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Chapter 181: Lu Chen is Unconscious!

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Chapter 181 Lu Chen is Unconscious!

Tang Hu and Tang Bao carried Lu Chen and ran without rest. After all, they were in the aurous stage, so it was not a problem for them to carry a teenager.

When everyone else returned to the mountain gate, only Tang Zhantian and Tang Feng remained in front of the mountain gate. Tang Zhantian approached Tang Feng and asked in a low voice, “Are you alright?”.

Only when everyone had left did Tang Feng’s body start to tremble slightly.

After calming down for more than ten seconds, he waved his hand and said, “I’m fine. It’s just that in order to save Lu Chen, I retreated from the spiritual space a little later. I suffered from it, but it’s not too big of a problem.

“Right now, our top priority is to repair this plaque. At the same time, we must stop the news from spreading out. Don’t let anyone know what happened to Lu Chen today.”

Tang Zhantian nodded. “I agree. I’ll immediately arrange for the disciples of the Tang family to block the mountain gate. No one is allowed to go out.”

At this moment, Lu Chen and the others had already been brought to the mountain gate by the others. They came to a guest room to rest. The guest room was surrounded by quite a number of people.

Tang Zhanfeng and the other two brothers were here. Tang Hu, Tang Bao, Tang Xiaoqing, and Lu Chen’s pets were also here. All of them had anxious expressions on their faces. The third brother quickly went forward to feel Lu Chen’s pulse.

Among them, Tang Xiaoqing and Lan Weiwei had the most anxious expressions. It was more so for Lan Weiwei as there were tears welling in her eyes.

Although she had lived for more than 1,000 years, her heart was still kind and pure. When she saw that Lu Chen was injured, her heart was filled with grief.

At the same time, she had always been vigilant when it came to Lu Chen. If anyone here wanted to harm Lu Chen, she was prepared to take Lu Chen and run away.

Little Golden Dragon at the side tapped Lan Weiwei with his tail, hinting that she should not be too nervous.

He could feel that everyone had no ill intentions toward Lu Chen.

Tang Xiaoqing was so anxious that she was about to cry. She could not help but ask, “How is Lu Chen? Will he be alright?”

‘I thought they said that there would be no problems with comprehending this plaque… How did Lu Chen become like this?’

Tang Xiaoqing was also very anxious about all of this.

The second brother, Tang Zhanfeng, said, “The plaque of our Tang family’s mountain gate has been shattered, yet you didn’t even show a single bit of concern. Why did you talk to him like this after Lu Chen had been unconscious for a while?!”

Tang Xiaoqing was both anxious and angry about this matter. She retorted, “How can it be the same? It’s just a plaque. If it’s broken, we can just fix it. Lu Chen, Lu Chen is my favorite…”

At this point, Tang Xiaoqing’s face suddenly turned red. She changed her tone and said, “Lu Chen is my favorite… classmate. How can I let him get hurt?”

Tang Zhanfeng harbored evil intentions. He looked at Tang Xiaoqing with a mocking expression and dragged his words out, “Is that so? Just a classmate? Really?”

Tang Xiaoqing’s face instantly turned as red as a peach after being ridiculed by Tang Zhanfeng. From her forehead to her neck, her entire body flushed pink.

On the other hand, the fourth brother helped her out of her predicament and fiercely bumped into Tang Zhanfeng, he said, “Don’t talk nonsense.” After that, he comforted Tang Xiaoqing. “Don’t be afraid, Xiaoqing. Lu Chen will most likely be fine. All of us saved him. Don’t you know how strong we are?”

Hearing this, Tang Xiaoqing was relieved.

At this time, the third brother also finished taking his pulse. He let out a sigh of relief and said, “Alright, everyone, disperse. This child is fine. He just overworked his body. He’ll be fine after two days.”

Hearing this, Tang Xiaoqing calmed down, and the others also let out a sigh of relief.

Only Tang Bao looked at Tang Xiaoqing in disbelief. “Hey isn’t this Lu Chen the City Lord of White Fog City in the Second World? Are these two really the same person?! This kid was so cowardly when he was in primary school. Why is he so powerful now?”

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Seeing Tang Bao chattering away, Lan Weiwei’s face immediately revealed her displeasure, revealing two side fangs.

Little Golden Dragon even hissed with hostility. Even Rollie stopped eating his bamboo shoots. He looked at Lu Chen anxiously and then glared at Tang Bao.

Tang Xiaoqing was also unhappy and directly reached out her hand to Tang Bao.

Tang Bao was stunned and asked, “What? What do you mean?”

Tang Xiaoqing said, “You were the one who took the Disguise Mask of the first elder of the Dragon Country. Shouldn’t you return it now?”

Tang Bao hurriedly took two steps back with a surprised look on his face.

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“Yes, I took it. So what? Is it to help you and Lu Chen?

“If the first elder really has the nerve to ask me for it, then let him come. As long as he wants it, I’ll give it to him.”

Tang Bao puffed his chest and looked at the sky with slanted eyes. He could not help but shake his legs, looking as if he had his eyes set on the first elder’s demise.

He did not believe that the first elder, a martial arts senior who had lived for hundreds of years, would stoop so low as to ask for equipment from a junior like him.

When Tang Xiaoqing saw his scoundrel expression, she sneered and said, “The Disguise Mask has already been given to Lu Chen by the first elder, so now it’s Lu Chen who is looking for you to ask for the disguise mask!

“What? You still want to bully the weak and not give it to Lu Chen?!”

As soon as these words were said, Tang Bao was instantly stunned.

The reason why he dared to bring the Disguise Mask back then was because he was certain that the first elder had high seniority, so he relied on his low seniority and knew that the first elder would be embarrassed to ask for it.

Now, Tang Xiaoqing was also using this reason to shut Tang Bao’s mouth. This way, Tang Bao was really embarrassed to say anything to retort back.

Tang Bao rolled his eyes and then said, “Alright, alright, I’ll give it to him when he wakes up!”

After saying that, he took two steps back and was ready to sneak away.

What a joke! How could he give such a funny thing away so easily!

He had been mischievous and playful because he had heavily relied on the Disguise Mask. He would not want to give it to anyone who wanted it!

Lu Chen though? He might reconsider… might…

As long as Lu Chen does not find him for it, then he could still keep it, right?


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Tang Bao felt that he was really smart when he concluded this.

He hurriedly said, “I’m going down the mountain to do something. Isn’t he still unconscious? When I come back, I’ll give the thin to Lu Chen!”

At this time, the third brother saw through Tang Bao’s thoughts. He said with a faint smile, “Not so fast. From now on, all members of the Tang family must stay at their mountain gate. No one is allowed to leave.”

Hearing this, Tang Bao’s eyes widened. He turned around and said, “Alright, I won’t go. I’ll just stroll around the mountain gate!”

With that in mind, he turned and ran.
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