family that had existed for more than 1,000 years.

So it would make sense that he knew something they did not.

At this moment, everyone was looking at him, waiting for him to tell them the big news.

At this moment, Tang Zhanfeng’s expression became more exaggerated. He kept muttering, “C-could it be that… this kid can’t hold in his poop anymore?!”

‘The others were petrified by this suggestion, Suddenly the whole area turned so silent a pin could drop and everyone would be able to hear it.

“Are you a f*cking id*ot?!.” The third brother could not help but curse to break the silence.

“Lremember a few years ago, we brothers often studied the fist intent of the Tang family at the mountain gate. You always ran the fastest when it was over. Was it to take a sh*t?” The fourth brother muttered to himself.

It was obvious that he had a deep grudge against the second brother who had no form.

‘Tang Zhantian had no choice but to interject, “Our family’s wine is so good, can’t it shut your mouth?”

However, Tang Zhanfeng did not notice his problem at all, he still said seriously, “I’m serious. Every time we sit in the mountains and study the fist intent, I always feel the need to go to the toilet… Otherwise, why did I only comprehend it once in all these years?”

At this time, Tang Feng cut in, “Alright, alright, stop talking. If you’re free, let’s sp:

While the brothers bantered with each other, 27 minutes passed since Lu Chen started the battle.

D#*mn, this kid actually surpassed Tang Feng!

Immediately, Tang Feng’s heart was filled with a myriad of emotions. Shock, doubt, envy, jealousy, and disappointment filled his heart.

However, as an existence that could become an acquired realm stage powerhouse, how could his heart be filled with feelings of failure because of a momentary setback?

In just a few moments, he recovered his state of mind.

So what if Lu Chen was talented?

Life’s achievements were never decided in a moment.

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Even if that young man was ahead of him now, it did not mean that he was stronger than the older man.

Even if Lu Chen could reach his level of strength one day, he could still defeat Lu Chen.

Thinking of this, Tang Feng swept away the unhappiness in his heart and once again regained his momentum. He looked at Lu Chen’s performance.

At this moment, Lu Chen’s endurance had reached 31 minutes!

Everyone was stunned by this result.

Even the second brother was impressed. A moment later, he turned his head to Tang Zhantian, “Do you remember? Han Tianyi only lasted for half an hour a few hundred years ago, right?”

‘Tang Zhantian gulped. He had to recollect himself before he replied, “Yes, he only lasted for half an hour, and his cultivation was already at the soul stage…”

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Hearing this, the third and fourth brothers were also shocked.

Although they knew that Han Tianyi had once endured for half an hour in the state of fist intent, they never knew that he was at the soul stage at that time.

In that case, would that mean Lu Chen is a more hardcore person compared to Han Tianyi?

The entire hall instantly became deathly silent.

After a full half a minute, the third brother finally spoke, “This kid ain’t that bad. He is suitable for our Qing.”

Hearing the third brother’s words, the fourth brother hurriedly added his opinion, “That’s right, this kid has a firm mind and is also very talented.

“From his life experience, he is also a person with a lot of luck.

“If Xiaoqng likes him, it would be best if he could become our son-in-law!”

At this time, even Tang Zhantian nodded mechanically, “Yes, Xiaoqing has really good taste in men!”

Then, he fiercely glared at the second brother, Tang Zhanfeng, “You better stop your plans on stealing White Fog City. That city belongs to my son-in-law… Ah, no, it belongs to Lu Chen.

“No one is allowed to have any thoughts about defeating him. Do you understand?!”

Tang Zhanfeng saw that Tang Zhantian was looking at him with a serious expression. He first looked left and right. After making sure that he was the only target, he hurriedly nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t do such a thing.”

However, just as everyone was discussing whether Lu Chen was qualified to enter the Tang family, Lu Chen’s aura suddenly changed. He suddenly erupted with a super-powerful force. At this moment, it was time for Lu Chen to awaken the Fist God!

Everyone did not understand what was going on.

This was because this was not the Second World, and there was no such thing as the Fist God.

They could only feel the terrifying aura emanating from Lu Chen’s body, and at the same time, his combat power had also increased by a lot.

‘The fifth brother, Tang Feng, frowned slightly but did not say anything.

At that time, the fourth brother was a little anxious. “Is something bad happening to him?”

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The third brother was also shocked. In his panic, a few drops of his win spilled on the floor, but he paid no care to it.

After a moment of silence, someone finally spoke, “What do we do now?”

‘Tang Zhanguo frowned. “The fist intent on the plaque has already fused with Lu Chen’s spiritual world. Now, we can only see what happens to them through the world on the plaque.”

Ahint of worry flashed across a brother’s eyes. “Is it very dangerous?”

One had to know that every time they could enter, they could only last for a few seconds, at most a minute. Furthermore, everyone took turns to enter.

Now, they were in uncharted territories!
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