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Chapter 180: Tang Family's Plaque Shattered

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Chapter 180 Tang Family’s Plaque Shattered!

Tang Feng let out a deep sigh. “This child is definitely a good seedling. If he is willing, I want to take him in as my personal disciple.”

No one realized that they had been calling Lu Chen this kid all along, and now they were calling him this child.

This change in address represented their recognition of Lu Chen.

Hearing Tang Feng’s words, the others were also shocked.

Tang Feng was a martial arts fanatic of the Tang family, and he also had the highest combat strength in the conventional world.

All of his thoughts were on practicing martial arts, and he had never thought of taking in a disciple.

Even Tang Zhantian’s eldest son, Tang Long, who had a high-grade spirit root to cultivate himself, had a talent that advanced by leaps and bounds.

The father and son duo wanted Tang Feng to take Tang Long in as a disciple, but Tang Feng mercilessly refused.

The reason was that he wanted to put all his energy into cultivation and surpass the ancestors of the Tang family in the future.

Now, he actually took the initiative to take Lu Chen as his disciple!

From this, one could see just how monstrous Lu Chen’s talent was.

Even though Lu Chen still lost six arms in the end and was unable to stop the giant fist in the sky from pressing down, he was able to hold on for more than 40 minutes.

This kind of battle record was definitely far superior to Han Tianyi’s.

Back then, Han Tianyi was known as a genius. Before he was even ten years old, he had already become a heaven-grade master. At the age of twelve, he was already in the acquired stage, at the age of fifteen, and at the age of seventeen, he had already reached the golden stage.

When Tang Zhantian and Han Tianyi first met, Han Tianyi was only 100 years old. At that time, his cultivation was already in the ascension stage.

It was precisely because of such a genius that the ancient martial arts aristocratic families were extremely fearful of him. In the end, they decided to kill him.

Thinking of this, everyone looked at Lu Chen with fiery eyes. All the brothers immediately crowded around him. They wanted to help him up and bring him out of this spiritual world.

At this moment, Tang Zhantian suddenly erupted with a violent aura and stopped everyone in their tracks. Then, he raised his thick eyebrows, “Don’t go over. That giant fist seems to have not dispersed yet.”

The others quickly looked up. Logically speaking, that giant fist had its own rules. When the person being tested was exhausted, it should have slowly dissipated.

However, at this moment, it was still half an inch above Lu Chen’s head. It did not fall, nor did it disperse. Instead, it continued to shake in mid-air, and its aura seemed very chaotic.

This situation was far beyond their expectations because even when they had tried to comprehend the fist intent many times, they had never encountered such a situation.

Even Tang Feng and Han Tianyi from a few 100 years ago had never encountered such a situation, and the huge fist that was originally calm and steady inside had now become even more chaotic.

Seeing this, the fourth brother had a bad premonition. He anxiously said, “We need to go and save him.”

Tang Zhantian’s brows furrowed even more tightly, and a faint sense of suspicion appeared in his eyes.

At this moment, he did not hesitate any longer and spoke, “Let’s go and save him together.”

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Right now, Tang Feng, who had been silent all this while, raised the sword in his hand and stopped everyone from going over.

The others did not understand why Tang Feng would stop everyone from saving Lu Chen.

The fourth brother, in particular, said anxiously, “We need to save him. It would be a pity if something really happened to him.” However, before he could finish his sentence, a burst of laughter came from afar.

Everyone immediately looked over and saw that Lu Chen, who had already tried his best to get down on one knee, had already raised his head and stared at the huge fist in the sky with a cold smile.

Finally, he muttered to himself, “I won…”

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Then, his vision went black and he fainted on the ground.

Everyone was extremely puzzled by this scene. It was not only because of Lu Chen’s words, but also because according to tradition, when the others could not withstand the fist intent, the fist intent would send the other party out of their world.

Although Lu Chen had collapsed on the ground and lost consciousness, he was still in here.

No one knew what had happened. All kinds of strange phenomena revealed that there were many unusual things in this place.

At this moment, the entire space seemed to have begun to shake. In just a few seconds, the shaking became more and more intense.

Before everyone could understand what was happening, another scene that left them dumbfounded appeared.

A crack actually appeared on the giant fist in the sky. This crack actually went straight up the dome and split open. After that, it continued to spread in all directions. One could see more and more densely packed cracks in the sky. Before everyone could react, an unbelievable scene appeared. The giant fist in the sky suddenly collapsed, turned into ashes, and dissipated. Everyone’s eyes widened. The scene in front of them was beyond their understanding. The fist intent left by the Tang family’s ancestor had disappeared!

“This isn’t a good sign!”

Tang Zhantian shouted, “This space is about to disappear. Let’s get out of here immediately!”

As he said that, the first reaction of the others was to quickly take Lu Chen away!

Otherwise, his spiritual consciousness would be destroyed along with the disappearance of this space.

Tang Feng was as swift as the wind, directly leaving behind an afterimage. Before everyone ran a few steps, he directly picked up Lu Chen in the distance. With a thought, he directly arrived in the real world!

Just as the few of them had just come out of the spiritual world and returned to their own bodies, everyone heard a shattering sound that they had never heard before. Everyone raised their heads and looked over.

The plaque was almost broken into two.

Seeing this, even Tang Zhantian and the other three, who had just returned to their bodies, did not bother to regulate their breathing. They stood up and subconsciously ran towards the mountain gate. The other Tang disciples were also shocked. In their minds, this plaque was supposed to be indestructible, and it was difficult for anything to penetrate.

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It was not as if no one had comprehended the fist intent within for thousands of years. No matter how talented Lu Chen was, how did the plaque shatter?

What was happening? For a moment, everyone was in a state of panic. They all turned their gazes towards the culprit, Lu Chen.

However, the culprit had already fallen into a deep coma in his spiritual world and had yet to wake up.

The five Tang brothers looked at the broken plaque on the mountain gate and felt mixed emotions.

However, they also knew that the Tang family had profited greatly this time. They had lost a plaque left behind by their ancestors in exchange for a disciple that would allow the Tang family to rest comfortably for many more years to come. Even if their ancestors had appeared, they would probably feel that they had profited greatly this time. The brothers immediately helped Lu Chen up from the ground and called Tang Hu, Tang Bao, and Tang Xiaoqing back to the Tang family’s main hall.
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