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Chapter 19

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On the hill, the bright moonlight illuminated the area.

With the help of the moonlight, Lu Chen gradually saw the appearance of a swift-moving black shadow!

It was the Wolf King clad in snow-white fur. Under the breeze of the strong wind, its eyes were filled with compassion. The sound of falling leaves around it was like a hymn, filling its appearance with a holy feeling.

Lu Chen seemed to feel human-like emotions in its eyes.

Was it odd to learn that a wild monster could be filled with complex emotions?


As the Wolf King howled, the valley echoed itself back.

The silver moonlight gathered on the Wolf King’s body as specks of dust flittered around its body.

The information about the Wolf King appeared in Lu Chen’s mind.

[Ancient Wolf King]

[Level: 20 (silver)]

[HP: 100,000]

[Attack: 8,000]

[Defense: 100]

[Magic Defense: 100]

[Skill: Howling Moon]

[Howling Moon: An exclusive skill of the ancient wolves. There will be different effects depending on the awakening of the bloodline. ]

[The Wolf King howls at the moon. It now deals 1,000 magic damage per second to enemies under the moonlight. Lasts for 20 seconds!]

[The Wolf King howls at the moon. It has strengthened its body, giving it a chance to awaken the bloodline in its body and complete its transformation! Cooldown time is 3 months]

Lu Chen was shocked. This was the first time he had seen such a skill that lasted for this long. Ever since the appearance of the exclusive equipment, this so-called exclusive skill had also appeared.

As for the Ancient Wolf King, there was no information about it on the official website of the Second World at all!

Moreover, how could such an early boss have 100,000 HP?

Plus, its attack power was as high as 8,000 points!

Was this really a level 20 boss?

How could a bunch of players who have never gone through a class change defeat such a monster?

Apart from that, even the Howling Moon skill was just as ridiculous as the whole situation. This skill deals 1,000 magic damage per second to the enemies under the moonlight and even lasts for a full 20 seconds!

How in the world was Lu Chen going to defeat such a beast?

The most absurd thing was that the opponent had an unknown strengthening effect!

Right when Lu Chen was thinking about ways to defeat the boss, the Ancient Wolf King pounced towards him!

Its speed was so quick that it moved like a flash of lightning!

Fortunately, Lu Chen immediately switched to his Dark Shura form and disappeared into the void!

The Ancient Wolf King pounced into the air, letting out a furious roar in the valley as it barely missed its opponent.

In the shadows, one could see Lu Chen gripping tightly on a blade, ready to attack. His attack power rose, directly breaking through to 2,000 points!

“One Hit Kill!”

Lu Chen’s body appeared behind the Ancient Wolf King like a ghost, and his dagger directly pierced into its fur!


A bright red number floated up!

The Wolf King felt the pain and let out a loud roar. Its sharp claws brushed past the tip of Lu Chen’s nose in retaliation.

One Hit Kill did not manage to kill the beast, so Lu Chen once again entered the darkness!

His heart sank slightly. This Wolf King’s health bar was too high. Having 100,000 HP, and 6,000 damage in one attack, it was simply impossible to kill him!

According to this rate of progress, he would have to make at least 16 moves!

For each time he exposes himself from the shadows, he would be vulnerable to the Wolf King’s attack!

That strike just now could have almost taken his life right there and then!

The stakes were high, but he had no other choice but to carry out with this plan!

Lu Chen could only brace himself and hide patiently in the dark. Finally, a moment later, he found another opportunity to strike.

The Wolf King’s HP was reduced by 6000 points again.

However, only 10% of the total HP was reduced.

This made Lu Chen very nervous. If he had not switched to his Shield God form at the critical moment, he would have been instantly killed. Even so, he still received 800 damage points.

His HP was only left with less than 500 points now!

During this period of time, he would not be able to withstand a single strike from the Ancient Wolf King!

Lu Chen hid in the darkness, waiting for his HP to recover while he waited for an opportunity to strike yet again.

Finally, half an hour later.

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Lu Chen attacked with all his might, and the dagger slashed across the Wolf King’s neck!

It took away another 6,000 HP!

In the valley, the giant Ancient Wolf King turned extremely furious!

It was an extremely powerful beast, that was why the humans that invaded the Wolf Valley refused to fight it head-on!

Fortunately, the sneak attacks Lu Chen did were going well!

As long there was an opportunity, he would appear like a poisonous snake!

He would give his opponent a vicious blow!

He had no choice but to focus 200% of his attention on his surroundings at all times.

Thus, the man and the wolf were stuck in a stalemate.

Ten hours had passed!

Lu Chen’s mind was on the verge of collapsing. During these ten hours, he had only found seven opportunities to attack!

After his HP was fully recovered, he had taken another blow from the Wolf King!

Thankfully, he relied on the Shield God to absorb some of the damage, causing him to only have a decrease in HP.

On the other hand, the other party still had 40,000 HP left!

As for the Ancient Wolf King, its originally agile eyes were no longer as agile as before!

Its consciousness started to become somewhat scattered.

Both parties were now spent!

At this moment, dawn was on its way. The darkness around them was beginning to fade away.


Another slash. In the darkness, a wolf could be heard letting out a pained cry towards the valley!

Anger and humiliation surged into the Wolf King’s heart. This was the Wolf Valley that they have guarded for generations. The Wolf King would absolutely not let outsiders in!

Thus, the Wolf King raised its head to let out a howl that pierced through the cloud!

Immediately, the dark clouds dissipated, and a huge, pure white moon appeared in the night sky.

Everything in the valley could now be seen much more clearly. The strong wind blew across the grass, and the fur of the Ancient Wolf King swayed with the wind!

The Ancient Wolf King howled at the Moon!

Lu Chen’s scalp went numb!

He wanted to hide, but the moonlight covered the entire world. There was no way he could hide from this.

Beams of moonlight shed the ground, as though they were limelight. However, each beam was like a sword, and it directly pierced through Lu Chen’s body.


The moment he saw the bright red number, he knew that he was done for. Lu Chen’s mouth was filled with bitterness. This silver-level boss was too much of a challenge to be picked on now.

After enduring for more than ten hours, it was all in vain. Right as he was about to give up, the system notification sounded again.

[Your death proficiency has increased to the highest level. You have obtained the title — Undead.]

[Undead: Your understanding of death has reached an unfathomable level. When you die in battle, there is a 50% chance of resurrection. You can be resurrected up to three times in a row. Your skills will increase as the player’s level increases!]

A white light enveloped Lu Chen. Due to his low HP, he was resurrected at full condition!

In his ecstasy, Lu Chen did not have time to do anything unnecessary and immediately activated his Shield God form!

With that, he used it to block the damage from the moonlight!
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