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Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: Tang Bao is the King of Group Battles! 

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In other words, once Lu Chen used the Blade God’s skill in front of the horde, the entire horde would be in deep trouble. 

Wherever Lu Chen passed, not a single blade of grass would grow, and almost all of them would die! 

Unless it was a silver boss, normal monsters would not be able to withstand Lu Chen’s attack. 

Tang Bao finally arrived in front of the horde. He raised the blade in his hand and swung it down paired with a loud roar! 

His blade was already two meters long. However, under his attack, the blade turned into a thousand-meter-long giant blade and slashed down at the horde rather than having a short-range attack! 

In front of the huge horde, this thousand-meter-long blade swept away all the monsters in its path! 

A ditch that was several meters deep was left on the ground. A strong storm burst out from the ditch, and it was pushed to both sides! 

The monsters near the ditch were even blown into pieces by the huge impact. 

Even the monsters that were far away were still affected by the sudden burst of wind. They were sent flying and fell heavily to the ground. 






The effect of Tang Bao’s slash was astonishing. The entire horde was instantly split into two halves, and the red dots that rose from within all numbered in the tens of thousands, or even in the hundreds of thousands! 

His attacks were simply too powerful. Although he did not cause as much damage as the previous horde that he had used his domain to control, under this powerful attack, the lethality of his attacks only increased! 

Previously, it was all low-level monsters. Now that he had killed high-level monsters, there would definitely be more items that were good! 

There were even quite a few good pieces of loot that dropped this time. At this moment, there were already several thousand loots that had appeared on the entire battlefield. 

If Tang Bao brought these items to White Fog City to set up shop, he would probably become one of the richest people in the world. 

Looking at the skill scrolls, rings, cloaks, boots, and all sorts of weapons on the ground, if Tang Bao was willing, he could instantly pull up a small armed force. 

In fact, this armed force could be an existence that would not be underestimated in the Second World. It could be even more powerful than some small families in the main world. 

At this moment, Lu Chen loudly shouted, “All warriors, gather up your energy and charge!” 

Everyone had been eyeing this for a long time. Moreover, the monsters did not have any order at this moment. Now was the best time to attack! 

As soon as Lu Chen gave the order, everyone immediately launched their strongest attacks! 

The Archers found their highest angles and shot at the monsters in the distance. 

The Mages used all kinds of magic skills to crazily attack the monsters in the distance. 

The Warriors with high damage skills, especially those with plant-type skills, took the opportunity to let countless plants grow in the monsters, firmly controlling the monsters on the ground or absorbing the energy in their bodies. They even had man-eating flowers that bit off the many monsters’ heads. 

Among them, the group that had the shortest end of the sticks was the melee warriors. To these people, they were not good at long-range attacks. They could only lower their heads and mustered all their strength, desperately rushing towards the horde. 

Looking at the current situation, if they were a step too late, they would lose out and die. 

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Especially now that too many low-level monsters had died. If they did not hurry, it was unlikely that anything else would drop. 

If the last time the warriors fought tens of thousands of monsters, it was to increase their own strength and protect their teammates. 

Knowing they succeeded once before, they were truly crazy to increase their levels and obtain better equipment now. 

Under the attraction of such benefits, they put in 120% of their energy, and no one was willing to retreat. 

Especially under Tang Bao’s domain skill, almost all the monsters were at critical HP. Many of the monsters had pitifully low HP, and they could be killed with just one more attack. No one wanted to miss such an opportunity to steal the kill! 

However, no one would mind stealing kills at this time, even Tang Bao was no exception. 

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That was because there were still more than 40,000 monsters in front of them, and they were still charging in their direction. If the reinforcements would not arrive in time, then when the monsters swarmed up and attacked Tang Bao, even an expert at the peak of the aurous stage would not be able to withstand it. 

It was the right time to drastically reduce the enemy’s strength by utilizing the people around. 

At this moment, Tang Bao’s eyes were bloodshot from killing monsters. The huge blade in his hand glowed, and each time, he reaped countless experience points. 

At this moment, although Tang Bao was filled with killing intent, his mind was still calm. 

Seeing that his level had risen to such a high level, he was ecstatic. After all, having the opportunity to fight 40,000 to 50,000 monsters in one go was rare. He had always taken the initiative to look for them. How could there be tens of thousands of monsters being this chaotic be handed to him on a silver platter just like that? This kind of opportunity was probably something that he would only encounter a few times in his life. 

However, there was a drawback to the warrior’s help. Tang Bao could no longer activate his domain. This domain could not differentiate between friend and foe. Other than himself, everyone else would be affected by the killing intent, and their condition would deteriorate. 

However, Lu Chen knew when to take the opportunity to strike. He would not miss such a good opportunity to harvest souls! 

He quickly shouted, “Lan Weiwei, Little Golden Dragon, activate your respective domain for battle!” 

In the next moment, Lan Weiwei’s Frost Domain was released. At this moment, the Frost Domain was much stronger than when she was still the Ancient Ash Wolf. 

Not only could it affect high-level monsters, but its coverage area was also much larger! 

At the same time, she directly activated another skill of her own! 

[Ash Wolf’s Howl: The exclusive skill of the Ancient Ash Wolf. It will have a different effect as the bloodline awakens. When the Ash Wolf howls at the moon, it will deal 12,000 magic damage per second to enemies under the moonlight for 60 seconds!] 









With just that, nearly 1,000 monsters perished! 

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Those who lost less than 1,000 HP were only left with a thin glimmer of hope for escape. 

It was a one-hit wonder! 

Also, this ability lasts for 50 seconds, and all monsters that survived continued to lose their HP until they fell. 

Little Golden Dragon used an even more direct approach and used Water Control! 

[Water Control: The exclusive skill of the Golden Dragon. It will have different effects depending on the awakening of its bloodline. It creates a water domain and controls the water within the domain. It can control the blood in the body of a living creature! There is a certain chance to directly extract the enemy’s HP and replenish it on one’s own body. At most, it will be one-third of the enemy’s total HP. It can only be used once in a single battle! There is even a chance to awaken the bloodline in the body and complete the transformation!]
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