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Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: Tang Feng, City Lord of Qingfeng City! 

Hearing Tang Bao bragging about himself, Little Golden Dragon curled his lips slightly and did not say a word. 

Little Golden Dragon thought to himself, ‘Haven’t I, a gold boss, already been subdued? 

‘Why would he need you?’ 

Tang Xiaoqing snapped, “Lu Chen doesn’t need you at all! With me and him farming gold bosses together, we won’t be held back.” 

Tang Bao was still not annoyed by Tang Xiaoqing’s teasing. He grinned and said, “That’s fine. With one more person, we’ll have more strength. When we encounter a powerful opponent, I can help you guys solve some problems.” 

Tang Xiaoqing was about to continue teasing Tang Bao when Lu Chen patted her back and said to Tang Bao with a smile, “Alright, let’s go together.” 

Tang Bao’s heart was slightly shaken. He could finally fight aside Lu Chen! 

Back then, when he did not know that Lu Chen was the person he had helped back then, he had wanted to meet this White Fog City’s City Lord countless times in his heart. 

If it were not for the fact that the Tang family had some matters to attend to… Which was the issue of him being in the Dragon Team. If it were not for the fact that he was afraid that the first elder would take back the mask, he would have long wanted to go and meet him. 

He was secretly competing with Lu Chen in his heart. It was said that Lu Chen was very likely to be the number one player in the Second World. Today, he just had to see if this Lu Chen was stronger than him! 

In fact, he was still very unconvinced with Lu Chen’s skills. Back then, he was clearly such a little brat, but in the blink of an eye, he had become an aurous stage cultivator. 

It seemed that he was about to be on the same level as him. 

Therefore, these few days when Lu Chen was with the Tang family, Tang Bao had been working hard to farm monsters. Only then did he become a level 43 player. 

The reason why he wanted to kill monsters with Lu Chen was also that he wanted to show off his strength. To put it bluntly, he was just showing off. 

In the future, if word got out that even the number one big shot in the world, Lu Chen, was his underling, how awe-inspiring would that be! 

At this moment, Tang Bao was already starting to fantasize about how Lu Chen would be his underling. 

Shaking his head, he prepared to leave. After bidding farewell to Lu Chen, Tang Feng, Tang Zhantian, and the others, they immediately went down the mountain. 

On the peak of the mountain, Tang Feng, and Tang Hu looked at the departing vehicle thoughtfully. Tang Hu asked Tang Feng, “The Second World has released an announcement a few days ago. In five months, we will be able to open up a path from White Fog City to Qingfeng City. 

“White Fog City is incomparable to Qingfeng City in terms of size and strength. 

“With Lu Chen’s strength, even if he came to Qingfeng City, it wouldn’t be easy for him. Why didn’t you tell Lu Chen that you were the City Lord of Qingfeng City?” 

At this moment, if Lu Chen and the others were here, they would definitely be extremely shocked. 

Who would have thought that Tang Feng was actually the City Lord and that White Fog City — which had been abandoned for many years —was actually a subsidiary city of Qingfeng City? 

This was also something that Tang Feng had discovered by accident when he was searching through ancient books recently. 

If it was not for the mission issued by the Second World, no one would have noticed such an abandoned city. 

A light breeze brushed past Tang Feng’s face, blowing up his sideburns that had a wisp of white hair. 

That’s right, not only was Tang Feng an expert of the Tang family, he was also the City Lord of Qingfeng City in the Ghana Empire. 

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The entire territory of Qingfeng City was under Tang Feng’s command. 

It could be said that as long as Tang Feng was willing, countless experts of Qingfeng City would listen to his arrangements, and together, they would trample over the six great silver territories. 

Of course, this was not the case for the incomparably strange Mass Graves, the deathly aura covered every corner of that place. If they trample over that place, Qingfeng City would probably suffer heavy losses as well. 

Tang Feng smiled faintly. “Lu Chen’s potential is enormous. A genius like him needs to be tempered through countless hardships in order to take one step at a time and finally walk on his own path. 

“A fate that goes too smoothly will only make the geniuses arrogant.” 

Then, he asked, “Tang Hu, why don’t you go and farm monsters with them?” 

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Tang Hu’s expression was cold as he replied in a deep voice, “My strength has already broken through its peak. Recently, I have to use my energy to suppress my cultivation to prevent myself from breaking through too early.” 

Hearing this, Tang Feng nodded slightly, “Yes, in a few months, the trial of the Demon Sealing Valley will begin. Only those below the soul stage can enter. 

“You must suppress your strength well. If you want to break through, you must also breakthrough through the Demon Sealing Valley. That way, you won’t be rejected by the rules.” 

Hearing this, Tang Hu nodded heavily. 

Tang Feng took a deep breath as if recalling something. Sinking into his memories, he opened his mouth and said, “Back then, it was also in the Demon Sealing Valley that I obtained the inheritance of a Peerless Sword Saint in one fell swoop I was able to get to where I am today. 

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to hold on to my position as the City Lord of Qingfeng City with my strength at the peak of the aurous stage. 

“It’s a pity that I can’t help you obtain the treasures in the Demon Sealing Valley. I only hope that these little fellows in front of me can increase their strength as soon as possible. When the time comes, I will lend you a hand.” 

Although Tang Xiaoqing was the reincarnation of a great being and Lu Chen was a heaven-gifted genius, in Tang Feng’s eyes, they were still incomparable to Tang Hu. 

This was because once Tang Hu stepped into the soul stage in the Demon Sealing Valley, his strength would be able to crush an aurous cultivator. 

According to his guess, even in the Second World, there was definitely an insurmountable gap between the peak of the aurous stage and the soul stage. One had to reach a certain level before they could cross it. 


When Lu Chen and the others arrived at the hotel, it was already eight in the evening. 

At this time, the moon was hanging high in the sky. The warriors of the Dragon Team were also ready and standing in the middle of the hall. 

However, this time, there were changes in the game pod. 

First, from the outer to the inner, the order was from the weaker warriors to the stronger warriors. 

The stronger the warriors were, the closer they were to the center. The center was where Lu Chen, Tang Xiaoqing, and the few pets were at. 

This arrangement was made so that Lu Chen would be the last to be hurt if the hotel was in danger. After all, as long as Lu Chen was alive, the strength of the Dragon Team would be heavily protected. 

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However, if something happened to Lu Chen and Tang Xiaoqing, then all the members of the Dragon Team would be in trouble. 

Although the Dragon Country had sent a rather powerful force to guard the area and even specially transferred a reinforcement team, the first elder still felt a little worried. 

Lu Chen’s game pod had also undergone some changes. The original ordinary game pod of Lu Chen had undergone a series of changes here. Not only had the space become three times its original size, but it did not look crowded or dull at all. 

Even the bottom of the gaming pod had been specially designed by a well-known domestic designer to tailor a top-grade latex mattress according to Lu Chen’s figure. 
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