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Chapter 196

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Chapter 196: A Combination of Attacks, Enter the Battlefield! 

Little Golden Dragon’s Water Control skill had another powerful aspect, which was that it could also absorb HP! 





Although this skill was a one-time use skill and would not immediately kill the opponents, it was enough for Lan Weiwei to finish the job. 

After enduring Lan Weiwei’s first wave of attacks with great difficulty, with the aid of Little Golden Dragon, many other monsters were wiped out. 

Little Golden Dragon did not stay idle either. It directly dashed out as its body grew crazily, reaching thousands of meters in length. Within a second, it was among the monsters. Countless monsters were crushed to death by their size, and their skill was also unleashed! 

[Crazy Dragon Breath: Spits out a dense fog filled with poison, covering an area of 1 square kilometer. Any enemy who inhales the poison would lose 2,000 HP every second, this lasts until the enemy dies.] 

Little Golden Dragon’s skill caused a considerable amount of damage, even more than Lan Weiwei’s. After all, its own level was higher than Lan Weiwei’s, so the damage from the attack was also stronger. 

Even though Lan Weiwei had been affected by Lu Chen’s upgrade this time and increased the attack power of her skills, hers was only half of the attack power of Little Golden Dragon’s Crazy Dragon Breath. The most important thing was that Little Golden Dragon’s skill could last until the enemy died, which was extremely terrifying. 

It completely ignored time and the enemy’s HP. These monsters would end up dying even if they tried to run away. 

Although the monsters in the Mass Grave were different from the monsters in other places, they had some immunity to the Little Golden Dragon’s attack, but this attack still caused hundreds to thousands of damage to the monsters. 

In addition to the fact that Tang Bao’s domain had already left countless monsters with low HP, the combination of Little Golden Dragon and Lan Weiwei’s dual skills was a full-scale attack! 

This scene was even more shocking than before. 

Originally, under the effect of the Sand Domain, the monsters were trampling on each other in disorder. Every second, at most, there would be tens of thousands of red numbers floating up. 

On the other hand, the attacks of Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon were completely effective on all the monsters. There was no way to dodge them. 

All these experience points were accumulated by the owner, Lu Chen.  

Seeing this scene, the Mages and Archers were all stunned! This kind of attack that had the advantage of distance was already shameless enough, but Lu Chen did not have to do anything about it to gain benefits from it?! 

Not only did they use moonlight to launch an instant long-range attack, but they also used the burning gas to endlessly harvest the monsters. This was simply unacceptable! 

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This was simply incomparable! 

The warriors who had already run out to fight the monsters were even more desperate to steal a kill. They even stumbled and almost fell to the ground rushing to site! 

They had already used all their strength to rush to the battlefield, but before they could reach there, 90% of the low-hp monsters were all killed by Lu Chen. 

As for the high HP monsters, their health bars were also dropping bit by bit. If they ran slowly, they would not get the chance to join the battle. 

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During the last battle of the Mass Grave, everyone thought that this battle was tough, but this time, they clearly saw that Lu Chen did not even need to make a move and still benefit from it. With just the two pets using a domain skill and an offensive move, he had gained tons. 

At this moment, their hearts were turning green with envy. It turned out that Lu Chen was really honing their battle awareness. 

In just a few seconds, thousands of monsters in the distance had died and the warriors were met with nothingness. 

Within a short time, many of the monsters had already been harvested. They could only silently silently curse. 

“It’s impossible to play anymore. We’re just here to watch the fun, right?” 

“Looking at the equipment that dropped all over the ground makes me want to snatch it!” 

“Are you crazy? Do you want to die from Lu Chen or Tang Bao?!” 

“Next time I change my skill points, I’ll definitely put some points on my dexterity. As expected as that speed!” 

“No, no, no. you just need to be faster when fighting monsters.” 

“I’ve already entered the horde. There are so many low HP monsters here, especially after being attacked by Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon. As long as I don’t encounter a silver boss, I’ll earn a lot from this!” 

When Lu Chen gave the order to attack, quite a number of warriors with high agility attributes had already rushed out. Therefore, they were also the first to arrive on the monster battlefield. 

Although some of the low-level monsters around them had already been killed by Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon, many of the monsters that were close to level 20 had survived due to their high health. Moreover, they could now be instantly killed with a single slash. They were simply overjoyed by this opportunity. One after another, they brandished their weapons and prepared to kill the horde of monsters. 

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On Lu Chen’s side, seeing that Lan Weiwei and the Little Golden Dragon had played their part, Rollie, who had been secretly eating bamboo shoots, could not sit still anymore. 

At this moment, he felt that it was not appropriate for him to just sit there and do nothing. He immediately put down the bamboo shoots in his hand and yawned. A golden light flashed on his body, and instantly, a faint luck buff appeared on the top of Lu Chen’s head! 

Lu Chen’s luck was blessed, and even Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon were affected. A luck buff appeared on their heads as well! 

[Luck Bonus: With Heaven’s blessing, there is a high chance of avoiding disaster, turning a bad situation into a good one, and averting a disaster! Provides a Luck buff for 60 seconds. Has a certain chance to be immune to all negative effects and damage.] 
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