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Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: Critical Hit, Rollie’s Luck Bonus! 

At this moment, in the eyes of the other warriors, they saw a white light flashed across the sky, that almost blinded their eyes. 

When the white light disappeared, the whole world turned green again. Now, it was filled with poisonous gas! 

These two powerful attacks all came in an instant! 

When the warriors escaped from this state, the monsters around them began to drop their HP! 







Countless flurries of red numbers flashed in the sky. This time, all the warriors were appalled by the damage that was done. This was because the original damage taken by the monsters was at most 2,000 damage per attack per player. Some of the monsters even had strong defense, or some of the damage immunity would be lower than 2,000. 

However, this time, many of the monsters had received more than 2,000 damage. 

In just a split second, more than half of them died! 

The warriors who were originally preparing to attack immediately stopped in their tracks, because most of the monsters in front of them had already died. 

The only thing the warriors could do now is to slash the air! 

It turned out that under Rollie’s Luck Bonus buff, both Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon managed to get constant critical hits. 

The worst part was that the succession of attacks did not stop. After all, Rollie’s Luck Bonus could last for a full 60 seconds! 

With an attack rate of close to 3,000 per second, their attacks would be able to take out close to 200,000 HP. 

If the critical hit buff from Rollie’s Luck Bonus was included, even if the monsters had 200,000 HP, it would not be enough to tank the attack! 

Even silver bosses with relatively low HP could not withstand such a rate of HP reduction, let alone these normal monsters. 

It could be predicted that in the next minute, nearly half of the monsters would be killed by Lu Chen’s two pets. 

When all the warriors realized what was going to happen next, they instantly went crazy! 

“F*ck, it can’t be. We only have sixty seconds to kill the rest of the monsters!” 

“I’m speechless. Lu Chen really doesn’t want to give us a chance at all. He can really do whatever he wants with his strong combat power!” 

“For Tang Bao and Lu Chen, killing monsters like these should be as easy as eating pie. If we want to snatch food from them, it’s like buying lottery tickets!” 

“F*ck, I’m going to risk my life this time. I have to use my ultimate skill!” 

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“It’s time to show all your cards. Hurry up and use your ultimate skill. Don’t waste your time and use it directly. We don’t have to be afraid, half of the monsters are already gone!” 

However, the members of the Soul Slayer Team and the Dragon Slayer Team did not act rashly. Their eyes were solemn as they looked into the distance, then, they shouted loudly, “Everyone, don’t act rashly. Keep your cards hidden. The horde of monsters this time is much stronger than the last one. Those who want to live, stand down.” 

Liu Changping, who had always advocated the development of lewdness, also sent a signal to everyone. “Everyone, quickly go to your own stores and spend all your coins. Use them to buy potions to heal and increase your mana. Don’t waste them!” 

While most of the warriors still did not understand their intentions, the Dragon Slayer Team and the others had already discovered that among the monsters that were charging at them this time, there were already more than 50 silver bosses as far as their eyes could see! 

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There were even quite a number of special silver existences hidden among the densely packed parties behind them. 

Under the reminders of Liu Changping and the others, many warriors finally noticed this problem as well. They all sent messages to each other, telling each other to pay attention to their safety. However, how could this little danger stop their determination to farm experience points? Right now, all they could think about was to slash as many monsters in one go and quickly max out their equipment. 

They would not definitely pick up the equipment dropped by the monsters that had already been killed. After all, they would never snatch other people’s spoils of war. Moreover, who would be willing to offend one of the top experts in the Second World? 

The only thing they had to do was to kill one enemy with all their might and increase their experience points. Every time they killed a monster, they would snatch the treasure that they had fought for. 

However, the warriors did not stand a chance. Once their swords were already halfway out, the Little Golden Dragon’s skills had already taken the heads of the selected target! 

They could only comfort themselves. It was already pretty good to survive this long. After all, Rollie’s skill had lasted for 50 seconds… 

However, once the Little Golden Dragon’s attack skills were buffed, its attack power would only be 2,000 points.  

This made them feel a little more relaxed knowing this. Otherwise, they would not be able to even reach one monster. 

Although the warriors charged very quickly, they still maintained their formation. 

After all, the monsters here were too powerful. Just one attack was enough to take half of the lives here. If they really were not careful enough, they would be killed by two consecutive attacks from the monsters. Although equipment was important… survival was non-negotiable. 

Therefore, even though speed was the most important thing for these warriors, they still looked for each other’s partners in the monster horde to rely on, leaving the other side to kill at ease. 

At this time, the Archers and Mages in the distance were also accurately catching up with each attack. They helped the warriors who were charging forward to block the enemies from other sneaky angles. 

Although the warriors’ charging formation was quite messy, all of them were cooperating with each other tacitly. 

It had to be said that compared to the players who were farming monsters by themselves, the organized farming team here was the true top existence. 

The Dragon Team had also established a union in this team. In the ranking, the Dragon Team had already become one of the top three existences in the country. 

One had to know that this guild had only existed for a few days in total. They had only grinded monsters together once! 

If it was not for the fact that these people had entered the Second World relatively late, they might have already become the number one guild in the Second World. 

There was simply no other guild that could grind monsters as crazily as the Dragon Team. The Mass Graves was a paradise for them. The number one reason was because they were powerful themselves. They were originally soldiers of the Dragon Country who had extremely strong combat power. 

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More importantly, Lu Chen and Tang Bao were enough to provide a certain amount of support. As long as a gold boss did not appear, this place would be their paradise. 

Meanwhile, this paradise was a hell-like existence for ordinary players. As long as they dared to enter, they would die instantly. 

Even if it was just the level 10 or more monsters that stood there, the vast majority of players would die here. Not to mention, there were thousands of monster hordes here. Who knew when they would come out. 

This place was definitely a paradise for experts, and a hell for newbies. 
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