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Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: Lu Chen’s Increased Atributes! 

At this moment, Tang Bao was already ahead of the group.

He had the aura of a man who could take on ten thousand enemies in one go! 

Even though Tang Bao’s current condition seemed unusual, Lu Chen acted as if he did not see anything and did not say a word. 

Tang Xiaoqing inadvertently glanced at Lu Chen and was shocked to find that Lu Chen had already closed his eyes as if he was in a meditative state. 

She gently pushed Lu Chen, but he did not react at all. It was obvious that he had received some kind of higher message. 

Liu Yuan had noticed this too, which made her a little nervous. She did not know when it started, but Lu Chen seemed to have become her backbone. She had obvious reasons for being nervous. The enemies this time were more than before. Under such circumstances, if Lu Chen fell into a deep sleep, this battle would not be easily won. 

Liu Changping, who was beside her, seemed to have sensed her worry, and gave a rare serious smile. 

“Liu Yuan, you are a member of the Dragon Team before you met Lu Chen. You have to remember, if you want to become a peer with Lu Chen, then become stronger. Don’t let yourself fall behind.” 

Hearing this, Liu Yuan came to her senses. 

Yes, her combat strength was comparably well. She had always been a female warrior who could take care of herself. 

If she could not become stronger, how could she be Lu Chen’s teammate? 

If she could not defend against the first wave of attacks, does that mean she would live under Lu Chen’s wings for the rest of her life? 

While she contemplated, turns out, Lu Chen was not fast asleep. Instead, he was deep in shock! 

Because at this moment, all the data about him and his spiritual pets had changed, and it was an earth-shattering change! 

During this period of time, Lu Chen had comprehended the fist intent, raised his cultivation to the aurous stage, awakened the power of his bloodline, made Tang Xiaoqing his pet, and put the elf egg as his spiritual pet. 

This series of operations allowed him to obtain an unprecedented improvement. At this moment, the Second World was calculating the changes in the data of his body. 

All of Lu Chen’s attack power, defense, attack speed, and so on, were rolling up at an incredible speed! 

[Name: Morning Mist] 

[Level: 49] 

[Class: Sword Saint (now able to change class to War God)] 

[Titles: Fist God (hidden), Sword God (hidden), Shield God (hidden), Axe God (hidden), Blade God (hidden), All-rounded master (hidden)] 

[Vitality: 9,500] 

[Strength: 8,356] 

[Agility: 6,381] 

[Intelligence: 5,612] 

[HP: 67,030] 

[MP: 68,000] 

[Attack: 82,860] 

[Attack Speed: 32] 

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[Defense: 3,850] 

[Magic Defense: 2,100] 

[Reputation: 33,096] 

[White Fog City Lord Set: Every attack in battle can increase a player’s attack power by 1%! In White Fog City, all damage caused will be increased by 100%, and the attributes will be doubled. You can control the movement of White Fog City. In White Fog City, you will be immune to 99% of all damage! Magic damage received in White Fog City will be reduced by 90%. The player’s magic resistance will be calculated on White Fog City. HP will be shared in White Fog City and will recover 100% HP every second! Can be teleported to any corner of White Fog City! Skills used in White Fog City will have no cooldown and will recover 100% maximum MP every second.] 

[Item 1, Epic-level teleportation scroll: Can be teleported to any corner within a 100,000-mile radius, regardless of barriers] 

[Item 2, Class change to Sword God Scroll: Find a Sword God class change master, and turn yourself into a Sword God. 

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[Item 3, Shadow Dagger: Gold weapon. When using the Shadow Dagger, the weapon will have a hidden attribute bonus, its attack power will increase by 500%! Players can hide in the shadows. Passive skill reduces enemies’ physical attack by 99%, and reduces magic attack by 50%] 

[Item 4, Sky-piercing Mirror: Gold weapon. Can block an attack with 100 million attack power, or withstand 10 million magic attack power. A one-time use weapon!] 

[Item 5, Heaven-cleaving Sword: Silver equipment. Can deal 10,000 damage to the enemy. A certain chance to trigger a fivefold critical hit! A low chance to trigger Spatial Cleavage to cut enemies into pieces and cripple them, reducing their attack power!] 

[Item 6, Raging Flame Blade: Silver equipment. The attack range will automatically increase by 10 times. At the same time, an unknown flame will be generated on the enemy who is attacked. The flame will burn the enemy for three seconds. The HP loss per second will be 5% to 100% of the attack power] 

[Item, 7 Swift Boots: Movement speed increased twofold. Can burst out 20 times the speed during critical moments, ranges up to 100 meters.] 

[Item 8, Disguise Mask: Silver equipment. Reshapes face and body to whatever player desires to be.] 

[Item 9, Exoskeleton Wingsuit: Silver equipment: Can glide in the sky and stay in the air for a short period of time.] 


[Golden Dragon ] 

[Owner: Morning Mist] 

[Name: Little Golden Dragon] 

[Intimacy: 65] 

[Level: 45] 

[HP: 4,544,000] 

[Attack: 375,000] 

[Defense: 280,800] 

[Magic Defense: 244,584] 

[Skills: Water Control, Water Domain, Crazy Dragon’s Breath, Golden Gaze, Body Shrink.] 

[Water Control: The exclusive skill of the Golden Dragon. It will have different effects depending on the awakening of its bloodline. It creates a water domain and controls the water within the domain. It can control the blood in the body of a living creature! There is a certain chance to directly extract the enemy’s HP and replenish it on one’s own body. At most, it will be one-third of the enemy’s total HP. It can only be used once in a single battle! There is even a chance to awaken the bloodline in the body and complete the transformation!] 

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[Water Domain: Your pet can control the water within the domain and can control the blood in the body of other creatures!] 

[Crazy Dragon Breath: Spits out a dense fog filled with poison, covering an area of 1 square kilometer. Any enemy who inhales the poison would lose 2,000 HP every second, this lasts until the enemy dies.] 

[Golden Gaze: The Three-eyed Golden Dragon is an ancient mutant. It was originally a Three-eyed Golden Python. A few hundred years ago, it received the heavenly tribulation and became a Three-eyed Golden Dragon. Its third eye was the horn of a dragon! When the giant Python uses this skill, it could freeze the opponent for one second! Within that one second, all of the opponent’s defense will be lost! Can only be used twice per day!] 

[Body Shrink: Can change its own size within a certain range, has no effect on combat strength and speed.] 
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