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Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: Tang Bao’s Astonishing Combat Power! 

Tang Bao’s Sand Domain was born for slaughter. It did not have any control skills, and it did not need to slow down the enemy, it also did not need to reduce the damage received by the enemy. The only effect was to increase the attack power! 

That almost solidified killing intent would often make everyone’s heart tremble. The timid ones would not even be able to move. If it was not for the fact that the Dragon Team warriors here had been wandering between life and death all year round, they might have already collapsed at this moment. IT was worse for those who did not have much experience, they could no longer bear the killing intent and collapsed. 

Finally, countless monsters appeared in the distant forest. The surging aura made even the top-notch warriors of the Dragon Country feel a little nervous. 

However, at this moment, the killing intent that they felt suddenly decreased by a lot. To be precise, it was almost as fast as lightning and disappeared without a trace. The killing intent did not disappear. Instead, it was like a raging tide, instantly spreading a kilometer away. 

At almost the same time, the monster tide in the distance seemed to regard a certain distance as the dividing line. All the monsters that entered this dividing line instantly lost control of their bodies and became stiff. 

This was especially true for the low-level monsters. Due to the intense fear in their bodies, they could no longer move their limbs. However, due to the high-speed running earlier, their inertia was too great. Their speed did not decrease, and they could not stop their momentum as each and everyone one of them fell forward. 

The monsters that had not entered the domain were not prepared at all. They continued to run forward with all their strength. They were tripped by the monsters that suddenly fell up front, causing a ruckus. 

For a moment, all the monsters were like dominoes, falling one after another. For a moment, the entire horde of monsters turned upside down, as if a building had collapsed. 

The monsters that were originally full of vigor had experienced such a huge change and did not know what to do. Only a few monsters that were above level 20 could stabilize their bodies under such circumstances and readjust themselves. 

However, under such circumstances, it was difficult for them to avoid stepping on their own kind. In just a few seconds, Tang Bao did not even swing his sword. The monster charging formation was already in a mess. 











Tens of thousands of monsters were lying on the ground, and the monsters behind them were charging forward recklessly. In an instant, tens of thousands of red numbers appeared on the battlefield! 

In addition, some of the monsters were even trampled on more than once until their bodies were crushed into pieces. 

Tang Bao had given tens of thousands of attacks from this Sand Domain. Although this attack was not from him, all the damage was recorded on his head! 

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The way everyone looked at Tang Bao instantly changed, because at this moment, Tang Bao, who was originally level 43, had become level 45! 

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked. After all, there had not been any direct profits yet, and Tang Bao had already leveled up two levels in less than a minute! 

After all, leveling up was something that was more difficult the further one went, the more experience points needed. 

Everyone was instantly shocked. 

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After all, even Lu Chen was only level 39 before this, and it took some time to get to that point. 

However, Tang Bao, who felt his strength increase exponentially, became even more sinister. The smile on his face became even more maniacal! 

With the rapid increase in his level, his killing domain became stronger and stronger. Under the influence of this powerful Sand Domain, even level 20 monsters were faintly affected by his Sand Domain, their figure and running speed decreased slightly. 

Due to the slight decrease in speed, it had already caused the already chaotic monster tide to become even more chaotic. There were even monsters over level 20 that were injured, this attack had already caused the loss of more than 5,000 monsters. Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked! 

“D*mn, can monsters be killed like this?” 

“I thought I was in the acquired stage and was already an elite in the Second World. Now, compared to Tang Bao, I’m a piece of trash!” 

“When I saw that the number of monsters in front of me had reached nearly 50,000, I thought that more than half of the members of the Dragon Team would die here. Now, it seems that with Tang Bao joining us, we won’t be so miserable anymore.” 

“I now think that Tang Bao might even be stronger than Lu Chen!” 

“That’s not possible, right? We’ve all seen how powerful Lu Chen is. Tang Bao is indeed powerful, but this is based on the fact that he’s using the Sand Domain. He used a trick up his sleeve.” 

“I’m envious. I want to be like him too.” 

Tang Bao’s action had indeed changed the worldview of everyone in the Dragon Team. Originally, everyone was in a serious position and dared not to say anything. However, when they saw the scene in front of them, they could not help but start to discuss it. 

Many people even felt that Tang Bao’s strength had surpassed Lu Chen’s. 

However, the scene that shocked everyone was just the beginning for Tang Bao! 

Tang Bao shouted and rushed out abruptly. At this moment, he was even faster than the members of the Dragon Team. 

Back then, Lu Chen was only at the spiritual stage. With the addition of the Swift Boots, his speed could reach the speed of running 100 meters in two to three seconds. 

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However, at this moment, Tang Bao only needed one second to appear 100 meters away. 

What made it even more difficult for everyone to accept was that Tang Bao’s Sand Domain still had the effect of increasing the number of deaths caused by the horde of monsters. Therefore, while Tang Bao was charging forward, his strength was constantly increasing, the scene in front of them made everyone’s eyes turn green with envy. 

Not to mention the Dragon Team’s warriors, even Lu Chen was stunned when he saw this scene. He had never thought that leveling up could be done this way. However, it could not be solely based on Tang Bao’s strength, if it was not for the fact that Lu Chen was protecting the warriors of the Dragon Team who were training, he could have charged into the horde by himself and used his Blade God’s skill to suppress the tide in all aspects. 

Lu Chen’s Blade God title was very powerful in terms of attack power. Not only did it have the effect of a critical hit, but it could also suppress everything within a hundred meters. 
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