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Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Lu Chen’s Transformation! 

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The enormous surge of power rampaged through his body, opening up his originally tiny meridians in a violent manner. 

His blood was also filled with power. It was as if the bloodline power was constantly expelling the impurities in Lu Chen’s body, separating them from his blood and removing them. 

Not only that, but the power of the bloodline also seeped into his bones, constantly tempering and increasing the density of his bones. 

At this moment, Lu Chen felt as if he was a piece of iron that was being hammered by a blacksmith thousands of times. 

The muscle fibers in his body were also broken through by the power of the bloodline in a barbaric way. They were reassembled, broken down, and reassembled again. 

In just a few seconds, his muscles have reassembled more than ten thousand times. It could be seen with the naked eye that Lu Chen’s muscles had doubled in size. 

Lu Chen’s originally skinny body was now filled with a sense of masculinity and strength. 

Even his slightly pale skin, which had been filled with the demeanor of the student, had become crystal clear and lustrous, like a piece of white jade. 

The pain that Lu Chen had endured was enormous and unprecedented. Even in the Second World, when his skin was torn apart by a ferocious beast, it was far less than one-thousandth of the pain he had just encountered! 

However, the pain that Lu Chen had experienced was worth it, because he discovered that his body had undergone an earth-shaking change from the inside out. 

If Lu Chen’s previous stage was a quantitative change, then reshaping the power of his bloodline and raising the level of his bloodline was a fundamental step for Lu Chen. 

This unique bloodline power awakened from the inside gave Lu Chen a huge innate improvement, allowing the system, which was originally just the foundation of an ordinary person, to change beyond the human limit. 

This time, the improvement of the power of the bloodline was far from as simple as in the previous stage. Not only was it extremely painful, but the whole process of the improvement even took up to an hour. 

It was not until Lu Chen collapsed on the bed that the process of forming his bloodline finally stopped. 

At this moment, Lu Chen seemed to be completely different from before. Not only was his body incomparably robust, but even his skin had also become extremely delicate. His facial features had undergone a certain degree of remodeling, and his entire demeanor was incomparably handsome. 

His height had also increased by a few centimeters, reaching the standard height of two meters. 

Due to the crazy growth of his bones and muscles, the clothes on his body had been torn to shreds. At the moment when the bloodline upgrade ended, his muscles had actually gradually contracted. Lu Chen was no longer as astonishing as before, instead, he had become more symmetrical, and his coordination and charm were not exaggerated. 

However, the feeling of strength within did not decrease in the slightest. Instead, it was as if his muscles had been refined, becoming even more solid. 

Little Golden Dragon used its tail to poke Lu Chen’s arm tentatively. The muscles were not only extremely smooth, they were even extremely elastic. 

However, within the elasticity, there seemed to be an impenetrable sense of toughness. 

Looking at the scene in front of him, Little Golden Dragon felt that Lu Chen’s current body defense was very likely stronger than his own. 

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Lan Weiwei saw that Lu Chen had fainted and asked anxiously in her heart, “Xiaoqing, is Lu Chen alright? Could something have happened to him?” 

As expected, she was worried. Xiaoqing could tell at a glance that Lu Chen was just exhausted due to the bloodline upgrade, but Lan Weiwei was still very nervous. 

Tang Xiaoqing quickly replied, “Don’t worry, Lu Chen is fine. It’s just that his body is exhausted. His bloodline has been upgraded, and it seems that his bloodline power is extremely powerful now. 

“If I’m not wrong, ordinary attacks can no longer penetrate his skin.” 

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Hearing this, Lan Weiwei’s eyes were filled with joy. “That’s great, Lu Chen has become stronger again.” 

Beside her, Rollie understood what Tang Xiaoqing said and was even more curious about Lu Chen’s body. Thinking of this, he stretched out a fingernail and lightly scratched Lu Chen’s skin. 

Seeing this scene, Lan Weiwei was a little angry. 

Although Rollie looked silly and cute, his attack power was not weak. 

Although it was only a light scratch, if it really hurt Lu Chen, it would not be good. If this was a beginner player, it was very likely that they would be killed in one wave. 

However, what surprised everyone was that Rollie used his sharp claws to scratch Lu Chen’s skin. Not only was there no wound on Lu Chen’s skin, there was not even a scratch. On the contrary, Rollie’s fingernails were slightly worn away from this one gesture. 

Everyone who saw this scene sucked in a breath of cold air. Just what kind of physique did Lu Chen have? To be able to reach such a terrifying level, wouldn’t Lu Chen’s defense be very high? 

One had to know that Rollie’s level had already reached level 20 and above, and his attack power was very shocking. Although it was just a slight slip, the damage was already no less than a vicious stab from a diamond dagger. 

Under such circumstances, not only was Lu Chen unharmed, but Rollie was also slightly injured. This kind of defense was really too perverse. This meant that if monsters below level 20 attacked Lu Chen, even if Lu Chen lay there and did not fight back, would he lose any HP? 

For a moment, the others had become curious. They actually took out some simple weapons and began to experiment on Lu Chen’s body… 

However, this did not cause any harm to Lu Chen at all. Instead, it was as if Lu Chen was being tickled and was forcefully awakened by the itch. 

He looked at these guys who treated him as a guinea pig and was a little speechless seeing the weapons in their hands. Then, he entered another room to take a shower and wash off all the stains on his body. 

By the time he returned to the room where Tang Xiaoqing was, he had already put on a new set of clothes. At this moment, he was two meters tall and looked handsome. His temperament was even more like that of an elegant young master. Anyone who looked at him would easily fall for him. 

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His current appearance made everyone envious. As for Tang Xiaoqing and Lan Weiwei, these two young girls who were in love with him, filled their eyes with splendor as their hearts pounded. 

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from outside the door. The person who came did not even knock on the door but directly pushed the door open and entered. It was Tang Bao. 

His eyes were filled with curiosity as he looked around the room. In the end, his gaze was fixed on Lu Chen’s back, he said, “Uncle told me that there was something happening here. He suspected that someone has awakened their constitution. Could it be you, Lu Chen?” 

When Lu Chen turned around and faced the door, he looked at Tang Bao in front of him and nodded slightly! Tang Bao could clearly see the physical change in Lu Chen’s body. His mouth instantly opened wide and his shoulders slacked forward with shock. 
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