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Chapter 178: This Kid is Amazing!

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Chapter 178 This Kid is Amazing!

Tang Hu and Tang Bao ran with all their might.

However, by the time they arrived, Tang Zhantian and the others had already arrived and were currently comprehending the fist intent.

When Tang Hu and Tang Bao arrived at the mountain gate, they were instantly stunned by the situation before them. They hurriedly ran over to Tang Xiaoqing to ask about the situation. Although they had some guesses in their hearts, they still dared not to make a definite conclusion. This was especially so for Tang Bao, who could not suppress the curiosity in his heart. He directly asked, “Is this Lu Chen comprehending our Tang family’s fist intent?”

Tang Hu’s state of mind was more stable. He did not say anything, but in his heart, he too wanted to know the answer. However, when Tang Xiaoqing anxiously nodded her head, Tang Hu and Tang Bao’s hearts trembled.

They never expected that Lu Chen — who was originally looked down upon by so many primary school students — could actually have such strong cultivation potential.

Many people had tried to contend the fist intent plaque. Many had tried to be disciples of this family. However, there were still too few heaven-gifted talents that passed. For many years, there had not been a single person who had been able to comprehend the fist intent. Therefore, their clan had changed the method

The current disciples had long forgotten that the Tang family contained the fist intent. They had already treated it as an ordinary plaque.

Now, Lu Chen was not only deeply immersed in the test of the fist intent, but he had also caused quite a strange phenomenon.

Immediately, many nearby disciples came to spectate what was going on. Especially when Tang Zhantian and the others appeared, the number of spectating disciples increased.

By the time Tang Hu and Tang Bao arrived, this place had already been surrounded by many people. If not for Tang Zhantian and the others telling these people to retreat, Tang Hu would not have been able to squeeze in.

Tang Hu and Tang Bao could not see what was happening, but they could feel the almost solid pressure in the air. Although there was no killing intent in this pressure… Just the pressure alone was unbearable for the disciples who were originally surrounding the area.

Some of them had even vomited blood and were currently being supported by others as they had no choice but to be forced to leave.

If it were not for Tang Hu and Tang Bao’s powerful strength, they might not have been able to withstand this pressure as well.

As for Lu Chen’s pets, because they were

incomparably strong compared to humans, so they did not suffer a great backlash.

Out of curiosity, Tang Bao tried to focus his attention on Tang family’s plaque, but he still did not feel anything.

The five Tang brothers had already entered the fist intent and Lu Chen’s spiritual world. They were instantly shocked by the scene before them.

When Tang Zhantian and the others had just appeared in the Second World, Lu Chen had just transformed into his six-armed Asura.

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This was also the first time Tang Zhantian and the others had seen such a powerful fist intent. Although they had comprehended it before, they had never observed it in such detail. At this moment, they realized that this fist intent was even more powerful than the one they had comprehended before. It was more than ten times stronger than what they expected.

The state that Lu Chen had displayed shocked them even more. What kind of person could grow six extra arms on his body?

Had this person’s understanding of fist intent reached the utmost limit?

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When Lu Chen and the fist intent in the sky collided, the first arm suddenly broke.

In an instant, regardless of whether it was the third or fourth brother, they immediately wanted to use their own spiritual power to help Lu Chen lift the giant fist in the sky.

After all, if Lu Chen was injured, the situation he would face would be even more difficult.

However, they were stopped by Tang Zhantian. “It doesn’t matter. The six arms that Lu Chen has conjured are the power of laws. Even if they were to shatter, it wouldn’t affect his physical condition.

“On the contrary, if we were to rashly endure the attack the fist intent in the sky, I’m afraid that our spiritual power would be severely injured.”

Even though the second brother, Tang Zhanfeng, had entered the spiritual world, he still had a wine bottle with him. His face turned red as he asked, “It can’t be. This kid is only at the spiritual stage. If he can withstand the fist intent’s attack, why can’t we?”

The fifth brother, Tang Feng, looked at Lu Chen with a serious expression. He explained with a solemn expression, “Enduring the fist intent’s attack doesn’t depend on one’s own strength, but on one’s understanding of the laws.

“The deeper one’s understanding of the laws, the more powerful the fist intent’s attack would be. “This has nothing to do with one’s strength. Previously, the reason why you were unable to meditate every time you comprehended fist intent and wanted to go to the toilet was because your understanding of fist intent was too weak. You have a low purity level.”

Tang Zhantian was momentarily at a loss for words. He could only continue to watch Lu Chen’s condition with everyone else.

However, although he knew that his understanding of fist intent was relatively weak, he still thought in his heart that once Lu Chen encountered danger, he could immediately rescue him.

his heart. He was usually fine, but oddly enough, he kept getting criticized a lot today. Everyone realized that even though Lu Chen was in such a tyrannical state and the aura on his body was getting more and more terrifying, he was still unable to resist the giant fist in the sky.

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At this moment, Lu Chen’s originally slightly bent legs had sunk even deeper. His legs had even faintly turned into a forced sitting stance.

While the Tang family’s people were sighing by the side, Lu Chen did not have the mood to care about the five people who had suddenly appeared here. His heart was filled with thoughts of how to defeat this giant fist in the sky. He felt that he was under great pressure and could not be distracted at all.

If such an attack landed on a gold boss, it would probably be able to kill the opponent with a single punch. Even if the fist faced the hundreds of members of the Dragon Team, even if it could not annihilate them all… It would probably be able to defeat the warriors of the Dragon Team.

Lu Chen’s fists looked so pale and powerless in front of the huge fist in the sky. Under Lu Chen’s powerful explosive force, his five arms fiercely struck the huge fist above his head. Each strike produced a powerful attack.

Finally, his body could no longer withstand such a blow. The backlash immediately caused the second arm to explode, turning into specks of starlight and dissipating. Before everyone could react, his third arm had also completely exploded, leaving him with three extra arms left!
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