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Chapter 177: Six-Armed Asura!

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Chapter 177 Six-Armed Asura!

The fist intent world was in an unstable state. If Lu Chen was not careful, he might get hurt.

Tang Zhantian thought about it and said, “No, I can’t let this kid get hurt. I have to go in and take a look!”

However, Tang Feng immediately stopped him and said, “It’s too dangerous inside now. If anything happens, we can’t help you at all.

“Why don’t you let me go? I’m a little stronger than you.

“Moreover, you’re the head of a family. We can’t let anything happen to you.” Tang Zhantian slowly shook his head and said firmly, “There’s no need. Although you’re stronger than me, it won’t be that much of a difference.

“Moreover, this Lu Chen is the person that Tang Xiaoqing likes. Logically, we can’t allow anything risky from happening.”

Hearing this, a trace of displeasure flashed across Tang Feng’s originally calm face. He immediately rejected, “What do you mean?

“Tang Xiaoqing is your daughter, wouldn’t that mean she’s my niece?

“Moreover, this Lu Chen might be a member of the Tang family in the future. I saved a member of the Tang family before, so what reason do you have to stop me?”

Although Tang Feng’s words were very firm, the concern he had for Tang Zhantian and Tang Xiaoqing was clearly being shown.

Seeing that Lu Chen’s side was getting more serious, none of them had reached an argument level yet, but they had yet to come to a conclusion.

The fourth brother anxiously advised the two, “How about this, the five of us enter the world together and see what is happening to the kid.”

Hearing this, Tang Zhanfeng, who had been drinking all this time, also hurriedly advised, “That’s right, that’s right. This kid is very lucky. I don’t think he’s really in any danger.

“However, it’s good that we go in together. If something really happens, we’ll have more strength in numbers.

“Should anything happen, not only will we be able to protect ourselves, but we’ll also be able to save him if there’s really something wrong with this kid.”

Hearing this, Tang Zhantian thought for a moment and finally agreed, “Alright, then we’ll go in together.”

The five brothers came to an agreement and immediately stood up to leave the palace.

The moment they left the palace, each and every one of them soared into the air. At this moment, their powerful auras shook the sky, and their robes fluttered even though there was no wind.

It was as if a storm had appeared in the surroundings. With the five of them at the center of the storm, their auras spread out in all directions.

Even the birds in the vicinity were afraid and quickly left.

The Tang family’s disciples were also extremely shocked when they saw the scene before them.

Although the Tang family was an ancient martial arts aristocratic family and was not as strict as the rest, usually, only one high-ranking official would appear.

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It was to instruct everyone in their cultivation, or even if there were people with malicious intentions who came to the Tang family, it was enough for one person to show themselves. They had never seen such a grand scene before. Now, five of them had actually come out together. Could it be that the other aristocratic clans had come to pay a visit?

That’s not right. Even if it was only the clan heads who came, only Tang Zhantian or Tang Feng were needed to welcome them in.

When they thought of this, everyone immediately felt bewildered and uncertain.

Only Tang Hu and Tang Bao could vaguely understand what was happening. These two people were Tang Xiaoqing’s elder brother and elder cousin, who was also the son of Tang Zhantian and Tang Zhanfeng respectively.

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Tang Hu’s expression was calm, and his appearance and bearing were somewhat similar to Tang Zhantian’s. His eyes looked into the distance, and then he frowned slightly, he said, “Tang Bao, as far as I know, that kid Lu Chen should be here today. If there are no accidents, father and the rest should have gone to visit him.”

Tang Bao had a face full of cynicism. He was quite similar to his father, who was always holding a wine bottle.

Hearing Tang Hu’s words, his face was full of disbelief. He questioned, “It can’t be, I remember that kid. When he was bullied in school, he was thinking of fighting back. “But even though he couldn’t win, he still wanted to fight back.

“Based on what I know, Lu Chen was bullied quite a lot back then. If it wasn’t for me coming down the mountain to pick up Xiaoqing and teaching those few bullies a lesson, Lu Chen might have been in a miserable state. I think that this brat really has to thank me properly!” Tang Hu glanced at Tang Bao’s impudent expression and sighed in his heart.

“Right now, Lu Chen’s cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds. In just a few months, he had already become a spiritual stage expert. His combat strength is pretty good now.”

When Tang Bao heard Tang Hu’s words, he raised his brows slightly, and the curiosity on his face became even more intense. “No way, this kid has already reached the spiritual stage in just a few months?! Stop lying to me!”

Tang Hu slowly shook his head and said, “Tang Bao, remember when the Second World game first appeared, didn’t you hear of Lu Chen’s name?”

When Lu Chen heard Tang Hu’s words, Tang Bao’s face was filled with disbelief. “Of course, I know Lu Chen, the City Lord of White Fog City!”

Thinking of this, Tang Bao suddenly came to a realization. His face was full of shock, and his look of making a fuss was exactly the same as his father’s. “D*mn, it can’t be. The Lu Chen back then is now the City Lord of White Fog City? Are you serious right now? Stop lying!”

Tang Hu rolled his eyes at him helplessly and said snappily, “Who has the time to lie to you? Let’s quickly go to the mountain gate and see what is happening.”


After saying that, the two of them ran down the mountain without stopping. They were both in the aurous stage, so they could only run down the mountain, not fly.

As for the five Tang brothers, they had already stepped into the soul stage. Whether a cultivator could fly or not depend on the soul stage.

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Once they stepped into the soul stage, they would be reborn. Walking in the air was proof of that. To be exact, only those who became masters of the soul stage could be considered true cultivators.

Those below the soul stage were insignificant.

Once one reached the soul stage, it was like a natural chasm, there was no possibility of being surpassed by those of low levels. No matter how many people from the aurous stage try, they would not be a match for an expert of the soul stage.

This was the absolute suppression of having a whole realm of difference.

However, the two of them were already experts in the aurous stage. Their running speed was no slower than that of a car, especially on the rugged mountain roads. With a flash, they made their way down the path smoothly.
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