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Chapter 184

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The Tang family members looked at Lu Chen, growing more fond of him.

After that, Lu Chen continued, “White Fog City is currently in a weakened state. Although other players can enter normally and change their job classes, they can’t accompany me in battle. I haven’t thought of how to activate that yet.

“As for those who want to steal my White Fog City, it won’t be that easy. If they’re not strong enough, they’ll just be sending themselves to their deaths if they come to me.”

Tang Zhanfeng held the wine in his hand, and vaguely asked a question, “Then what if there’s someone stronger than you? How will you deal with them?”

The third brother also opened his mouth and asked, “I know that you’re a member of the Dragon Team, and a person favored by the first elder of the Dragon Country. Ordinary people won’t compete against you.

“However, just because they do not look for trouble with you on the surface does not mean that they will not give you trouble in the dark. If an expert really wants to set you up, I am afraid that you will not be able to defend yourself.

“I know that your combat ability is very strong. Even if an aurous stage cultivator comes, they may not be your match.

“However, you must know that the aurous stage and the soul stage are two completely different levels. Many aurous stage cultivators are no match for a soul stage cultivator.”

Hearing the brother’s words, Lu Chen’s brows furrowed slightly. In his opinion, the level of one’s cultivation did not represent the level of one’s strength. In front of a genius, no matter how high the level of an ordinary player was, they could still be insta-killed.

However , after hearing the words of the Tang family, he finally understood that there was actually such a thing as the soul stage.

Hearing this, Lu Chen’s brows furrowed tightly. Although the first elder’s strength was above average, he was still only at the spiritual stage. If he wanted to overpower the other ancient martial arts aristocratic families, he would probably have to rely on the technology of the country to intimidate them.

In today’s state of advanced technology, even high-level cultivators would find it difficult to withstand modern firepower. However, if a single person’s combat strength was so strong that even the guidance system was unable to lock onto it… then it would be a different story.

For example, for the current Lu Chen, once he has the support of the Swift

Boots, it would be difficult for the modern aiming system to lock onto him. Similarly, it would be the same for the golden stage, so there was no need to mention the soul stage… He might even be able to take on an ordinary machine

Facing such an opponent, Lu Chen really had no way out. However, he still would not hide. After all, he had seen the Tang family’s sincerity towards him. If the Tang family wanted to harm him, he would have died countless times.

He said honestly, “‘Thank you for your concern. I still have the ultra long distance teleportation scroll here. If it really comes to a critical moment, I will teleport myself to a safe place.”

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, Tang Zhantian and the rest of the Tang family felt a little more at ease.

Finally, Tang Zhantian nodded slowly and said, “‘Okay. In that case, ifyou encounter any danger, you might as well teleport to the Tang family.”

When he said this, the fourth brother’s face was full of smiles as he said, “That’s right. Child, you can teleport to the Tang family. This place will always be your home. In any case, we might be a family after a while.”

As soon as these words came out, Tang Xiaoqing, who had just entered the house, suddenly blushed and said shyly, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

The smile on the fourth uncle’s face did not diminish and he said, “Don’t think too much. I’m talking about your cousin, who is not young anymore. I think Lu

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Chen is a good match. Marrying her is a good choice.”

Seeing the few of them bickering, Lu Chen did not interrupt.

Tang Zhanfeng said, “Your daughter is already more than a hundred years old.

Isn’t she old enough to marry Lu Chen?”

At this time, the third brother inadvertently glanced at Tang Xiaoqing and deliberately said, “‘You’re wrong. She’s not old at all. For cultivators, their lifespan is a few hundred years. What’s the difference between just a few decades?

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“Moreover, I’ve seen his daughter before. She’s as beautiful as a flower and jade. It’s not a loss for Lu Chen to marry her.”

At this time, Tang Xiaoqing, who was still shy, suddenly stood up. Her eyes were full of anger. “No, I won’t allow Lu Chen to marry her!”

Tang Zhanfeng laughed and teased, “‘Oh, why not? Why won’t you let Lu Chen marry her?”

Tang Xiaoqing stammered as she lowered her head. Her eyes fluttered in all directions. She looked as if she was trying to find an excuse for herself. However, she could not find a suitable excuse for a long time. In the end, she gritted her teeth, puffed up her little face, and shouted loudly, “There’s no reason, just no way!”

For a moment, the entire hall was filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

In the end, Tang Zhantian waved his hand and stopped the farce. With a kind expression, he looked at Lu Chen and said, “Back when Lu Chen and Tang

Xiaoqing went to school together, you took care of my Xiaoqing quite a lot.

“Now, if you’re in trouble, I should return the favor. You can join our Tang family and become a member of our Tang family. However, our Tang family doesn’t need you to do anything. However, if you’re in trouble…

“You can use the teleportation scroll to teleport back here.

“If you become a disciple of our Tang family, then even if you’re really in danger, it’s only right for us to help you.”

Tang Zhantian’s words shocked Lu Chen. Originally, he thought that the Tang daily wanted to discuss the ownership of White Fog City with him. He was even thinking of how to protect his city without making things too difficult for Tang Xiaoqing to be the middle person.

He did not expect that now it seemed that he had underestimated the Tang’s magnanimity. Not only did they not demand White Fog City, but they had also even pointed out a bright path for him, and were willing to use the Tang’s strength to protect him.

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One had to know that the enemy who could force Lu Chen to flee in a sorry state must be very powerful. The Tang family was helping him without considering the reward.

This kind of behavior was completely inviting trouble onto himself. However , the Tang family’s head was still directly decided and directly agreed. Even the other four brothers did not have any qualms.

Lu Chen subconsciously opened his mouth to reject, “This… This is not appropriate. I should solve my own problems by myself. I am very grateful that you were able to save my life before this. After this, I would be extremely embarrassed to trouble you all again.”

The moment these words were said, everyone looked at Lu Chen with even more kindness. Tang Zhantian said, “Lu Chen, don’t be in a hurry to reject. We also have our own selfish motives. For a heaven gifted genius like you, it’s not just us. Any aristocratic family would take you in as a disciple.”When that time comes, they all have the responsibility and obligation to protect you. On the contrary, if our Tang family takes you in, we’ll be borrowing Tang Xiaoqing’s interest and taking advantage of a genius like you.”

Tang Zhantian’s words were truly wonderful. Not only did Lu Chen not be able to refuse, but he also gave him a way out..
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