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Chapter 189

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Chapter 189: Strength is Important! 

Tang Bao was shocked by what he saw! 

“D*mn, is that you, Lu Chen?! Weren’t you about one point eight meters tall when you first came here. How did you get taller than me?” 

Tang Bao looked around Lu Chen in disbelief. He looked around carefully and almost tore Lu Chen’s clothes off to check for himself 

After looking at him for a long time, Tang Bao said in surprise, “No wonder there was a shocking phenomenon happening. It turns out that it’s you awakened your bloodline.” 

Tang Bao’s face was full of joy as he sincerely wished him well. However, he suddenly thought of something. He suddenly paused and asked in surprise, “Wait… Isn’t the bloodline something that is predestined? How did you extract it? How did you activate it? Quick, quick, tell me, as a repayment for the favor I helped you to beat up your classmates when you were young!” 

In his anxiety, Tang Bao actually told the story of how he pretended to be Lu Chen and beat up elementary school students. 

One had to know that Tang Bao was already over fifty years old at that time. Although he looked young, that was because the lifespan of cultivators was long. 

However, for someone in his fifties to beat up a primary school student, he had scared the other primary school students out of their wits. 

This matter was indeed a little embarrassing, but for the sake of obtaining the power of the bloodline, what was so embarrassing about telling them now? 

Looking at the excited Tang Bao, Lu Chen finally understood that it was this Tang Bao who had pretended to be him when he was young and beat up those male students who bullied him. 

Thinking of this, Lu Chen felt a little grateful. 

Bullying in school had always been a very troublesome problem for him. If he let those bad guys bully him until he grew up, Lu Chen would probably have a harder time in life, he would not be as lively and cheerful as he was now. 

Lu Chen smiled and said, “Back in the Second World, I got a gold-grade medicinal pill. Unfortunately, there was only one, and I’ve already eaten it. In the future, if I get it again, I’ll give it to you.” 

Of course, Lu Chen did not say that all of his proficiency had reached the max level and that he had the title of the Taming God, which could increase the power of his bloodline. 

This was his biggest secret. Once it was found out by others, he would be in a dangerous position. 

Although Lu Chen knew that the reason why all of his proficiency could reach the highest level was because he had been stuck in the Second World for a thousand years with a bug. 

However, no one else knew about it. 

If everyone knew that he had such a skill with the highest level of proficiency, he would probably be captured and used as a lab rat. 

To take a step back, even though he had a very good relationship with the Tang family, in the face of huge benefits, no one could guarantee that people would not be swayed by his greed. 

Moreover, if it was really accidentally spread and other people with ulterior motives heard about it, it was likely that not only himself, but even the Tang family would be in danger. 

Currently, the Tang family was only ranked second among the ancient martial arts aristocratic families. It was far from being able to monopolize the other families. 

The reason why he was able to stand here steadily was that the benefits he had were not enough for others to shake the Tang family. However, if his biggest secret was exposed, then everyone would attack the Tang family in a frenzy. 

Just like the expert who was buried in the Mass Grave. People always had their own trump cards and biggest secrets. No matter how close they were, they should not easily reveal them. 

Otherwise, not only would they bring danger to themselves, but they might bring it to the people around them. 

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Lan Weiwei and the other spiritual pets naturally would not expose Lu Chen. Lu Chen’s strength was far beyond their imagination. There must be a huge secret behind him not sharing it, so they kept quiet. 

As for Lu Chen’s new spiritual pet, Tang Xiaoqing could naturally feel that there was something special about Lu Chen. However, as Lu Chen’s best friend, she would definitely keep it a secret for Lu Chen. 

After hearing Lu Chen’s words, Tang Bao did not overanalyze them. On the contrary, his face was full of joy. “Good, you’re really generous, kid. I gave you a mask for a reason. You’re really smart.” 

Upon hearing this, the corners of Lu Chen’s mouth twitched slightly. After all, this Tang Bao had helped him when he was young. It would not be good to slap his face in front of him. 

However, Tang Xiaoqing bluntly snorted.  

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“That mask was originally given to Lu Chen by the first elder. You’ve played with it for so many years, and now you want to ask Lu Chen for a favor for free? Dream on!” 

Tang Xiaoqing exposed him right away. Tang Bao did not feel guilty at all. Instead, he acted as if it was a matter of course. “The first elder has already lent me this thing. I’ve been using it all this time! 

“If I hadn’t taken out the Disguise Mask, Lu Chen wouldn’t have needed it, right?” 

Tang Xiaoqing did not want to care about him and only rolled her eyes. That shameless look of his was exactly the same as his father. He really was his father’s son. He looked as if what he did was not wrong. 

Lu Chen felt that Tang Bao was a good person. He was loyal and easy-going. He did not care about trifles. 

Lu Chen felt that it was very interesting to see the siblings quarreling. After all, he did not have siblings. His parents had already passed away, and he did not have any siblings. He had always been lonely. 

When he saw the two of them quarreling, he felt a warmth in his heart. 

When the two of them had calmed down, Lu Chen said, “Alright, it’s time for me to leave. I have been in the Tang family for quite some time. It’s time for me to return to the Mass Grave to raise my level.” 

The pressure in Lu Chen’s heart was still very great. He was facing the covetous eyes of foreign forces, and the ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the country also had some opinions about him. 

Being protected by the first elder all year round was ultimately not a long-term solution. Even if the Tang family stood behind him, Lu Chen still felt unaccustomed to it. 

It was not because he was embarrassed, but because he felt that he did not want to cause trouble for the Tang family. If one day his secret really could not be kept, then the Tang family would definitely face a catastrophe. 

Therefore, the best way was to strengthen himself. When that time came, no matter who came to cause trouble for him, it would not pose a problem. 

Tang Xiaoqing and the others nodded one after another. 

Lu Chen nodded slightly. “Okay, I’ll go get the car now, and then we’ll go together.” 

At this time, Tang Bao’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Hey, Lu Chen, are you going to the Second World to farm monsters? Bring me along! 

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“Xiaoqing mentioned that you’re level thirty-nine, right? 

“Actually, I’m not much lower than you. I’ve been working hard since you joined the Tang family. Now, I’ve reached level 43! 

“How about it? 

“Do you want to consider farming monsters with me? I’ll help you fight a gold boss together!” 
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