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Chapter 185

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Hearing these words, Lu Chen no longer find any reason to reject.

As the second-largest ancient martial arts aristocratic family, the Tang family’s status was already very high.

Even though he was powerful, in front of them, he was nothing.

The other party was willing to let him join the Tang family mostly because of Tang Xiaoqing.

Moreover, he was already on good terms with Tang Xiaoqing, so it would not be inappropriate for him to join the Tang family.

He immediately stood up and cupped his hands slightly. “Thank you, thank you so much. I am willing to become a member of the Tang family.”

When the others saw Lu Chen agree, they were instantly gratified. At least they saved this kid for something. Although the Tang family’s mountain gate plaque was damaged, it was not taken advantage of by outsiders.

Finally, Tang Feng, who had not spoken all this while, said loudly, “From today onwards, Lu Chen, you are my personal disciple.”

Following that, Tang Feng fished out a token from his body and threw it to Lu Chen. “With this token, you can freely enter and exit the Tang family without any obstruction.

“If you meet someone from another aristocratic family outside and report my name, generally, no one will make things difficult for you.

“If there’s really something wrong and you have to make things difficult for me, bring them back if you have the ability. I would want to spar with that kind of person.”

When he said this, Tang Feng’s expression was calm, but at the same time, there was a faint trace of arrogance.

Lu Chen had long felt that among the five people seated at the top, although this person in front of him was the youngest, the aura on his body was indeed the most terrifying.

With every movement, there was a law energy lingering around his body, which was incomparably mysterious.

If he remembered correctly, in the world on the plaque, when he was unconscious, he had a vague impression that this person had saved him.

Immediately, Lu Chen’s favorable impression of him increased greatly. He no longer tried to avoid saymg, “Thank you, master!”

Tang Feng looked at Lu Chen with satisfaction, and his heart grew fonder of him.

This disciple’s potential was definitely greater than his own. This made Tang

Feng, who had never thought of taking in a disciple, develop a love for talent. Then, he took out a small box from his body.

He handed it over to Lu Chen again. “This is your welcome gift.”

Lu Chen took the small box and opened it to take a look. Inside was a high-grade medicinal pill that was surrounded by an alluring fragrance and

strong aura.

Although Lu had never seen a medicinal pill from the main world, he had seen some monsters drop them from their bodies in the Second World. The quality of those medicinal pills could not be compared to the one in front of him.

The medicinal pill in front of him had a pill fragrance lingering in the air. Just smelling it made him feel refreshed and relaxed. He felt as if all his muscles were relaxing comfortably.

“This pill was given to me by an alchemy expert a few years ago. Its name is the Thunder Pill.

I can see that your cultivation level has already reached the peak of the spiritual stage. After eating this pill, you will be able to reach the golden stage.”

Hearing these words, Lu Chen was overjoyed.

His strength had long reached the peak of the spiritual stage.

Even though in the Second World, he was able to continuously raise his strength, he could not do the same in the main world.

Who would have thought that he would actually be able to obtain a pill here to improve himself?

“Many thanks!”

After that, the two exchanged a few more simple matters, and everyone dispersed.

Lu Chen waited until he reached his room, then immediately closed the door.

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After carefully examining the Thunder Pill, the pets and Tang Xiaoqing also joined in the fun and took a look.

The pets were all extremely curious, and Little Golden Dragon even went up to take a sniff.

Rollie was even more tempted by the pill’s fragrance as compared to his bamboo shoots and almost wanted to eat it.

Lu swallowed it in one gulp, and instantly, there seemed to be a force in his body that was emitted from the pill and transmitted to all his limbs and bones.

Wherever it passed, all the meridians in his body seemed to have been opened up. The aura in his body was circulating freely and smoothly.

Tang Xiaoqing had experienced this feeling before. It was like a river flowing freely with no restraints.

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Following that, the spiritual energy in Lu Chen’s body revolved rapidly. The speed was extremely fast, and it faintly gathered in his abdomen.

The spiritual energy in his body continued to be purified and compressed, finally forming the shape of a pill!

The golden core was formed!

Lu Chen became a true golden stage expert. He felt that his every move was more powerful than before, and even his jumping became incomparably light.

At this moment, his strength, speed, and physical fitness had all received a huge improvement.

It had to be said that the Tang family was really Lu Chen’s treasure. He had only been here for two or three days, and his body had received a huge improvement in all aspects.

At this moment, his movement speed and jumping ability were no longer any slower than when he had put on the Swift Boots.

It had to be said that Lu Chen’s heart was filled with joy.

At this moment, Lu Chen suddenly remembered something. Then, he took out five pills from his virtual backpack.

“We killed so many monsters in the Second World’s Mass Grave. Do you remember that I asked you to collect all the bones?

Tang Xiaoqing nodded in confusion. However, the eyes of Little Golden Dragon and the other two spiritual pets were shining!

Back then, Lu not only asked them to collect the bones but also asked a lot of soldiers to help collect all the remains.

The soldiers were happy to do it. They did not even spare the fingernail-sized ones.

Lu Chen explained to Tang Xiaoqing, “This is the bloodline power extracted from the remains of the ancient beasts.

“Little Golden Dragon and the others have seen it before. This time, I discovered that the bloodline power can be extracted and compressed into a pill.

“Moreover, the bloodline power that a pill can withstand is limited. Out of the tens of thousands of corpses, a total of five bloodline power pills have been extracted. ‘


This was the first time Tang Xiaoqing had seen this thing.

She was a little curious. She took out one and looked at it carefully for a long time. There was no smell, but the surging bloodline power in the pill made her shocked

Most importantly, she could not even tell what the attributes were inside.

It was as if this bloodline power did not have any attributes.

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Before she could ask, Lan Weiwei and the others could not wait to take one each. They took it from Lu Chen and swallowed it.

This scared Tang Xiaoqing. “Hey, hey! Pay attention! If the bloodline power’s attributes are wrong, there will be problems. Your body might explode!”

However, what she was worried about did not happen!

Lan Weiwei and the others all looked very comfortable, and there was not the slightest bit of abnormality.

This was not right, they were not careful when they ate it!
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