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Chapter 179: Shattered Six Arms!

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Chapter 179 Shattered Six Arms!

Seeing that everyone was shocked by Lu Chen’s performance, the fourth brother subconsciously asked, “How long did Lu Chen last?”

The third brother used his hand to support his goatee. “Around thirty-five minutes.”

Tang Zhanfeng, who was at the side, used his hand to shake the wine bottle in his spiritual world. He was delighted to find that there was still wine in it. He opened the cork and gulped down a mouthful. Then, he used his arm to wipe his mouth, he did not care about his image at all.

He mumbled, “I’m pretty sure it’s been forty minutes. When we arrived here, he had already endured for 43 minutes.

“is attack power seemed to be more than ten times stronger than before. In particular, he could throw more than a hundred punches every second. This kind of attack power is really terrifying

“Now that he has lost three arms, I’m sure the rest will break soon.”

Tang Zhantian nodded slowly. “That’s right. Lu Chen has already reached the final stage, but his performance has already far exceeded our expectations.

“This is another person as terrifying as Han Tianyi. Remember to not tell anyone about this!

“Everyone, forget about this matter. I don’t wish for Tianyi’s encounter to ever happen again.”

The other four nodded. Han Tianyi was feared by the ancient martial families because his cultivation was too powerful and his aptitude was too heaven-defying.

As a result, five of the seven ancient martial families joined forces to force him into a desperate situation. At that time, even though the Tang family strongly opposed it, they were ultimately too weak and could not change the overall situation.

Especially when Tang Zhantian was only at the soul stage, he could not change the situation at


Han Tianyi was like a brother to him, but he could only watch Han Tianyi die.

This was because he could not bring the entire Tang family down with him, especially when the family head, his father, did not allow it.

Moreover, Tang Zhantian understood that even if he were to get involved with the Tang family’s politics, it would probably not be of much use.

However, although this matter had brought him a huge blow in the past, it had also allowed him to break through the bottleneck of the soul ascension stage and become an expert of his generation.

In the end, he held great power in his family and became the new family head.

Although he had the intention to help Han Tianyi take revenge, the other five ancient martial arts aristocratic families were simply too powerful. Even if he had the intention, he was powerless.

At this moment, he recovered from his past memories and looked at Lu Chen again. Back then, he was not strong enough to protect his best friend.

Now, things were different. The Tang family had risen with the appearance of his five brothers. This time, he had to protect Lu Chen well.

Although his five brothers were very talented, they were far from being able to rely on the strength of one family to kill the other five ancient martial arts aristocratic families.

However, he saw hope in Lu Chen. Lu Chen was basically the second Han Tianyi. To be exact, he was even more terrifying than the Han Tianyi back then, and his aptitude was even more heaven-defying.

He looked at Lu Chen’s crazed and exhausted appearance and expected this brat to be defeated soon.

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In a short five seconds, Lu Chen had already lost three of his arms. The remaining three arms probably would not be able to hold on for


It had only been less than ten seconds since they entered this world. They had already witnessed Lu Chen’s powerful strength and powerful perception. This kid’s potential was truly too terrifying.

In this short period of time, Tang Zhantian’s thoughts had wandered many places. However, Lu Chen had placed all his attention on resisting the fist intent.

At this moment, two more arms exploded at the same time and disappeared into the air!

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At this moment, Lu Chen’s eyes had already turned red, and his face was filled with determination as he stared at the fist that covered the sky. Could it be that this was it?

Could it be that he could only stop here?

Could it be that he had to admit defeat?

Without backing down, Lu Chen finally unleashed his most powerful strength, using the most powerful strike of his entire body.

Tang Zhantian and the others saw that Lu Chen was already at the end of his line. Even his last remaining arm was covered with dense cracks and was about to collapse.

However, just when everyone thought that Lu Chen’s fate was over and that it was about to end, Lu Chen suddenly shouted. The entire space suddenly turned red, as if there was an endless amount of hellfire burning, filled with violence.

Lu Chen’s last remaining hand was fiercely pulled into his embrace as he suddenly squatted down.

At this moment, he was like a spring that was ready to be unleashed, desperately compressing into a ball. The fist intent in the sky still carried a monstrous power, pressing down on Lu Chen from top to bottom, as if it was crushing an ant.

However, just as it was about to touch Lu Chen, the tightly compressing spring-like Lu Chen suddenly exploded!

All that was left of Lu Chen was his own two arms as he fiercely struck out!

The fist intent that had endured this fierce strike felt a tremendous pressure, so much so that the huge fist suddenly stopped in the air. It was could not continue pressing down under Lu Chen’s Six-armed Asura state.

Seeing such an earth-shattering scene, Tang Zhanfeng took a deep breath. How did this kid’s last punch erupt with such a powerful force?!

The third brother’s eyes also narrowed tightly, his eyes bursting with disbelief. “This attack is several times stronger than the previous one!”

The fifth brother corrected each word with a hint of admiration. “The power of this punch has already reached nine hundred percent of the total attack power of the previous one every second!

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“How did he release such an attack? Can the Tang family plaque really withstand such a powerful attack?”

At this moment, whether it was Tang Zhantian or the other brothers, they simply could not believe that such a huge power could actually be unleashed by Lu Chen.

They could even clearly feel that if Lu Chen was able to unleash such a powerful attack in the real world, then his battle prowess could be on par with a gold stage expert.

He could even fight against the advanced stage of the aurous stage experts. This astonishing punch completely exhausted all of Lu Chen’s strength. His only remaining arm could no longer withstand such great pressure and he collapsed with a loud bang.

Lu Chen, who was in a rage fit, fell. At this moment, his body’s condition rapidly declined. His body collapsed and he knelt heavily on one knee on the ground.
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