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Chapter 18

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The Internet was once again in an uproar!

All the hot searches were all about Lu Chen!

[Breaking news, White Alliance’s Guild Leader Declared War on Player Morning Mist, and would not rest until one of them was dead!]

[The Overlord with over 100,000 Shield Points Was Killed With a Single Slash, and Guild Leader Xiao Chuan Flew Into a Rage Out of Humiliation]

[Miss Xu Threw Herself Into the Arms of the Gu Family’s Young Master to Support Morning Mist]

[Player Morning Mist Said That He Would Not Let Any White Alliance Player Off the Hook]

[The Epic Level Scroll Has Finally Appeared. The Dark Night Guild May Become the Biggest Winner!]

The comments section from all the major videos blew up. The entire Dragon Country players were all attracted by this wold valley incident.

“F*ck, even the Gu family from the north and the White Alliance from the south were there. Not only that, the Xu family and Chen family that are low-key major forces were there too. Is this Morning Mist person really that awesome?”

“Hehe, brother, I’m afraid you don’t know the value of the Sword God and Bow God!”

“This video is too awesomely ridiculous. I feel like it’s a f*cking joke. With a single slash, he killed the guild leader Xiao Chuan. He completely ignored the shield!”

“Tsk tsk, this is definitely an assassin’s trick. I’m sure that Morning Mist has a hidden title.”

“That’s right. Otherwise, why would Hei Yu give that dagger to Morning Mist?”

At the same time, the various major powers on the market all revealed their high prices in order to snatch the teleportation scroll from Hei Yu.

“Our Chen family is willing to pay 300 million for this epic-grade scroll!”

“Hei Yu, our guild knows about your past. As long as you give us the scroll, I can send you to the Western Region easily!”

“Hei Yu, you know the strength of our Gu family. As long as you can give us the scroll, you ask for any conditions. Our Gu family won’t even bargain with you!”

Right when countless people were fighting over this scroll, Hei Yu finally spoke up.

“I, Hei Yu, hereby declare that I will not use this scroll casually.

“Nor will I sell it. This is a gift from Mr. Morning Mist.

“I hope everyone understands.”

After making this statement, Hei Yu disappeared.

This made everyone confused. What did Hei Yu mean?

Instead of taking this huge benefit, he was being pretentious?

He would not wait until Morning Mist was the first to arrive at White Fog City before using it, right?

This action of his was too despicable!

When the outside world was exploding, Lu Chen had already walked into the depths of Wolf Valley.

Wolf Valley was very large. From the outside, it looked like an open valley. After passing through the open valley in the middle, the path became narrow and long. On both sides stood tall mountains and dense forests.

Wild Monsters had also been leveled up from a level 8 to level 10.

Lu Chen had been walking for a long time. He had a faint feeling that Wolf Valley might not be an ordinary place.

The structure of Second World was completely different from other games. For an online game, this place was filled with unreasonable existences. Apart from the guide for the first mission in Novice Village, there were no other guides for future missions.

Everything depended on the players to figure it out themselves!

Meanwhile, outside of White Fog City, everyone was complaining.

There were wild monsters everywhere that were extremely difficult to kill!

The difficulty of the new location felt like a living Hell!

During this period of time, there were no class upgrades and no business transactions! There were even no equipment purchases allowed either!

This place was all based on the players killing monsters and leveling up by themselves, exploring step by step.

There were no quests, and especially no guidance whatsoever!

The road leading to White Fog City was divided into six paths, and each path had a silver-grade boss!

To ordinary players, this was simply an insurmountable mountain to overcome!

No game would allow players to be trapped outside of the Novice Village forever! If it were not for the fact that the whole world was pushing it, and that the currency was bound, such a game would have long persuaded the players to leave.

Lu Chen’s eyes were solemn. The monster in front of him had already been raised to level 15!

The very sturdy Giant Wolf’s eyes were filled with a cold demeanor.

White mist was spewing out of its nose, and the soles of its feet were enough to cover a person’s face. Its body was the same size as an ordinary car!

[Sturdy Wolf King Guard]

[Level: 15]

[HP: 2,000]

[Attack: 700]

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[Defense: 30]

[Characteristics: Extremely fast, has a high attack and high critical hit rate]

[Skills: Squall, Swift Claw]

[Squal: Spits out a strong storm, dealing 50% maximum HP damage to the enemy in front of you. Those caught will be restrained for 2 seconds!]

[Swift Claw: Enhances the agility of one’s body, grants 100% critical hit probability, lasts for 10 seconds!]

Lu Chen had a total of 2,000 HP two skills, and an attack power of up to 700 points combined!

This was almost comparable to a bronze-tier boss!

Elite monsters were everywhere in the depths of the valley, this was not something that an ordinary person could defeat!

Lu Chen then activated his Sword God status.

His attack power instantly received a 500% bonus!

The attack power on the system interface was now 1390 points!

After receiving the bonus from God Sword’s State, it directly became 6950 points!

Lu Chen then took a step forward and instantly killed the wild monster in front of him with a single slash!

A bright red number floated above the head!

In the valley, the sound of corpses falling to the ground alarmed the wolf pack and many pairs of green eyes looked towards the sound!

Due to the synchronization of time in the Second World and the real world, the Wolf Valley had already fallen into darkness.

In the dark night, the wolf pack started to surround Lu Chen. It was densely packed, and there were more than a thousand of them.

Such a sight could make anyone cower in fear!

Lu Chen pondered for a moment and directly switched to the form of the Blade God.

Although the Sword God had strong combat strength, he could not win in such a large-scale battle!


With a wolf howl, the wolf pack charged at Lu Chen!

He held the dagger in his hand and waved it. Therefore, within a radius of 100 meters, the cries of wolves could be heard!

The dagger in Lu Chen’s hand, due to the enhancement of the Blade God, burst out with a sharp aura, covering the surrounding 100 meters.

Even so, there were still wolves that broke into the defensive circle. They managed to dodge the attack and caused a lot of damage to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen even saw the existence of a level 20 Giant Wolf!

If not for the terrifying recovery effect of the Blade God, he would have died several times over!

Finally, after half an hour, Lu Chen stopped.

Although his HP was still more than 50%, his mind was indescribably tired.

At this moment, there were no more wolves around him, however!

Lu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. His level had also risen to level 10!

He did not even have the time to pick up the various gold coins and equipment on the ground when on the hill in front of him, a huge black shadow appeared!
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